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  1. Dearest Ladies~ This is divine adoration~ "All men fear death. It's a natural fear that consumes us all. We fear death because we feel that we haven't loved well enough, or loved at all, which ultimately are one in the same. However, when you make love with a truly great woman,one that deserves the utmost repsect of this world and one that makes you feel truly powerful,that fear of death completely disappears. Because when you are sharing your body and heart with a great woman that world fades away. You two are the only ones in the entire universe. You conquered what most lesser men have never conquered before, you have conquered a great woman's heart,the most vulnerable thing that she can offer another. Death no longer lingers in the mind. Fear no longer clouds your heart. Only passion for living, and for loving,become your sole reality. This is no easy task for it takes unsurmountable courage. But remember this for in that moment when you are making love with a woman of true greatness you will feel immortal." Ernest Hemingway This is how Gerry presents in the realm of the imagination!~ "pulcher extraneus" Living Ethereally in the Scottish Highlands~ Must be something in the water?? My profound in Love and War, Lise
  2. Happy Birthday Message to a Soul that relates an Ethereal and Incandescent Man~ And, so this Scotch/Irish passion continues to mesmerize the mind and body in an art form that seduces with lyrics and composition that cause the blood to pulse a wee bit more escalatory. The firm and ever raw form of a man's intention to convey truth, what it veritably means to be taken, swept from one's feet like the winds that seamlessly find way through the Highlands. The saturnalian that interprets this dynamic~ To truly envision a higher purpose, to travel a universe far more infintite if just for a moment. To encapsulate and portray this unique self-expression of stage & screen, the persistent dedication of your craft~ remembering "4" and what it means to slide once again upon those windy & rain-swept sidewalks and daring within such mischievous countenance, a playful presence... "Watch me do it all over again!" Happy Birthday Handsome! Warmest thoughts for a day filled with everything that brings back a simpler time. Much Admiration and Love, Lise
  3. Dearest Gerry and Constituents! I have expierienced this close call with Mortality! I was involved in a car accident in which another's irresponsible soul ran a red light, while texting and formed my car like a horseshoe! I am even lucky to be here on the superior side of the Earth! Life is so fleeting! And one never knows when it is one's time to check out? How grateful I am for the beauty of Life and the opportunity to breathe another breath upon Life's Mortal Playground! I am indeed humbled in this arena! The passion and beauty that doth allude most has captured me, discovering me embraced within such residence,residing upon a plateau that stakes ownership within the Highlands of Scotland! My soul longs for such a place!!!! My dearest and most ethereal thoughts in Love and War!, Lise
  4. To all my Constituents! How can one not put upon one's self the sexy countenance that is ~ Gerard James Butler! Firstly, The woman who doesn't for one moment think of him in the greatest of dreams and think that Gerry is the most amazing of men... that has ever crossed her imagination!!! Gerry is the presence that we of all think of as the man who will rescue us from the craziness of the world, a world that makes not a bit of sense even on a good day! He is the man that drives us to believe in a greatness that resides within everyone of us! He is the man that drives us to believe that there are men in the world that could love us as he would, without all the Hollywood glam! Gerry is the very essence of raw Scottish, organic groundedness! He would love a woman ... just because he found merit in the ideas of loving her! So, that is where I come from; His~The very simple ideas of a value of interest, based on an exquisitely, interesting countenance! Ladies! We are all blessed with such great fortune! Life is a gift! The idea that a man would love us purely for whom we possess to be? I want each and every lovely countenance to know that that love or the potential of that kind of love exists for every woman. Gerry has just to choose wisely within his realm,that arena of passionate spirituality! Oh! How magnificent life truly is!!! Love "L"
  5. The year Nineteen Hundred and Sixty~Nine and a Soul unlike any other~ We celebrate the vintage and quintessential countenance that of~ Gerard James Butler Today, I take this opportunity to convey what an amazing journey this has been for you thus far, Gerry. As you know... So many goals that have come to fruition, this ever enduring road, leaving impressed upon it the outcome of dreams, younger then, played out in imagination within a window frame. Compelling, Sexy, Intriguing, Commanding and most of all~ living authentically from that organic, grounded, discerning Scottish Soul. You are a man to be celebrated within intrigue and creativity from Breakfast to Bedtime. On this note~ Happy Birthday Handsome! I have a deep admiration and profound respect for your drive, a drive which has fueled your incandescent, ageless, and compassionate journey and the intrinsic Icelandic qualities of your Scotch/Irish soul, Gerry. A soul which in countenance and presence; remains without boundaries, continually emanating, living spherically, playing in many directions, never loosing sight of your childish enthusiasm(Fellini), thus drawing all that is magnificent into you. Carpe Diem, Eternally! Remembering "4" My Warmest Celebratory Wishes and Kisses, In Love and War, Lise
  6. The Writer~Graced by a Tribly Fedora, transformed by this Icelandic, vintage cast of Scottish Incandescence upon the Dalginross,Journal/Latte in hand!

