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  1. He took his left boot off before his right, is it weird that I noticed that (?) anyway...does that mean he's left handed? LOL Usually people take right shoe off before left, right? I'm reading too much into this I know, I just thought it was funny!
  2. WOW!!! What an awesome picture!!! Lucky you, thanks for sharing
  3. Don't know if this was posted yet...
  4. That is too cute!!!! Could these be a bromance in the making? They both seem to have such respect and admiration for eachother.
  5. Hey Gerry....welcome to OUR WORLD!!!
  6. OMG!!! That second clip especially, is histerical!!! Thanks for posting Cheryl I loveeee his laugh
  7. SO EXCITING!!! I can't imagine how Gerry is feeling right now!!! YES BABY YES...it's going to be huge!!!!
  8. sdjifsijednwuioefhiwj ercfnwiuerhwiejfnwieudnwiedfuhweriufhwefiouph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OMG I love them!! thank you Steph!!!! How do you transfer them on your phone though?
  10. Wow...Stephanie...that is so beautiful!! With the right picture, it could be an amazing siggy!!!! Thanks for the pics and re-cap Moira!!! I was suppose to go like Andrea as well, but got out of work so late and was dead tired to trek it on the other side of the city. I should have gone...at least just to stand back and watch them go in, doesn't sound like there was a crowd outside (was there?) maybe I could have caught a glimpse!!! (the tickets were too much for me right now) D-mn, that makes me so sad! This movie is going to be so good...I have not seen one bad reaction from the lucky ones who have seen it already. I'm so happy for Gerry...so so so happy!!!!!
  11. for posting this!!! I've never actually seen this one!! Doesn't he sound a little bit nervous in the beginning...or maybe not nervous. I'm not sure, maybe shaky? He looks good though!!!!!
  12. One of my favorite movies...period!!!! I can watch this over and over again...and my emotions become stronger and stronger each time. I so feel Holly's pain, I would lose my mind if I lost someone like Gerry Kennedy too! This was the movie that took me over the TOP with my GALS! Absolutely HOOKED!!!!
  13. This is exactly what I was thinking, reading this article! He's just so honest, and real, and smart, and funny, and strong, and sexy, and humble, and kind, and.......ughhh do I need to go on??? Just what I'm thinking Cheryl. I'm a willing candidate ANYTIME Amanda Where does the line start??
  14. I'll take a double scoop!!!!!!
  15. I was smiling the whole way through...reading that!!! LOL!!! What's up with the hate on POTO...and Gerry Kennedy...HELLO!!!!!
  16. I was just about to ask...you're not serious are you??? Then I read the rest of your post....
  17. I'm having moderate success with her so far. We live in different states at the moment, but last time we got together she was keen to watch a few Gerry movies, and has watched some videos of his talkshow appearances. Also, she went to see Gamer on opening weekend (it also helped that her fiancee is a gamer...). My goal though is to convert her completely so that I have someone in my life to share my Gerry obsession with! Steph Has she seen P.S. I Love You??? I got 3 people hooked with that one!!!!
  18. I could totally be his stay at home SO too!!!!...just saying
  19. Or it could just be that he bought coffee from one of the MILLION coffee carts in the city, and that's the cup sleeve that cart happened to use that day... I thought the new Jay Leno show was live??? I feel dumb
  20. If that girl isn't Butlerized after these pics and that vid (OMG...how freaking cute!!!)....she needs immediate psycological evaluation!!!
  21. Ehehehe... poor girl then! I know that the term "poor" doesn't really apply to someone around Gerry but can you imagine her life? He's followed 24/7 by paps, he's in any party with storm of models around him and he's never home... If she exists, most of the time she's alone and walled up in some place... I know that it would be a small sacrifice for a GAL, but I dunno if I could stand it, I love being outside all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe she is around and we just haven't noticed bc of the distraction that is Gerry! Either way, I hope he's happy
  22. He must love Soho...he's been snapped there a few times just these past couple of weeks! He should have his own jeans line
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