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    God, family, friends and Gerry. I love stained glass and interior decorating. I'm an avid reader, especially Christian books. I'm very involved with my church. As the step mother of a daughter that was killed by the very one who should have loved and protected her, I am very involved in helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and serve on my county's Board of Directors for our local agency.

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  1. irish

    Yes and No

    Yes. Have you ever shared a pizza with someone famous?
  2. Barbara, And so do I!!!! love and hugs, Sue
  3. Dear Barbara, you are in my prayers my dear friend . Love you ❤️💕
  4. Oh Kathy, my heart is with you this morning. Dear Lord, please guide the doctors and surgeons who are treating Rick at this time. Comfort him and pour Your mercy on him and please Lord heal him. Hold Kathy and give her a peace that surpasses our understanding at times like this and surround her with Your love. I ask this in Your Name Jesus. Amen. Thanks for letting us know Barbara. love you Kathy...warm hugs and prayers will continue Sue
  5. I really needed that today Lu..... Thanks dear. hugs, Sue
  6. It's so dark in here...but look what I just stumbled across....
  7. It can't get here soon enough! I need a Gerry fix!!
  8. Well, I guess you're not going to see these posts until you get home my dear...but I'm still praying for you my friend....love and hugs coming your way! Get well soon Barbara~ hugs, Sue
  9. My dear Barbara, you have and will always be in my prayers my forever friend. Dear Lord, I lift up Barbara to You, the One who created her, sustained her and knows every part of her physical body, her thoughts and her fears. I ask that You would give her Your comfort which only You can give. Give her Your supernatural peace and the courage and strength to endure her upcoming surgeries. Pour Your grace on her and give wisdom to the operating team, guide the surgeon's hands and bring Barbara not only through the surgeries but feeling much better because of the surgeries. Surround her with Your people who will help her through this. I ask this in Your name Jesus. Amen. Love you Lu.... hugs, Sue
  10. HTTYD 1 & 2 for me until they are gone
  11. But Jackie Jr. wore the yellow towel so well~ .... I'll vote for HTTYD 1 and 2
  12. Libby was a GALSister and Mod and she will live forever in my mind and heart! She had such a sweet way about her. At the first convention I didn't know many GALS and Libby was one of the GALS that made me feel so welcome. I had no idea .... recently she sent me a message to lift my spirit while I going through my trial and I just wish I had known that would be our last contact. I wish we were all as close as we once were...always coming here to support each other, to share our joys and sorrows....maybe Libby, by your leaving us that will happen Rest in peace my friend. love and hugs, Sue
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