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    Movies, TV shows,collecting autographs, collecting Hard Rock Cafe pins (formerly), renaissance festivals (haven't been to one since September 2010), my iPod, costumes, being a faerie,....ASK

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About Me

Federal employee (work more than I relax & usually very busy after work preparing for the next day),finally in a nice neighborhood & renting a house, love my dogs, love Twitter & making friends with people on there & talking to actors & such, yes still friends with movie director Rob Luketic & we've met & hung out twice now (including being a guest at his latest movie premiere to include viewing the movie & being at the after party) mischief making faerie, a witch to boot & proud of it, love goofing off on Facebook too, love my TV shows & never interrupt when one is on, still love Godsmack too & yes Gerry is still my favorite actor after being gone for about 4 years or more now from GB Gals. I love my Bella Bean as she was the one who nudged me to come back here.

Wow I'm really bad at this...

Oh yea I love to tweet a lot too :)

By day keeper of the sacred Scots' Thistle, by night Gerry's private faerie dancer "aka Gerry's pole dancer GAL", Keeper of the Gerry GALS' magic wand that will do...anything, Offical Siggy Piggy Club Member - Sweet & Sassy Sapphyre Snortin' Siggy Piggy, Gerry's One & Only Faerie GAL, Mike Chadway's Sexy Dance Partner, scared keeper of Clyde's tears, Kable's firey faerie

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