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  1. After all that I could give him my gift! When I thanked her and was really glad I was filled with compliments! I still do not have it from the whole situation, I am still confused and I think it was all a dream! I gave them:
  2. This is the picture of me autographed. You can not read well, however it says "You are incredible artists. Much Love Gerry Butler."
  3. Wow! You were the tall, rather quiet brunette with Cristina. I am Theresa, we talked in Ischia on Tuesday night at the Piazza. I remember you guys, you were lovely. Cristina was so much fun telling us about your meeting and showing us the photos. I also remember you from Sunday when you gave Gerry your drawings and he was really happy. For those of you who were not there, maybe the translation of Cristina'a account came off a bit odd, but honestly they are really nice girls, they didn't bother Gerry, they were respectful and he was very generous with them everytime he saw them. It seemed to me that they and Gerry share the same sense of humour. Theresa Ciao Theresa!! It was great to meet in Ischia, wonderful place! Gerry was gracious and helpful with all and I was very glad he liked my work, I had them, and eventually, I succeeded! I was done writing the autograph 'You are incredible artists. Much love Gerard Butler '. I'm happy! He gave me two kisses!
  4. Min@ Would you mind posting thumbnails of the photos of Cristina so the GALS may see them? You should contact her
  5. There are photos of my friend Cristina, I have taken myself!
  6. I'm going 10 to 13 ...... I will do everything to meet him!
  7. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! He started smoking again !!!!!
  8. I saw in the gallery there are some larger ones ........ thanks!
  9. I know it's not your fault if the photos are small
  10. They are beautiful , but very small!
  11. I agree with you! Change only the color of hair: the first was dark, a color defined, are now clear and color indefinitely!
  12. Gerry likes to eat Italian! That shirt open at the throat..... Thanks
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