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  1. Not sure. I assume you're referring to "Avatar"? I'm an "Avatar" fan and I hope it will win. But I think "The Hurt Locker" will win. On the "Avatar" message boards, a lot of fans doubt "Avatar" will win. It's not the kind of movie the Academy likes. I would be so happy if Gerry was at the Oscars because of a nomination, not just to present -- even if I'm very happy he's presenting. Hopefully someday he'll be nominated. He deserves it.
  2. Sooooo happy for Gerry, and for Sam Worthington too. Two of my favorite actors presenting the Oscars. I'm sure Gerry will be great. I'm glad for him. He so deserves it! He's among the most well-known actors now.
  3. “Thank you for all the screaming. It makes me feel very sexy” loooooooool This one cracked me up. I would have loved to be at this press conference.... I would have been screaming as well.
  4. It's good to see him again. He looks rested and happy.
  5. Very classy pictures! That's a nice Christmas present.
  6. Good news! TUT deserves it. I just received my copy from Amazon yesterday. Faster than I thought. I was told I wouldn't get it before December... lol. Anyway... I had a blast watching it again. Fortunately I have the VLC player, or I wouldn't have been able to watch it with my non region-free dvd players...
  7. I just saw the picture. Was a little bit worried to see what it was all about. And... well... I found it funny! The look on Gerry's face just cracks me up. lol Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But... as far as I'm concerned, the guy has a weird sense of humour sometimes, and I think that's why I love him.
  8. LOL!! He cracks me up at the end of the interview! Love to see him laughing.
  9. I can't stop watching it. The "manwhore" scene is just hilarious. I've always thought Gerry was hot in this scene. It's even better as a blooper. I can't wait to know if there'll be more bloopers on the dvd. My copy was shipped this morning by Amazon. I can't wait to receive it!!!
  10. I love his acceptance speech. Cute, classy, funny. Makes me want to go to that scene and hug him. Love the "6 years ago" joke! Thank you for the links Lavender!
  11. I'm not very enthusiastic about this new project. I studied Coriolanus two years ago in college, and I HATED it. Probably one of the worst Shakespeare plays I've read. It's just my opinion. I know and I respect the fact that some people love this play. I just wish Gerry and Ralph Fiennes had chosen another Shakespeare play... Aww... anyway... good luck to Gerry. If that's what he wants to do, then so be it. I'll support him anyway.
  12. The beauty & the Beast skit is the one I can't stop watching, over and over again! Just excellent! Oh and he sang Music of the Night so well! He's definitely not lost his voice.
  13. I just found enough time to watch it. Gosh... It was great! The first part was touching, the second part hilarious. I love the chemistry between Gerry and Bonnie. They definitely get along. Gerry was so relaxed and at ease. He's a natural. Love him.
  14. terezoulini, I don't know for sure, but I think thrillers are not the kind of films that gather the biggest audience. Today, people seem to prefer to see romantic comedies, or sci-fi movies, adventure movies, or family movies. I might be wrong, but I haven't heard of any recent thriller that had huge box office numbers. I had a feeling right from the beginning, when I heard about LAC for the first time, that it would not be the kind of story that could get amazing numbers. I thought it would do well. And it's doing well. But I don't think it was made in the hope of doing as well as 300 for instance. Just my opinion. I'm happy with the numbers of LAC so far. I thought it would do about $18 million over the first weekend. Glad to see it might well be higher than that. Let's not forget that $20 million over the weekend is good! A lot of movies don't even get half of that on the first weekend. And when I see the words "hit" and "great" in an article regarding the BO numbers for LAC, I'm happy.
  15. Good news! The first numbers are pretty good!!! LAC is n°2!!! I'm so relieved to see that it did better than Paranormal Activity and The Stepfather! Law Abiding Citizen, the critically ravaged prison drama starringJamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, found a surprisingly great $7.5 million on Friday. I predicted it to earn just $9.5 million, so this is definitely a break out hit. It could be headed to a $20 million weekend. http://blog.theboxofficejunkie.com/2009/10...things-are.html http://blog.theboxofficejunkie.com/
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