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About Me

I've been a big fan, aren't we all, of Gerry for a while. My attraction began when I first saw him on Tomb Raider (TR). Didn't really become addicted to him till a bit later when I was completely in love with the Phantom of the Opera. Phantom was introduced into my life via audio cassette when I was in 3rd grade and my love for music began since then. So of course when it came out on film I absolutely had to see it. Without realizing I abolutely fell in love with the Phantom (character) again. For some reason at the time it didn't register that Gerry was the Phantom and was the same guy who was in TR.

Afterwards, I went online and googled Gerry and realized this actor was someone I wanted to continue looking at. Mainly because his style varied and he never remained in one genre. Most of the artists (overall) that I like tend to branch out to continue bettering themselves. As artists we are never satisfied with what we do and I see a bit of that in Gerry. He wants to continue challenging himself and growing. I've grown to adore him because of who he is as a person and as an artist.

Now about myself, recently graduated from college with a BFA and extremely proud it. Currently working at a high end hotel as a sales assistant in Houston. Besides my full time job at the hotel I also freelance as a graphic designer and make jewelry. You'll notice that I'm a bit of a nut (aren't we all), but I love to keep myself busy. Even when I'm at home. I'm usually found outside tending to my rosebushes or doing something around the house. Staying indoors isn't something I really like, but if I need to I will otherwise I'm out an about.

Below are a few (serious understatement) tidbits of me:

- Read/look at graphic design/art magazines and books.

- Enjoy going to the museum quite often to look at new exhibits. I was extremely fascinated by the BodyWorks exhibition recently.

- Make/sell jewelry, currently working on a website to sell some stuff that I've stockpiled. Creating/working my Etsy account. (yay)

- Draw/sketch/paint anything that comes to my little head. Most of it comes when I'm driving, which I'm addicted to.

- Used to drag race, don't do that anymore. Still go to the track to take care of the speeding bug. I enjoy looking at cars and fixing them.

- I like to collect random toys that catch my attention. The latest addition to my collection is a trio of good luck cats that I picked up at a Chinese store.

- Hang around tea houses and chat with friends.

- Cooking (international). I blame the Food Network for making my passion for cooking worse this past year. Sometimes I wonder if I majored in the wrong field.

- Sewing. I've recently taken this up and am proud to say I can make a pair of curtains. lol XD

- Not much of an fitness freak, but I do work out every so often. I enjoy cycling, swimming, volleyball, softball, and handball. Took up kickboxing and LOVE it.

- Watching movies, almost any kind. Horror freaks me out a bit sometimes because I know someone out there is doing that kind of stuff.

- Watching my godson/nephew and goddaughter. I love kids since I don't have any myself, plus I get to give them back when I get tired. HA! Not married either...don't really plan on it soon either. I think I like being single for the simple reason that I get to have more fun with friends and family. That and I'd like the guy that I'm with to enjoy sharing their family with me and vice versa.

- Listening to music.

- Working on my parents house. When I finally get my house I'm probably going to make sure its a total disaster just to get the satisfaction of doing everything myself and to my liking. Well that's what they say. lol

For up to date tidbits go to my livejournal: http://marinegal2.livejournal.com/

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