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  1. This is a SERIOUSLY HOT commercial, and Gerry has never looked better...and I'm so glad they let him keep his Scottish brogue/burr....I doubt that we'll see it here in the States, though, regrettably...I know Eva Longoria-Parker's ad is shown, as well as other L'Oreal ads, all saying "L'Oreal Paris." Paris is the main hub/distribution site/offices for L'Oreal, so technically, all L'Oreal products are listed as "L'Oreal Paris." This ad was made here in the States, but the posters for the products have been out in the UK now for a couple of weeks, as well as, I expect, in some of the magazines across the pond. But nothing here in the States. It had been announced when the ads were made that they would not be available here in the US, so I'm not getting my hopes up for them here. It's one of the best ad campaigns I have seen in a long time, and I think would help sell a lot of this product here IF it were shown here. Gerry could sell radiant heaters to the Devil himself, with just that "look" he gives...It's a winning ad, that's for sure.... Peace, out... Tense
  2. I've said this before, and it always holds true...God had his best day ever on November 13, 1969, when he let you come into this world. The world is a much better and brighter place with you in it, and you just continue to grow and become better and better in every way with each passing year. So, I wish for you the most wonderful 41st birthday, and just know that you aren't getting older, you're getting BETTER....with all kinds of new adventures yet to come.... Peace... Tense Smith
  3. If there are those out there who did not see the pre-show skit in Gerry's dressing room, here is a link to the YouTube video of it.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pOHBTQFq9E Enjoy..... Tense
  4. No, it was on the show as well. The first 15-20 seconds, before they even showed the title or announced the show. Jay went into Gerry's dressing room and talked to him for a few seconds, about HTTYD, and then came out and Sofia Vergera was coming down the hall, and he did a funny little spot with her, and the 3-D glasses that Gerry had given him. Then the show started. I had turned on the DVD recorder about 5 minutes before the show, so luckily I was able to get that part as well. It was really cute and Gerry was absolutely amazing, as always..... Tense
  5. I thought he looked amazingly wonderful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and this was one of the best talk show interviews he's ever done. Jay just seems to be able to bring out the best in Gerry, Gerry is able to relax more with him than with some of the talk show hosts. But I did think that he looked thinner than he has in a while. It was not quite as evident when he came out on stage as it was in the pre-monologue clip/skit in his dressing room, without his jacket on. I thought he looked thinner in the HTTYD pics as well. Not badly so, but a bit noticeable. He doesn't need to lose any more weight. Tense
  6. Just keep in mind that what I wrote here was NOT my review of the movie, I have no review to write, as I have not seen the movie. I was just relaying what someone else who saw it had told me. It did well at the boxoffice with $21 million, and that is a very impressive start. The remainder of it's run will tell whether or not it makes its budget, but so far it has done well. Just don't want anyone to mistake what I said as being my opinion. I'm just the messenger...don't shoot me!!!! Tense
  7. I cannot give a critique of this movie because I personally have not seen it and will not be seeing it, for personal reasons that I will not go into. It will be the first movie of Gerry's that I have not supported totally, but hey, stuff happens.... BUT...I will relay what one of my best friends, who happens to be a HUGE and obsessive Gerry fan herself - to her, he can do no wrong. She called me after she and her husband saw it yesterday at the mid-afternoon matinee here in our area. She said that she had just lost almost 2 hours of her life that she would never get back. The there were only eight people in the theater and that three of them got up about half way through and walked out. That not one single person, including her and her husband, laughed at anything, because in her opinion, it was just one cliche after another, some bordering on slapstick, and was so silly, that it was not the least bit funny. She also said that it seemed all Jennifer Aniston did throughout the movie was play with her hair. She also said that she was so embarrassed for Gerry that she almost cried several times. That this had to be the worst movie she and her husband, as well as the rest in the theater - from the comments heard from them as well going out, that she had ever seen. The people that left half way through never came back either, and one of them was heard to say something very crude about the movie. My friend, who thinks Gerry is one of the best actors this side of the sun, commented that he would have done well had he had decent material to work with, but that he just did not have anything decent to work with here. Now folks, don't blast me for this, this was the opinion of a friend. As I said, I HAVE NOT seen the movie, and I am NOT going to see it. So, the above is not my review, but that of a friend of mine, who holds Gerry in the highest adoration, just as most of us do. It seems that it's doing okay at the boxoffice, even with The Wimpy Kid movie and Alice going strong, but aside from Gerry's die hard fans, will there be any repeat goers after this weekend, or will word of mouth cause it to trend downward from here on out? Time will tell. Tense
