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  1. Thanks Sue, glad he made you smile, he nearly made me cry, hehehe, a bit difficult this one, but we will get there. Hugs June
  2. Hi Guys, tried to post this yesterday on GB's birthday but Photobucket playing up, anyway here we go Page 1 of 12, hope it comes through Hugs June
  3. Hi Gals Finished at last, here he is Hugs June
  4. Hi Gals Here is pages 6 of 12, and thats the hair done, hehehe Hugs June
  5. Hi guys, we are progressing, pages 3 of 12 Hugs June
  6. Hi Gals Just finished Page 1 of 12, love his nose on this one haha Hugs June
  7. Great drawing Shamrock, good to have you back onboard. Here is my latest effort, page 1 of 12 Hugs June
  8. Great picture Sham, great to hear from you Hugs June
  9. Hi Kathy, no it didnt work, it was too light, lots of very pale cream, doesnt show up very well on white backgrund, I sarted it again on a cream background and it still didnt look right, so I have put it back in my draw and started another and this looks ok so far, page one shoud be ready in a couple of weeks all being well. Not giving up yet. Hugs June
  10. Thank you Elissa for all your hard work, looking forward to next years game already. Well done Johnnie Hugs June
  11. Hi Gals Thank you so much for your kind comments of encouragement, I nearly gave up but you kept me going,and I have started another one, it is very light so will see if its going to work, once again thanks for being there, it means a lot. Hugs June
  12. Sorry, hope I am not too late to vote. Johnnie to win please Hugs June
  13. Well here he is at long last, thought I would never finish, but I did hehehe, hope you like him now he has his top on. Hugs June
  14. Hi Gals difficult week this week cos I like all three. I have to vote off Sam. so sorry but I would like either Creedy or Johnnie to win. Hugs June
  15. Hi Gals sorry Frosty but you are voted off Hugs June
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