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    My family,Gerard James, Butler,Traveliing,shopping,traveling,cooking,reading,The Roots,Raheem DeVaughn,boot and shoes

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  1. So sorry I missed your birthdsy! Happy belated birthday love BeautifulDreamer89

  2. OMG! What I wouldn't give to meet Gerry...THUD!!! He's the perfect man!

  3. Hi Lisa!!! Okay it was Lizzie and to think my fav movie and I couldn't remember
  4. Wasn't Julie Morrison Frankie's mom in Dear Frankie? What a coincidence.... ...
  5. He looked so divine last night i really loved his hair.My God he cleans up really nice i was so proud of him...
  6. No Questions asked I would put it on Gerard!
  7. It was me Ms Suzie I still can't get through the entire movie.Minnie Driver drove me nuts.I love musicals too,but for some reason.It doesn't grab me...
  8. i missed all but 15 minutes..It looks like it was a very moving experience
  9. Good for him!!!! I glad he and so many others are soing this...God Bless us All
  10. I'm still irritated by Gervais.I thought it was highly disrespectful with so many power players in the room.To tell the truth I was livid and felt bad for Gerry.I wasn't focused on JA at all i just heard" the bloke from 300" after i took a minute to digest i had to rewind it a few times.Not funny at all!
  11. Maria your blog is fantastic I love it!!!!
  12. Once again his jacket is smoking I wanna raid his leather coolection so badly that it almost hurts.I got a nice collection myself but nothing that color...I really like it
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