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  1. Songbird - Yes, it hurt, and as a result, I told everyone all bets were off about my near-future genital piercing. Tats hurt much less than piercings, believe it or not! But the end result is good - lots of compliments. Donna - That would be Christian Bale on the wall. I luuuuvs me some Batbale! rushandgerryfan - I look familiar? Well, I PROMISE that was NOT me on COPs the other night! I was...out...no..wait..in..yes..in! In my room...doing...umm...stuff. Yeah. Stuff.
  2. I follow through on my threats! My newest piercing:
  3. I sooooo wanna go to Vegas. Nice pix btw...digging the giant box!
  4. Kelz the Red

    My picture!

    Wow, you have very pretty eyes? Is this the same Roxy from Nuts?
  5. You know, I should update later with my new piercing.
  6. Now's the perfect time to find out what "homsup" means. Loving the art! That is some awesome work.
  7. It's definately entertaining! Plus I LUV John best of anyone in the world, so naturally I'm biased.
  8. Well, these Midgies are actually my cousin John's band. They are a glenhoulachan ceilidh band, and they put out a CD a couple of years ago. I was one of the lucky few who got one, and the only one in the States. Go me! Well, John asked me to rip the CD and share it out, and maybe if they get enough of a response, they'll consider doing a tour of the States. Anyway, you can download the zip file with all the MP3s here, and the tracks are: 1. The Roses of Prince Charlie 2. The Road to Dundee 3. The Lights of Lochindall 4. Heart and Soul 5. Willie's Gone to Melville Castle 6. Chinese Memories 7. Come by the Hills 8. A'e Fond Kiss 9. Island Breeze 10. Silver Sands of Morar 11. Dark Lochnagar 12. Doon in the Wee Room 13. The Ladies From Hell 14. The Rose of Allandale 15. Highland Schornsche 16. Saw the Skull 17. Celtic Soul 18. Whiskey in the Jar 19. Dumbarton's Drums And for those curious, the Midgies are John MacGregor (mandolin), Gordon Ross (vocals and guitar), and Billy MacPhee was on this CD playing the accordian. He's no longer with the band though. The last song is special to John (Dumbarton's Drums) because our family is from there, and he still resides there (when not sleeping in airports!). OK, hope everyone enjoys the MP3s. You'll need Winzip to open the file.
  9. Looked everywhere, but can't seem to figure out how to change my display name. Help a sista out? :headspin:
  10. Little late coming into this thread, but I've had my graphic art stolen, put on t-shirts and such, and sold on Ebay.
  11. Conan is love! If Jon weren't hosting the Oscars, I'd want Conan to.
  12. :dork: You all are Dork Chasers! I love this place!
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