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  1. *wonders back* wait what...I was working...but now that I see Gerry I don't even want to see another contract. lol, Gerry is so much better looking than that durned piece of paper.
  2. Good lawd!! I'm taking some ice packs with me when I go see TUT. *faint*
  3. I for one am excited JUST because its Watchmen. Can't wait and have already gotten together with some friends and made a Watchmen party. lol The graphics look awesome and the cast is probably not well known, but hey who cares. All that matters is that they do a good job in their roles and they enjoyed doing it. Which we all know they probably did.
  4. Rawr. *melts into a gooey puddle* Thanks that made my morning.
  5. Wish you the best of luck on your show. I know how those stage gitters can get. I was in a band and would get nervous previous to every show. Just remember to relax and most importantly to breathe. We stayed in Houston during Ike, which wasn't as bad as I expected. I thought it was amazing how strong nature's force can be. Although they repeatedly tell us not to be near windows I couldn't help but watch every so often. It just took your breath away of how the trees would bend as if dancing. Of course you can't mess with nature, but its always better to be safe than sorry.
  6. If you go to http://www.georgeshobeika.com there are some pictures in the Couture section for spring and summer 09. I'm absolutely in love with the white flowing gown with yellow roses and the strapless gown near the end with the silver designs on the bottom. Its a lot of pastels, golds, and platinums/silvers.
  7. Intresting article and pics. Gerry is looking a bit tired as of late. I agree with Guselsie, he needs to take it easy, at least for a bit, for his health's sake. - E
  8. I'd like Gerry on the bottom ANY time *cough, cough*. I think I need to lay off the Anise tea so late at night. I too think the women who voted are entitled to their own opinion, but seriously Stern? Howard Stern? Ugh! Okay back to my Anise induced hallucination. mmmm tea!
  9. Started watching the Oscars last night and to tell you the truth I only would flip back for those few moments Hugh was on. I think I was much more intrested in watching "Voces Innocentes" (translation: Innocent Voices) than the Oscars. But going back to the Oscars, Hugh did a pretty good job hosting the awards and Barbara Walters did an awesome job interviewing him before the awards. I started laughing when he did a lap dance for her, poor (lucky) Barbara. My favorite part of the opening was the Craigslist Dancers. >.< The designer in me couldn't help but always look around the stage. Prior to the Oscars they showed the inspiration for the stage design/layout. I absolutely LOVE the 30's/40's and I think they integrated the idea very well and still made it unique.
  10. Personally, Gerry has my undying support and respect. My attraction to him was his respect and love for his mum. Any man that shows that much appreciation and genuine love for their mother has my respect. He has shown that he is very sincere with his fans and loves them very much. Not only that but shows wisdom when it comes to picking out roles and handling the crazed papparazi. As an actor I think Gerry likes to try a bit of everything. We see actors fit the same role over and over, it gets dull pretty quickly. With him its not always the same and I admire him because it takes balls to go out there and do something new. Actors have a tough job trying to keep their lives private because everybody wants to know what you did 10 minutes ago. Gerry takes it in stride and when it bothers him he lets them know. I don't think I've ever seen him lash out at anyone. I wouldn't blame him if he ever did anyways.
  11. I agree with Phoenix. I'm sorry, but out of all of them Gerry is the hottest.
  12. Very intresting article on the film industry. Indie movies tend to have a more substantial plot but lack the financing for marketing. I try to stay away from mainstream Holly unless it looks like something rather intresting or if its Marvel/DC related. Wonder if this recession will make Holly consider movies with more substance before financing?
  13. He's just so handsome you can't help but just stop and stare. I would love to pounce him, but I'm so dreadfully shy I know I wouldn't. *headdesk*
  14. Who wouldn't want to go to a VS event?! It sounds like a whole lot of fun checking out the new stuff that's going to roll out. Even though I don't care about age, I have a tendency to attract older men. I tend to observe the guy's behaviour with others, in particular their family. I like men who are hard workers and want to succeed. Maybe that's why I'm still single...too many requirements. lol Which may be a reason Gerry isn't married, besides the fact he's very busy.
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