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  1. hahah thats hilarious Delene, you too Landa. My oldest son (he's 8), whenever he sees "300" on the shelves at walmart he feels the need to randomly yell "this is sparta" LOL. And whenever he sees POTO on tv he goes "mom mom, hurry up your boyfriend is on tv". Then I tease him about Christine(Emmy ). and he goes with an angry sigh "mom how many times do I have to tell you she's not my girlfriend, she's my wife" LOL he's too cute! Then tells me he'll give me 4,000 grandchildren that can live with me, I just tell him "dare to dream"
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Loved the interview
  3. While I do think he'd make an amazing father, I do agree with you Delene. I love all of these photos, thank you Cheryl!
  4. I agree Delene, another one has bit the dust Welcome to our club darlin. POTO is what drew me in as well
  5. AWWW these pictures are just the sweetest! What a very kind and generous thing for him to do. He made they're day. Doesn't this just make your heart flutter for him even more? aww Bless him!
  6. I think it's cute that he kept asking her. They're own little private joke. All that matters is they let they're hair down and relaxed and had some fun for once.
  7. Nicely said Lisa! I think this movie will REALLY put Gerry on the map. Delene, You are a naughty naughty girl!!! Perhaps you need a spanking LOL
  8. I agree, sounds REALLY awesome!!! I LOVED seven and silence of the lambs.
  9. It irritated me as well Delene. It's about time he gets some recognition, I'm tellin ya.
  10. I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. I agree his facial expression is none like we've seen before. So dark, so intense. But lord help me if I'm not thinking the most naughty thoughts right now
  11. Either they don't understand his sense of humor or they need to clean out they're ears LOL
  12. I actually have a snake bite kit for whenever I go camping.
  13. Man how do you guys get this stuff so quickly? Does the paper boy deliver the paper and magazine under ya'lls pillows or what? Not that i'm complaining or anything. Just wish we had more solid proof, how do we know this isnt just the typical gossip coming about? Either way as I've said before, I only wish Gerry the absolute best now and always. He's a wonderful and brilliant man. Things can only continue to go up from here
  14. I myself didn't care much for Valkyrie. I prefer his much older films as I've stated before Either way if he does decide to go through with everything, I only wish him the best
  15. Loving me some miss Lisa

  16. Yes delene we know you'd devise a plot to "lose" said map hahahaha
  17. So thats how you do the replies LOL I was wondering how everyone can quote each other
  18. I'd gladly go hiking in the highlands with Gerry. I'd go hiking by myself even. I love being in the outdoors,getting fresh air I would love to go up there with a good camera and takes loads of photos, Sepia tones being my preferred choice
  19. oh I hear ya stardust! I don't mind bugs in the slightest but even Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom made me shudder. I agree with Delene, this thread needs some photos Now see I'm a country girl so the whole backpacking about bit doesn't phase me in the slightest and the only insect that terrifies me to no end are those earwigs..*shudders at the thought*. I'm sorry any bug with pincers on it's bum can high tail it away from me asap LOL.
  20. I've said this before and I shall say it again, I just wish they would let the man be. Whether he's scouting film locations or trying to relax, everyone seems to be in his personal life..back off a titch already sheesh! Okay now I can breathe, just getting a little irritated by the gossip,rumors,and such lately. And if I stepped on anyone's toes I sincerely apologize, guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning lol.
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