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  1. ceecee

    Convention Pictures

    I know that I don't speak for everyone, but I would appreciate it if my real name was not used to identify me in the pictures. My "Gals" identity is great, but please do not use my real name. Thanks so much to all that worked so hard on the convention. I know how much work must have gone into it. Please know that you are truly appreciated! I have many skills that I would be thrilled to be called upon to use for the next convention. I was the chairperson for the hospitality committee for a couple of non-profit organizations for five consecutive years, and in the past had my own event planning/catering business. Only thing is, I now have fibromyalgia, and have limited energy, but would love to help in any way that I can. Thanks again so much! ceecee
  2. Hi All I have paid full registration for myself and for Dede ( Deders) Noble. I did not see any way I could tell you who the second payment was for. We will be arriving late on Thursday and would love to help in any way we can. I am ceecee or (Chari) Spring. Thanks we are so excited, we can't wait .
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