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  1. Awesome I just hope I'm home to join in. I had fun last year. Stuart and Holly did a great job.
  2. I'm still here. Some of you have found me via Facebook or email. There has been a lot of drama going on in my life & no one to turn to. I trust very few people which includes my own dad. So while life is hectic I'm lying low & trying to get back on track & have fun in life & kick the ickiness to the curb that doesn't belong in my life to put it nicely. I usually don't get online long enough to check all of FB or Twitter. Oddly enough the easiest way to get me is via email. Cheryl has found me a few times there. I AM SAFE! I lost nothing but power last weekend. I went to WalMart in the rain last Saturday and got soaked even with an umbrella. It was a nightmare. It only got worse. I woke up Sunday unhappy with some family news my dad gave me which my sister had to smooth out & fix only for us to be both PO'ed with our father. After I had made lunch and my dad called to say he was trapped in AL on vacation, my power went out. I had woken up to a rushing stream between my duplex building and the one across the lawn. I took the dogs out around 8:30am or so & it was soggy. They got wet & I got wet. I live downhill but all I had was a soggy yard. I found out there was no work on Monday due to our building being flooded. So I stayed up til 6am with friends since they had electricity & I could charge my cell phone & my laptop & enjoy movies. My supervisor called me about 2 and half hours later & I was fighting to act like I had been up when all I had was about 2 and a half hours of sleep. He wanted to make sure I had electricity & if I needed anything at all. I was slightly ....bemused? because he's so hard heaed and it's not that we don't get along but he's still locked into his life of being former Army. I also don't think he likes women at all. Well I'm a woman with no military history. I like our other two supervisors just fine but mine is just tough. So I hung out Sunday trying to sleep & get some stuff done around the house. A friend came to grab me again so I could hang out for a bit before having to face work on Tuesday. At the time my friend grabbed me I didn't see how work was possible as where I drive was still under water & the proof was an SUV fully submerged at 2nd Ave and Broadway. We had the news on and the Weather Channel and I was hollering up a storm because it made no sense to go into work. Monday however was paid. My friends and I jump in the car and start driving the way I would normally go to get to work (back roads as interstate is usually the most packed) & we saw all the damage. I wished I had brought my camera. It was unreal. We got as far as we could before getting to a police barracade. The way TO work via the interstate was under water. There is this barn out on Old Hickory Blvd which I take to get to I-40. The barn usually has horses roaming around & of course the hay. Ya said barn was under water via photos a friend of mine posted on FB. Tide is coming out on May 12th to wash, dry & fold clothes so pass the word along to anyone you may know. My aunt and her husband (dad's side) had to be rescued by boat in Bellevue. They lost everything. One table wasn't too bad & that's all my aunt wanted since she lost everything & is still shook up. So my dad & step brother went to retrieve it for her. They are staying in a condo which they were to rent out to earn money from. My dad said when he was in her neighborhood it looked like a war zone & he had a hard time not crying. There has been a telethon on TV & many country music stars have dug deep in their pockets & donated money. Craig Ferguson has even made mention of us & someone told me that Whoopie Goldburg even said something on The View. We've had very little media coverage but we keep on going. FEMA won't help, we're no idiots. We have them so to speak but we know they'll do nothing. I've heard the damage is upwards of in the billions. I was on Twitter and Ashton Kutcher posted a video that he had found. I knew almost all the places in the video. All because of 15 inches of rain & the Cumerbland River hitting 51 feet going about the 40 foot level before flooding. The Percy Priest dam has been opened trying to help. Our in my parents & siblings areas they have the Harpeth River. The first name released who died was someone I had once known. Tuesday at work it was hot, quiet as there was only about 25 out of 54 employees, our lights were dim, we were all irritable & didn't want to be there, some employees had a lot of damage to their homes & some had only a little. My co-workers who live in Clarksville were trapped for the most part & didn't trickle in until Wednesday. I have a best guy friend at work & I was happy to hear from him via email on Monday saying he was okay. I didn't see him Tuesday but we were both happy to see each other on Wednesday. As much as work can be frustrating at times, we're pretty much inseperable as much as we love our weekends. So we bug each other while we're on the phones & eventually at some point during our day we'll start shooting rubberbands at each other. Worrying about your best friend sucks. I had people calling me, texting me, a friend in France on Twitter heard of the news, several days later a former co-worker of mine texted me asking me if I was okay. The word is slowly getting around and a lot of people want to come in & help if they had a way to get here. As of late I come home, do my thing, get my "to do" list done, check internet & then flick on a movie before crashing & Tues and Thurs are for water aerobics. Very thankful to be alive & have not lost anything. If you find me on FB via another GALS member just let me know who you are on here so I'm not confuzzled. I know that's what Lady Elissa did. Toodles