  7. There is an immaculate and untouched beauty in regard to the human soul that dwells in the most exquisite form of truth. To ascertain such raw compassion and fueled vehemence toward all that unearths a cause; no matter the obscurity of territory or the mystery of unleashed peril. To venture to greater height and depth in the acquisition of all that is equitable and palmary. When reflecting upon a soul or souls to which retract one into an papability, a arena of great venery and an embraceable and self~defined refuge; an asylum from the inauspicious malignancy, this severity of mortality, the clandestine hell of mankind. Such thoughts bring a greater significance within nobility and character, the Gentile(Sam) and Icelandic(Gerry) carriage of the most ineffable of men. Now,I concede that my libretto is at a mislay for any explication of said; souls. The integers I desire to acknowledge in physicality and in portrayl, to his exemplary and magnificent core and the greater mission, that incandescent courage that seamlessly and prolifically emanates from his ever en~visionary,warrior~esque,discernible auricle. So, Once again, I apportion this reverie. And bequeath this humble expression to the ingenious sphere discovered within the pulchritude of Sam and Gerry's élan vital, his extraordinary and altruistic marrow! My Soul in Love and War, Lise
  8. Dear Gerry, I'll make this short and sweet.. First and foremost~ What an amazing soul that doth possess you! So, Thank you! Secondly and equally important, I was perusing through "Another Man's War~ The true story of Sam Childers. I can within fervor so many raw and yet excavated reasons why you decided to take on this role. It speaks to and from a deeper and more ethereal place within "The Man". I thought about this infinite warrior that seems to exist inside the very honest and blatant realm of this exposed and impassioned human determination so I wrote this in gratitude of your profound Scottish/Icelandesque Warrior/Soldier... . "In admiration of those souls that are ragged, whittled, and cultivated, via callow vim and prolific resolve" Much admiration of Sam's Mission and the vehemence you portray to all that is worth fighting for.. In Love and War, Lise
  9. Ascertaining that to live inside the creative avenues of possibility brings about the most exquisite of thought, born most from a restless and undefined passion. This journey down such roads that present with greater obstacles brings the soul to refine through a searing fire, the potential of an unforeseen destination. How exciting the exploration and discovery of such grand markers along Life's long and ever~curving unexpected roads! The measure of where we have been, and what we have come through and how we have touched the lives of those whom we've encountered along the way; forging ahead within our relentless courage, only to reside atop the peak of our very own well~traveled excursion.... Still pondering the magniloquent soliloquy that remains,an ethereal,unwritten story within dreams~" The Cosmic Beauty of Everything" In Love and War, L
  10. "How imaginary a soul, for which his delight take residence and stay, in the brief moments, in the exquisite jubilance and/or enchantments, experienced within another's attendance, unaffected, resounding inflections within an encompassing vulnerability, an Icelandic visage, trifling with ubiety, sphered by Old World authenticity." L.Elle.Farraday
  11. The Bounty Hunter~ "Cunning, Witty, Dancing within Foreplay, Captive and Endearing" How To Train Your Dragon~ "Simply Brilliant!" Much Respect and Admiration for all you bring to the Screen and the way in which you pull me in with your deep, intrinsic, authentically classic, Scottish soul. Magnificent Gerry! In Love and War, Lise
  12. *guest* I am glad that you were moved by the sediment. Mr. Butler just exudes that embraceable incandescence where ever his journey takes and finds him. He definitely leaves an indelible mark on this great "Playground of Mortality". Hope all is well in your world. Lise