  8. Delene, You are right about John's plane being a Boeing, but it was an old Quantas (airline from Australia) plane. That was what I was referring to. Sorry I made the mistake of 747 instead of 707 - I'm not really up on those kind of things, just knew it was one of the big planes. Tense
  9. On Regis and Kelly, Gerry described the decor as Old World Tuscany. It's truly a spectacular place and worth of being in Architectural Digest. I remember a few years back, AD did a spread on John Travolta's home here in Florida and it was absolutely gorgeous, complete with runway in his back yard and his big Quantas 747 parked in the back yard. I think AD likes doing celebrities homes, Helen Mirren's was done as well. I'm sure it was not planned in particular that Jennifer Aniston would be featured one month, and Gerry a couple of months after, as these things are planned far in advance. It just worked out that way. Nothing to read into that. I'm glad he's getting this kind of good and positive recognition now, he has worked hard to get where he is, and he deserves it.
  10. \It will be the May issue. I just checked the AD website, and Gerry's loft is featured in the May issue, which probably won't hit the stands for 2-3 or more weeks now. Will just have to watch for it.
  11. I had already donated through the Red Cross, but I tried to get a line through for over an hour, trying at 3-5 minute intervals, and never could get a line in, so I gave up after about an hour and 15 minutes of trying. I know it was a successful telethon, and it was so well put together and executed. It didn't look like something that had only been organized for a couple of weeks, Clooney and the others who organized this event should be proud. Anderson Cooper did an excellent job from Haiti, and the entertainment could not have been better. I was also glad, and impressed with the way they had various celebrities spotlighted with their calls, that added a more intimate dimension to the evening. Will be glad to see how much the telethon raised.
  12. I agree with Jane on the abs being "enhanced" with makeup a bit...and using the word "enhanced" I DO NOT mean that they were altered or "faked" in any way, just made to film better. Having a degree in Theater Arts from UCLA myself, there are a lot of "tricks of the trade" that go on, that the public knows nothing of...Gerry's 12 pack abs were totally real, no fake or CGI involved with those...his nearly killing himself in the process to get them should account for that fact, plus all you have to do is look at them to see that they are totally real...Sometimes makeup (or even spray tan medium) is used to help bring out muscle definition, or to enhance a certain area...like a woman will use blush to bring out her cleavage more, make it more "defined" so to speak, but that was all that was done with Gerry and the others in 300 in that respect. Movie lights tend to wash out skin color as well, and the camera picks up every little flaw, so powder or other makeup mediums are used just to tone the skin to prevent light washout as well. That doesn't ADD muscle or alter muscle in any way, other than skin tone color. The very idea of saying that Gerry's abs were sprayed on or CGI'd on is both ridiculous and preposterous. I know this has been a matter of discussion in many articles and by many interviewers in the past since 300... Tense
  13. The reply that I got was from the Help Desk at YouTube after I wrote them inquiring why I all of a sudden could not download clips from You Tube. I had emailed them, and the Help Desk emailed me an answer back. In fact, I got two of them, one said that it was not allowed anymore and the other one said that due to illegal downloading to You Tube via Real Player, that they had blocked Real Player downloads. I do know that this is something that has been discussed before and there have been articles about You Tube and the number of illegal downloads and that eventually all downloads would be stopped. Maybe they are just starting with Real Player and will continue on with other formats as well. I have Quick Time and Flash Player 10, so I'm covered with all that. Another friend of mine was not able to download to Real Player from his computer either, so apparently they are doing this in stages. It's all very confusing.... Tense
  14. I got an email from YouTube today that video clips could no longer be downloaded from You Tube via Real Player or Real Player SP. Has anyone else received this notice or had problems downloading clips from You Tube onto Real Player? Apparently, from what they sent out, they are blocking all Real Player downloads due to illegal downloads being done in the past. As I understand it, it's illegal to download from You Tube. If anyone else knows anything of this, please post. Thanks, Tense
