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  1. I'm in agreement here. It's done and over with now. If and When Gerry decides to join the twittering world, us fans will know without a doubt that its him
  2. I love twitter! I've gotten to know so many amazing Gals that way. It's all in good fun, but as Moira says just don't be too personal about things and no worries. I'm such a goof with my witty and silly personality on there, never know what I'll say next
  3. Yes, I fully support and second that Lisa. Thank you so much Gerry for stepping in and taking a stand and putting this poser in his/her place. We wish you the best now and always. *huge hugs* And thanks again honey!
  4. I think he's 100% pairrrrfect the way he is Gosh I love that man
  5. awww thanks babe! Yeah I hadn't seen that one before and came across it
  6. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed they're time with they're families and friends. I made a maple honey sugar glazed ham,mashed potatoes,rolls,veggies,and strawberry cheesecake. Everyone went to the park and left my arse here to cook LOL *hugs and love to all*
  7. Aww that is just so darling! He's such a proud daddy! Thank you for sharing this with us
  8. Aww thank you for sharing Cute video and he looked so gorgeous as always
  9. LOVE the trailer. I've watched it 6 times now LOL
  10. I'm so past being gone lol. squirming in my seat, someone please take pity on me and chuck some ice my way LOL This looks like one heck of a movie...sooo cannot wait to see it!
  11. Happy Passover to all of my Jewish friends! I love you all very much
  12. Island Girl - CHARLOTTE annieday - ANDREA Lady Elissa-Elissa Good Sport- Bill (Elissa's better half) Poppy - Linda Susan~Sporran - SUSAN (well, duh) but I answer to Sporran as well when among Gerry fans. Swansong -Swannie (Bonnie Anne) Charliwantz - Charli NordicGirl - Eva Mari Midnight Diva - Diane or Di Framolamdu - Moira - aka Super Mo to her friends Gypsy - Loni Adelheid (well that's my name...) Phoenixgirl - Lisa lugerry - Barbara (aka also answer to Lu when among Gerry's fans) (Susan S. I know copied kat) Drooling Moron - Tony Eliza1013 - I prefer Elisabetha (The s is an sh sound and the th is a hard t with a very faint h), but Eliza is ok too. Seumus O'Seaghdha - real name is Kurt, but I much prefer to be called Seumus (pronounced like Shay' mus). Songbird - Katie CactusJack - Larry IListen - Liana Barb444 - Barb (my, how creative!) I'm Babs to good friends or Babszilla (when my evil twin appears....) tigs7495 - MICHELLE Bluejay - Karen Texas Gramma - Suzie (Not to be confused with Sue or Susan or Suzanne or Suz or Susie Darlin') Whew! Gerry Duty - Jeanette or J zanyzombie - Suzanne (Spot's note: She answers to Zany, too! Trust me!) Donnie - Dana (pronounced more like "Donna") JustCallMeTracy- Tracy in other words or actually the same words just call me Tracy GreenEyes - Danielle Lish ~ Alisha or Lish. Either really... Touchmetrustme - Libby almadenannie - Annemarie Hodari - DANIELLE chachababy- Peggy sbchild04 - Sarah solen - Şölen dlsmilad~ Dina kittypro - Pat (but everyone calls me kitty - too many Pats!) heISmyGspot - Spot/Spotty or Holly. (I instinctively answer to B*tch, too) Izzabeta- Kayla Jo but you can call me just Kayla or even Izzy if you like
  13. Just a quick hello to all of my lovely ladies! *hugs*
  14. awww Barb! What a wonderful story honey! I am so happy for you! *HUGE HUGS*
  15. Lisa, I"m so glad you enjoyed yourself sweetie! You so deserved it! We look forward to you coming home...we miss you!!! *huge hugs and love*
  16. Gerry needs a long awaited vacation We all know us Gals will offer our services We'll cook,clean,give massages, plenty of cuddles,hugs and snogs,etc
  17. Well said Susan *hugs* I hear people talk smack about me all of the time, doesn't phase me one little bit. You are wonderful Lisa and we all love you very much honey! Can't wait until you come back home!
  18. Lisa, Ignore those jerks. They have no lives and are so bored they have to trash talk other people. Just smack them in they're whorish mouths with a roast beef sandwhich, that outta shut them up Love you honey, have a safe flight home!!, Kayla
  19. OH YEAH.............. Snap, your comment made me fall off of my chair from laughin so hard!!! Thanks for sharing the photos of everyone!
  20. Barbara, YOU my dear are a Gerry magnet I think he's stalking you darlin. See you made such a wonderful impression on him during all the times you've met with him and he remembers that. So he obviously must consider you an aqaintence(prolly screwed that up lol ) therefore he enjoys your company. I'm so happy for you! Next time you should give him your number and see if he calls tee hee Have a wonderful day sweetheart! *hugs* and thanks for sharing your story with us. Love, Kayla
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