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  1. Yes, the Blu-ray players do play regular DVDs, so you will be fine! Edited because I'm having trouble typing this morning...
  2. More interviews from the Red Carpet! Not a lot of Gerry, but is that anyone from GALS at the beginning? Also footage of him licking Katherine's cheek
  3. OMG...That's just up the road from me! I'm up for meeting anyone there or anywhere if interested.
  4. It's almost here! Is this still on?
  5. Pearl Snaps..... oh what fun a girl could have with Gerry in a shirt with Pearl Snaps!
  6. Siobhan Fallon Hogan was also in New In Town. She was very funny too!
  7. What a sweetie. I watched the other clip too where they caught some of the filming. "f'ing dingdong" Classic..LOL
  8. It does look like it. On Twitter I asked Rob Luketic about it but never got a response. Can you imagine what a blast it was on that set? Rob has been Twitter about taking his dog to the set of Five Killers this week in Atlanta and will have a cameo. He said Jackson, his dog had a cameo in TUT but it was cut out....lol
  9. That's hilarious! I bet it was a hoot on that set!
  10. You ladies have a blast! Can't wait for pictures!
  11. Well fiddlesticks...I'm not going to be able to get off of work after all...boohoo.
  12. Okay....I'm really thinking hard about this. I would be going by myself and have never been to New York as I have always been "waiting" to do things until I had someone to go with. Have come to realize life is passing me by while I have been waiting....and things are looking good to get Monday and Tuesday off from work. So need some suggestion on what areas to get Hotel. Did you get tickets the General Admission Tickets or the VIP to go to pre-show and post party? I have been putting together of list of things I want to do if I go to NYC, just need to narrow it down to things I can do in a couple of days!
  13. I am so considering going to this. I have never been to NYC, while it would be a short trip, it would be a blast to see this...so I just may have to make a long weekend of it!
  14. Here is a link to some of the segments they did on the show today http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/29717673#29717673
  15. For anyone on Twitter, you can follow HughE at http://twitter.com/iPhillyChitChat
  16. Preach it sister....OMG, OMG, OMG
  17. Here ye go, AndyMc. Gird your loins and feast on The Kilted One (We are SO OVERDUE for some new kilt pictures!)Here's to hoping he goes regimental! Holy Hell, I'm done
  18. I got 18 right too at an office contest! By the way Slumdog Millionaire comes out on DVD 3/31.
  19. Don't forget the Oscar's are this Sunday, so they me have off this week so they could attend them as well.
  20. Hi Binkie! I'm game, let me know if I can do anything to help. I'm in Plano and work in downtown Dallas so I go through Addison everyday.
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