  15. Wasn't going to put my two cents worth in, but decided to anyway...I have never thought muscle bound men were attractive, it's just an UN-natural look and not "huggable" at all. Gerry's body for 300 was perfect for the role he had to play, but I did not hope for or expect him to keep that body forever...I'm one that loves a "plush," "huggable" man, and that is what Gerry is at this point, and I find it EXTREMELY attractive. He's NOT fat, just relaxed and natural, and extremely attractive and, as always, totally desirable...I don't know a soul who does not gain a bit of weight during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas...that's why so many New Year's resolutions are to lose weight, at least what was put on during the holidays. I'm just glad to see that Gerry enjoyed his Christmas with his family here in the States with him, and that he's getting some much deserved down time and time to relax and "let it all hang out" so to speak. He certainly deserves that, and I contend now and always...THE MAN LOOKS AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL..yesterday, today, tomorrow, and ALWAYS...and you can bet, come Golden Globes time, he will have it all pulled together and he will WOW them all, put them all to shame...as we know, once he dons that Dolce and Gabbana or Versace suit, NOBODY does it better...and he will have many eating their words....as he always does... Peace.... Tense
  16. Aside from it being one of the best, if not THE best interview he has been able to give, I think the whole thing was cathartic for him. I think it was necessary that he address these issues (it should not be necessary for him to have to defend himself or explain himself to anyone, but unfortunately it had come to that), and I think he was relaxed enough with this interviewer to be able to be so candid and forthright in his feelings and how all of this has affected him. You know all of this gossip and untruths have been taxing on him, as in the last few interviews he has given, whenever anyone brings up his personal life, you can almost see the blood drain from his face and his whole demeanor change. Gerry is a seroius actor and producer and expects to go into interviews to be asked about his movies or his next project, especially when he's on a press junket for a particular movie. But instead, the US press is only interested in his private/personal life, and could care less about his career. That has to be frutstrating for him. You don't see so much of that across the pond, the European press seems to be more respectful of him than the US press is. What I appreciated with this interview is the interviewer never pushed an issue, she just let him talk and say what he felt and wanted to say, and you could tell he was more relaxed with her than with most, and was able to give the best interview ever, candid, with depth, and extremely serious - not much joking around in this one. All of us who love him and have followed him for so long and have gotten to "know" the man, who and what he is...fortunately don't believe all the garbage that is written about him, are able to separate the wheat from the chaffe, but still, it's hard on us to have to be subjected to all the gargage that we see on a daily basis. You can imagine how hard it is on him to constantly read out and out rubbish all the time, with 99% of it not being true. Bravo to Gerry for using this platform/interview to set records straight. I only hope that a big chunk of the US population has the opportunity to see/hear this interview. It needs to be on YouTube and more widely accessible. I was not able to save it to my RP, I do have it saved to my desktop, but it can't stay there indefinitely. It would be so nice to have this one to keep, and if someone can convert it to a downloadable mode or get it to YouTube so it can be downloaded from there, I'm sure many of us, including me, would appreciate it. This is definitely one to keep. Thanks, PAR
  17. Most actors say that to them, this is the most important award they can win because the winners are chosen by the people and not some panel of judges, and the award means more to them chosen by the people. So, everyone get busy and VOTE for Gerry. PAR....
  18. Also, along with TPTB (Gerry's Staff) confirming that the rumors of Burns being scrapped are totally false, Team Burns/RT Burns - headed by Alexandria and Rose, have not noted any kind of cancellation of the film, and they are the ones that are very well associated with this, and according to my latest email from RT Burns (yesterday) it is still very much a go. In preproduction (as ist is listed on IMDb), but still very much an active project. I think we can all rest easy about the Burns project for now. It has not been cancelled as of this time, and I expect will go on with Gerry eventually. As near and dear as this project has been to him for so long, I don't think he would ever "snub" the project or back out of it if there were any possible opportunity for him to make the film. Cheers... Phantom's AngelRose
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