  13. Do you every wonder about that one soul that just completely gets you? Really ... In a very ethereal and grounded way. A concept for the ideal Valentine. Someone that draws one's soul into conversation, one you could walk and converse with, someone who knows you without any doubts or reservations; someone one you could trust completely with your thoughts, dreams, apportioning your deeper inner arena of ideas with. Someone who when he is away, instills adoration of thought causing one to become all lit up internally with the excitement of conveying a story or stories of the day with; and the anticipation of snuggling with nose nuzzled softly in the curve of his neck. Something very lovely yet, raw and sexy about that dynamic! Happy Valentine's Day, Gerry! My Soul in Love and War, Lise
  14. Dearest Gerry~ ;-) I just thought I would take this opportunity to convey from my soul to yours that you my friend are quite~ " Magically Delicious!" What an insatiable soul that doth possess you! Intriguing, Compelling and altogether deep, and organic. Intrinsically sexy and authentically sincere! Hats off to your Mum! for apportioning with you such great depth and a storyteller's soul. I can truly imagine why your Mum, has continually remained a great treasure, compass and strength in your "window frame" of dreams within this great flight ,this ardorous adventure, thus far. All those dreams have finally come to fruition and continue to cascade over your very grounded Scottish soul. What a magniloquent countenance that resides with your ever amazing physiology. Your inspiration and dedication continually captures, and delights my attention, ethereally! All my Passion, Intellect and Creative thought in Love and War, The Swedish/Irish Writer, Lise
  15. Disclaimer~ No offense to all those who have chosen the life of a "Trainee Solicitor" If Gerry wanted to remain in a Life that kept a lock on the window of his soul he would still be executing the profession of Counselor/Lawyer. Gerry is doing exactly what butters his muffin every day, hour, minute, second of his, unpredictable, exciting mortal journey and what an "extraordinary" Scottish Muffin, indeed! Add a little of his Mum's Blackberry Conserve and you have one tasty Scotsman! Ah! The creative avenues of a Writer's imagination, Brilliant! Breakfast at Tiffany's, Lise
  16. For the beauty, passion and commitment~ I begin with these thoughts that seem to resonate deeply within my soul, especially after listening to the "Hope for Haiti" album. As I am sure anyone who should read this will be in a place that gives them a moment to reflect on the beauty, this sacred yet unpredictable sphere we call Mortality. I wanted to convey my deep respect and within humility, a soul that we so greatly admire, and his contribution to such horrific tragedy and deep loss. The destruction of earth, homes, more importantly the fragile human lives that resided within the borders of a landscape torn country that of Haiti. Gerry, I am indeed falling each and everyday more and more in admiration of your heart and the incandescence that seamlessly flows from it. After reading about your support, those gifts, whatever those be, that you willingly and without reservation give of yourself... What a monumental difference that you truly make in this great and ever changing world. No wonder all the world is in awe and love with you, it's the sincerity of that Scottish soul of yours. Thank you for all that you are in words, deeds, talent and most of all in strength, action and your most embraceable laughter~ the most authentic form of energy and love..You once said~ " If I can make another laugh or smile then I have accomplished something truly wonderful and lasting, for laughter and compassion banishes all darkness, depression, to lift burden and hopelessness, everything just seems to melt away and all your left with is being in that moment." The people of Haiti could use some of those moments (the vehicle for light and miracles) right now to get them through the raw and very dark reality of Mother Nature! You are the verisimilitude of a Warrior Poet! How one's spirit can transcend from the life of one to the lives of the many. So, I dedicated this to "The Beauty of His Soul. For this is where my friend Gerry resides in the auricle of my being and the avenues of my creative mind, always and forever. May the most celestial form of our venery lift up Haiti, to guide, comfort and strengthen the lives of it's people. Magniloquent admiration and respect in the very sure direction of Gerry and my deep and abiding thoughts and light for all those affected by this natural disaster, my soul in love and war, Lise P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT BURNS!