  3. Hello to you too. I think you'll like Nashville. It'd be nice to have a GAL nearby.

  4. Hello...I plan on moving to Nashville in a few years once I finish school.

  5. Frannie, A really off the wall suggestions, I know it would be a long haul & well as stated...off the wall, have you thought about coming down here to Vanderbilt and have them take a good look at you? Vandy is known for it's good doctors. It's just a thought. I know it would be a very long drive and gas is expensive but I figured a plane ticket would be more expensive. Bonus though if you were to come down, maybe we could see HTTYD if it's still in theatres. That is crappy about the digestive thing. I hope there is another doc for you that'll be brilliant AND compassionate. I have digestive problems but not to that extent. However I've noticed my body declines a lot of foods which is very frustrating. I can't always eat chicken all the frickin time and I'm not entirely a fan of pork. My body hates me if I eat properly cooked red meat. I hate it because I love steak, I love hamburgers and I love putting meat in my spaghetti sauce. SUPER HUGS Frannie! I need to give you my number, email addy & snail mail addy. Miss you sweetie! To anyone who goes to McDonald's: Will you let me know if you can grab an extra Stoick? I don't know if they are doing Toothless or not.I might be able to ask my step brother when I see him tomorrow since he has a kid. I don't go only because my body hates me if I eat fast food *pouts*
  6. Thanks Cheryl. I take the boot off now since it's so hot when I get home. I have to keep reminding myself to prop it. It's uncomfortable sleeping because I'm in pain and now the pain is hitting my lower back due to my hip. I haven't picked up the phone yet to get into physical therapy & I'm madder than a hatter that I can't do water aerobics just yet. I also don't think the boot is helping. Thanks Cat! Well I don't want you to have to go to any trouble with attempting to ship to the USA even with me paying you so thanks for thinking of me. I think I'm SOL unless I can get the one outside the theater where I saw the movie. I haven't checked yet. I don't go to the movies often.
  7. Just dropping by to say hello. I went to the orthopedic surgeon on the 24th. My right ankle has tendonitis due to the 32 inch TV falling on it back at the beginning of Feb, left hip has bruisitis & my right knee has chonodmalacia (sp?). I'm in a walking boot til April 7th and they want me to set up physical therapy for my knee & hip which I've been lazy about. I can't seem to get my hands on a TBH movie poster or HTTYD. The latter was great & I hope to take my young nephew. Hope all is well with everyone.
  8. Hello to Cheryl, Sue & Diane. *Big squishy hug to Frannie* Glad you popped in. Awesome work Susan! Wonderful GAL you are for charity! I have seen in various places that many ladies met Gerry for the first time this weekend, possibly 2nd. I'm still wishing on those stars & I think I might do daily affirmations. Hey it doesn't hurt, just putting out positive energies into the Universe. Going to HTTYD solo on Friday. Hopefully I can stay awake for a late viewing...I like kids but not during a movie, so hoping late enough will be less kiddos. Tomorrow morning I finally see an orthopedic surgeon! Someone better be truthful about my left hip, right knee & right ankle. I won't take any BS. I'll grill the doc if I have to. Of course I open my big mouth to Reno & he's worried about me now & playfully said he will call Clyde if the doctor is mean to me. I about died laughing. So Clyde will hurt the doctor if the doctor is mean and then we agreed Gerry will be the one to give me XO's to make it all better. I hope Reno has fun in Vegas and gets a chance to join GALS as a PAL. I also tossed in that Dwight (Reno's character) could do some damage to if the doctor is mean.
