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    Lots....<br /><br />Conan O'Brien, for one...Gerry for another. <br /><br />Divination, especially tarot. I own Butler's Nuts.....uh, ezBoard site. Haha! I'm the Head Nut, and believe me I know that sounds really wrong, too.

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  1. conantat2


    That's so rockin'!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!
  2. Beautiful hair, beautiful eyes. Gorgeous.
  3. Phyllis Diller! OMG! That's awesome! I love it!
  4. That picture just made my day! They look so happy, and they're so cute.
  5. Meecie! She made me my wonderful phantom milk siggy I use here...I have missed her mightily. Funny, I changed out siggys here a bazillion times, then thought to use this one. Was thinking about you. I'm so surprised and happy to see you back around the boards, Nina. Meecie's the best! Love you, Nina!, Ruthie
  6. That is absolutely fantastic. Awe-inspiring. The colors are beautiful and it's just stunning.
  7. My new, updated Conan tattoo picture.....I was really sick in the last one and it's over a year old. Please ignore my messy computer room. I still have nowhere to put most of my books since I moved.
  8. Oooh, they're all so great! But Theda Bara! Awesome! I get a kick out of looking at all of them.
  9. This is the hardest thing to realize in life, that when you can see someone suffering and want desperately to help them, they have to be the ones to open up and allow that. Everyone chooses how they deal with life and the things it takes them through. But..... So true. Being there and loving him while keeping yourself healthy through that, emotionally, physically/mentally, and spiritually is the key. Your writing is an outlet for your creativity and helps you heal and cope. It's a good thing. Talking and getting your feelings out here is a good thing, too. Your son has alot of burdens in
  10. Yeah, I've noticed that, but dark-haired girls are a dime a dozen. Thanks, Katie.
  11. Does the Official GALS location have anything to do with the camels? :camel:
  12. conantat2

    My picture!

    I don't think it's our Roxy, Kels, but pretty all the same. I just got back from Montreal, Roxy. It's a beautiful city.
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