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  1. Well if he cracked a joke at TC for being short I'd hate to see what he'd say about me LOL I'm exactly 5 foot. I'm a shortie thats for sure lol.
  2. Just stopping by and sending some love and hugs to all of the GMCL's
  3. Frannie, Babe when YOU combine the words "long" and "short" we can't help but hear that evil laughter . But yes, I too shall keep my further comments to myself.
  4. Interesting indeed. Thanks for the link Ren
  5. Love the site Thank you for sharing. I want the Kilt Inspector one and the spread 'em Lads heheh
  6. heheh the energizer bunny comment went straight to the gutter for me too. He's so busy. The man needs to settle down, take it easy
  7. Yes he's very busy! I only wish him the best now and always, but I do hope he'll finally take a break and relax for once.
  8. I agree this will be a huge boost for his career in a positive way I'm anxious to hear more. TC is quite the box office draw. So this new movie is going to be huge. We're all so very proud of Gerry and all that he's accomplished Tom is the lucky one getting to work with such a brilliant man!
  9. Very Interesting indeed! My hat is off to Gerry if this is in fact true. I haven't been a fan of TC since Cocktail and Interview With The Vampire. I look forward to hearing the confirmation of this, and look forward to seeing the film
  10. Welcome back Frannie! We've missed you very much darlin!!! Susan, Rant away honey. My news stations here have been doing the same thing, but also informing everyone as of May 1st not to buy anymore pork products, so i'm confused!
  11. gerardable- thanks for sharing with us sweetie.
  12. Thank you for all of the insight. I love learning new things about people and they're culture. Very fascinating indeed. Thank you Nikki. *hugs*
  13. I agree Lisa. He very well may attend the festival but I think he would more than likely be in the states promoting TUT first. But as you said,we never know
  14. Since no one left you a comment i've decided to give you one. Hope all is well. *hugs*

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'm learning so much about India and they're culture right now Thanks again. I never knew it was frowned upon to show PDA, thats so not fair I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. *hugs and love to all* -Kayla
  16. I agree with you Phantom's Lady Rose as well as with you Susan. I do however disagree on his not doing bollywood films. I think whatever role or film Gerry takes on will be wonderful. I love how he's always expanding his horizons, getting involved with new things. I only wish him the best now and always.
  17. I agree with you 100% Bailey I really hope he's getting the rest and relaxation he deserves. I just wish that for one day the press and pap's could just leave him well enough alone and let him enjoy his life. He busts his backside day in and day out, let the man be for change
  18. She's absolutely beautiful! If he is in fact there , I hope he's having a lot of fun! He deserves it
  19. It can come in the chap stix form or actual gloss, mine is the actual gloss, tastes yummy My pm box is empty delene, don't know why it's being wonky
  20. See how slow I am? I just now learned of his love for strawberries Thats my all time favorite fruit, speaking of made a strawberry cheesecake last night And I happen to have some strawberry lip gloss as well, hmm perhaps I shall get lucky.... a Gal can only dream right? LipSmackers makes the BEST strawberry and watermelon lip gloss, all I'll wear Stock up ladies
  21. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
  22. I agree Becozy. We know it isn't you sweetheart! Just hang in there and keep your head up darlin. We're all here for you and we all love you! *huge hugs*
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