  9. Congrats to the new MODS Miss you Frannie (maybe you'll see my PM when you come back) Judy- I know how divorces go so I hope your daughter gets through it all. I have no money to finalize mine & my sister left her spouse for very good reasons about a month ago. So I'm the big sis & she's the little sis & I'm helping her through hers since I've been over mine for a year and counting now. Beachie: So how did you managed the TX & TN growing up? I spent 18 yrs in TX (Dallas & Houston areas) and been in the Nashville and surrounding areas since 2002. Odd huh? *giggles* Sue: I plan to go hunting for W magazine today among other errands as soon as I can get cleaning started (I've been lazy today). Anyone esle having trouble sleeping with the time change? I'm dying over it. I think Beachie asked if I'm still dancing...yes...I dance with Jonesworld and our last show was March 6th. I'm not going to be attending the May show as I hope to be out of state (you can PM me to ask me why). Cheryl: I about pee'd in my pants watching The Bounty Hunter last night, watching Milo race across the golf course to "Stayin Alive" after all you made me a siggy with the song before I ever knew the song was in the movie! I'll pop into GALS every once in awhile, life is busy and well there's more I'd like to say but I'm not going to "open mouth and insert foot" so I'll leave it as is. I am on Twitter when I can be but the easiest place to find me will be my Facebook page. I have a few GALS on my Facebook page. You can also email me as well. Gotta run, much to do before this evening. Today is the first day of spring and the temps are slowly rising up. YAY!
  10. Nicely said Delene. So is it on stands now or are we still waiting? I'll poke around when I go out today to run errands.
  11. Stopping by to say hi I've missed the W magazine so I guess I'll try to look for Men's Journal. I've been out of the loop for awhile. I feel like I need to get more Gerry movies I haven't worked on my GB scrapbook in quite some time. I need to get my new printer hooked up so I can print things off. Turns out the guy I carpool with has seen more Gerry movies than he thought he had. I still get grief over being a fan at work. My work space doesn't even have a picture of him. Haven't watched much of Gamer but glad I have it on DVD. LAC is still in it's box and still in its wrapper....ooops. Going solo to The Bounty Hunter but that's ok. Not sure if I read the article online from Men's Journal right, about Gerry and his ear. I wonder if people realize that tinnitus and hearing loss are two totally different things? Funny, I'm not a doctor but have learned that through my job. I played "Music of the Night" on Thursday night for GALS member Izzabeta (who's been MIA as of late). She got married on Friday morning. I had to give her a little Gerry love over the phone before she got married.
  12. Thanks for the sweet birthday wish, Sapphy.

  13. WISHING YOU A FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie! XOXOXO

  14. Bells, Will I be able to mail him, or drop him off at the post office on Sunday the 8th? Saturday the 7th we're going to Mamma Mia! and I really want Kable to come & meet my family & enjoy a good musical. My younger sister is dying to meet him (she helped some with Scotty). But that would be at the post office kiosk & he wouldn't get on til that Monday & I know he's due to his next hostess by the 10th. It's too expensive to overnight him. Will this be ok? Steph, I told Kable & he's all smiles & glad you miss him & he misses you too.
  15. HE'S HERE!!!! Poor guy was COLD! We got some snow while I was at work but it didn't stick. We're watching Loreena McKennitt on DVD & thinking of Stephanie. Kable told me he had a BLAST with Stephanie. I told Kable that Stephanie & I have Celtic heritage & so we're thinking of her while we watch this beautiful music being performed. I'm a bit worried as he has nothing nice to wear for the theater when we got see MAMMA MIA! Any suggestions? I don't know how to sew and there aren't dolls for sale with suits. *sigh* I need to adopt a wee man of my own like Stephanie did I hope Scotty is doing well! Kable will get the grand tour tonight & has already seen the large movie posters & met the faeries who reside here. They aren't too sure about him right now. He's staying home tomorrow. It's too crazy at work ad he'd be bored & miserable. I wish I could sew and work with leather so I could make him a leather bomber jacket. It would keep him warm plus he'd look awesome Off to make my cheeseless pineapple pizza! PS Working hard on prepping for my Jonesworld show hence my absence from GALS.
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