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  1. Thank you Barb I'm looking forward to all of the upcoming photos
  2. Hey Cheryl don't leave me out of the chicken making siggies I too love it when he drops the F-bomb. Sally- I literally fell off of my chair from laughing so damn hard. Barb- Thanks for the article honey. But yes now we know why he wears the rooster hat hehe, is it bad I have a tongue ring with a rooster on the top ball?
  3. OMG Swannie!!!! Thats AMAZING NEWS!!! I am so happy for you and Nathan honey! *sending massive hugs and love you're way*
  4. I'm really loving all these photos Susan- aww honey, you're using the siggy I made you
  5. He looks AMAZING!!!! I just love him in a suit and tie, I'm especially loving the scruff... I must behave myself now Never in my life have I seen a more beautiful man
  6. Okay ya'll have finally succeeded in confusing me One minute we're talking about photos, then multiples and now paddles? Goodness ladies... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, alright now that my ever widening arse has fallen off of my chair I must say I absolutely LOVE the new pics
  7. As much as I love seeing all of the new Gerry photos, I just wish the razzi's would leave him be. Let him enjoy a moment to himself for once.
  8. You forgot to add that her cheese has done slid off of her cracker...that line its from "The Green Mile"..ALWAYS makes me crack up
  9. Why would you get into trouble for that? I found it rather hilarious myself.
  10. In my opinion La Coacha is a few fries short of an Extra Value Meal at McDonalds I LOVE Gerry's hat. Well if Holey shirts are the thing now, then i'd fit in just fine hahahaha. I have a few shirts that have little holes all over, I use them when I'm working on my car or when i'm working on one of my many welding sculptures.
  11. I love the new photos! Thank you so much Barb
  12. This just goes to show what a wonderful man he really is. I love how he never wants to draw attention to himself, and how he never asks for a thing in return. He's doing this out of the kindness in his heart. I am so proud of him. Not many people in this world could give a rats furry arse about what goes on, it's so heartbreaking to see what these wonderful children are going through. Gerry truly is one of a kind, and we love him even more for it. My hat is off to him =]
  13. I agree Delene. He has an amazing body! I really wish I lived near a beach, would be so relaxing!
  14. He definitely liked what he saw darlin
  15. You LUCKY woman you!!! And to top it off he was checking you out!!! I'm so jealous! You are a beautiful woman, don't ever let anyone tell you different
  16. Okay here is my two cents on the laundry. Famous or not, it's a miracle in itself to watch a man wash his own clothes. To watch a man wash his own clothes is like witnessing a rare exotic species outside of they're natural habitat
  17. No No No Andrea we aren't bad per say, we are just Bailey- for the new photos.... He looks amazing!
  18. Josée, You're not the only love that loves seeing all of the new photos I'm just glad he made it home safely and that he had such a wonderful time while he was away. He looks so refreshed and relaxed I couldn't be happier for him.
  19. OMG Swannie I am soooooooo proud of you!!!!! *massive hugs* Congrats a million times over honey!
  20. Delene- Riding the "gerrygoround"? HAHAHAHAHA I can honestly say i've never heard that one before. But yes he does appear to be very well rested and beyond gorgeous. I do agree that I prefer him with a little meat on the bones. But he looks amazing either way. I'm just glad he's back home now and is feeling much better.
  21. I voted for him honey! I like his remix
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