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    Painting ,traveling .Naturally Gerry.

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  1. Hi, Tanya great siggy I wish I had one .Great seeing you again
  2. I went to the Phillie Premeir of "LAC The audience clapped at the end . The movie was terrific no if ands or buts .
  3. Do you know what channel Bonnie Hunt is on ? I live in Phillie . Saw "LAC" last nite , I was awesome .
  4. OMG Oscar coming . I cant believe that little clip was soooo amazing
  5. Enter didn't hear any thing on the news here in Phillie . Maybe becaus of the tragic event in New York . THe news was focused totally on the crash . Thank you for all the news you give us about Gerry.
  6. I agree . I know Dairy queen ,I met her at City Hall in Phillie when we met Gerry . I saw the movie this afternoon with my husband . He was amazing in the part .
  7. Went today with my husband for the 2pm show . My husband actually enjoyed the movie. My favorite scene is when he is in the hallway of the hotel and realizes he love Abby .
  8. I got my copies at borders on Thursday . I called ahead .The clerk at the store thought I was nuts I almost jumped over the counter to get them . But my old knees are too stiff lol. Is't he magnificent . My poor husband was doubled parked in center city waiting for me to get the magazine . Go Gerry
  9. So then he'll be on the cover of the August issue ... just for my birthday!! Thank you for this heads up! I'll keep a lookout. I got mine at borders on Thurs. OMG wait untile you see it .
  10. Got my copies at Borders today . Im at a loss for words . so I'll use one AMAZING .
  11. I got 2 cpoies at borders today . Wait until you see it . It takes you breath away . Especially the center large color photo . Go Gerry Go
  12. Got my copy of Esquire today .All I can say its amazing . The pictures are wonderful . So glad for Gerry he deserves the recognition .
  13. Thank you so much for this info . Is'nt he the greatest to his fans .I hope he gets a lot of recognition for these movies . My sister got a walk on part last PM. but as of 11 o'clock she still didnt see Gerry .The scene was on the boardwalk. I'm waiting to hear from her today re. I hope she gets to see him .
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