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  1. Hi Lisa!!! Okay it was Lizzie and to think my fav movie and I couldn't remember
  2. Wasn't Julie Morrison Frankie's mom in Dear Frankie? What a coincidence.... ...
  3. He looked so divine last night i really loved his hair.My God he cleans up really nice i was so proud of him...
  4. No Questions asked I would put it on Gerard!
  5. It was me Ms Suzie I still can't get through the entire movie.Minnie Driver drove me nuts.I love musicals too,but for some reason.It doesn't grab me...
  6. i missed all but 15 minutes..It looks like it was a very moving experience
  7. Good for him!!!! I glad he and so many others are soing this...God Bless us All
  8. I'm still irritated by Gervais.I thought it was highly disrespectful with so many power players in the room.To tell the truth I was livid and felt bad for Gerry.I wasn't focused on JA at all i just heard" the bloke from 300" after i took a minute to digest i had to rewind it a few times.Not funny at all!
  9. Maria your blog is fantastic I love it!!!!
  10. Once again his jacket is smoking I wanna raid his leather coolection so badly that it almost hurts.I got a nice collection myself but nothing that color...I really like it
  11. I'm jealous I was there in the summer I wish I was there now it's scary cold on the east coast right now.No wonder he is not in NYC.The wind is scaring the beejseus outta me,howling and what not....
  12. Top notch performances all the way around! Going to all the places he took the other $#$# to! He didn't get it."Make sure You don't bring her back",giving up the credit card! What a trip! She hung in there with his lying butt,relocated and he still lied after all that drama! The rooftop scenario had a profound effect on her though,because he faced his biggest fear to save his family...I was scared to death,Even my daughter watched and said the movie was very good,we were jumping and screaming the entire time,definitely at the top of my Gerry favs.I think I'll pop it in now....
  13. Where do you come from? God Bless You Barb! I mean it...Tanya. You too patsyb!
  14. And besides...... One Two has a nice bum. hee hee The Divine Miss S Well, so did Clyde, but living under the same roof with that psycho would just be a little much! Remember, if Clyde wants you dead, you're dead. I'd be afraid if I burned the toast! But he did have a way hot bod! Delene I thought Clyde was nice until the unthinkable happened,we'd just be 2 psychos under the same roof(Hey you get off my &%^* lawn!)
  15. I could stand the three of em....I watched TR2 and was transfixed as usual.I'm a glutton too!
  16. Heeeheee I didn't want to go there but(butt) what can I say? Not to mention the two of them had nice clothes,I just love a man that looks good in his clothes...I want that leather from Dear Frankie
  17. Well I would combine the Stranger and One Two because the Stranger was so full of compassion and sexiness and intensity...and I would go fot One Two because he like to dance and he has a nice hustle game...and he will fight if need be.
  18. Very beautiful siggy April.Lisa,Shattered/BOAW is one my secpnd favorite Gerry movie.He really gets to act act mind body and soul.That glint of sheer madman in his eyes when Peirce held up his daughter's drawing told me that he could play bad guy with the rest of them and then those fleeting moments joy,the agony and the defeat,the deflated ego this movie was too much.I kept saying all along she wasn't hysterical enough for me cause i would flipped on his arse pure and simple(both men) The absolute worst was Gerry on the roof and was jumping up and down pillow clutching and having a mini nervous breakdown.This is definitelly one of his best performances to date...
  19. That was one of the beter video tributes and the song was perfect.I ended up watching all her Gerry tributes and they were all very good with appropriate music and Kermit!
  20. How did she hold out that long??? The first time he said my name....
  21. Jane very good.You did the leg work,thanks
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