  17. Dearest Ladies and One Magnificent Scotsman~ I was perusing once again through some research material and came across this translation that made me stop dead in my tracks for this so reminded me of everything that is poetic and definable within the soul of our dearest friend~ Gerard James Butler Here it goes... For millennia the poet warrior has been the archetype of the romantic hero. Powerful but sensitive, dangerous but caring, brilliant but misunderstood (Terry Sheridan, Milo). From Ulysses to Indiana Jones, every man wants to be him and every woman want to be with him. Despite the prevalence of this ideal, many believe the poet warrior exists only in the realm of fiction. In truth, as you may glean from reading the compilation of love letters gathered here, some of history's greatest leaders have shown- at least to those they care the most about-that they too have a soul of a poet( Robert Burns). Real men are much more that astonishing avatars. Since before the watchers of the sky created Stonehenge, Khufu conceived the Great Pyramid, or the first farmer toiled in the Ce'ide Fields, closer to the time glacial ice still covered their lands than today(Beowulf), the fianna of E'ire lived as hunters and warriors, men who could be called upon for the protection of the kingdom in time of need. Young nobility who had yet to inherit their land or fortune, these early Gaelic poets survived hunting for food and furs. One who demonstrated sufficient skill with words, by telling of tales of honor and glory,recitation of poems of love and loss, or singing of odes of leitmotiv and meditation, may be invited to face the trials and prove his worth to join this druidic coalition of clans.( Ah! Our Scotsman) Hair ceremonially braided(Attila,Stoick)he would run a gauntlet of his fellows through the thick forest, a single twig snapping under foot or mere hair out of place resulting in failure. Buried to his waist in peat with only a wooden shield to protect him, the slightest drop of blood caused by any of the nine spears thrust upon him meaning he would never have a chance to help defend (Leonidas,Aufidius) the defenseless in battle. Their ancient motto had been adopted by the special forces of the Army Ranger Wing(Creedy),the Republic of Ireland's premier hostage rescue unit: Glaine 'ar gcroi (purity in our hearts) Neart 'ar ng'eag (strength of our limbs) Beart de r'eir 'ar mbriathar (deeds to match our words) History is replete with examples of those who lead by example, with wisdom, courage and love, guided by reflection(within a mirror) and empathy, using their minds to accomplish what their hearts know to be true. (Gerry Kennedy, Just before the kiss~ Eternally Gerry! & Mike Chadway) Like the Tao, the true poet warrior is subtle and quiescent, circumventing attempts to force his way( in Gerry's case through a window frame); simultaneously passionate and indifferent, nurturing and giving wholly of himself to each who comes across his path. (Gerry's fans) Like a first growth Bordeaux he is deep and complex(I have given up abusing my body, and I am an amazing lover), rich and balanced (University of Life), dedicated to both the intellect and the corpus, the field of study(law, improvisation and the passionate and insatiable lover with lips that could melt a woman's soul) and the field of battle( pure, raw strength and endurance. He exemplifies the way of the warrior, from the Analects of Confucius and the Bushido code of the Samurai (300, Leonidas), to the medieval knightly virtues of chivalry, honor and courtly love (Andre Marek) Greatness may be good or evil (I am verra much a bad boy with a really amazing heart), but is more often a combination of both, at least in some measure. Great men and great loves are not caricatures; they are complex, complicated and often, conflicted. (Ah! Eric & Clyde, Compelling!) Victory and failure, forgiveness and betrayal(Neil), masterwork and bagatelle, it is each poet warrior's individual journey, battles and scars (John Tillman) that provide a true glimpse into greatness (Frank Borghi)... This is what makes Gerry~ real, tactile and tangible) The Poet Warrior John C. Kirkland As I was perusing over this amazing foreword I chose those ideas and descriptions that made me think of Gerry's soul. This raw Celtic reflection(when I look in the mirror I have this communion with my soul) that causes us all to stand in awe of him and his earthen, insatiable brogue, his organic Scottish spirit. Gerry at least to me remains playful and embraceable within the inflection of his laughter and conveys the stories within all these descriptions and experiences in the way in which he apportions his time, talents and the very deepest part of his "Poetic Warrior" heart. Hope that everyone enjoyed their stay within this most reflective and thought-provoking reading. As for you, Gerry! Just keep us breathlessly inspired as the "cream" always rises to the top, My soul in love and war, Lise
  18. Yes! Laurel~ Go to~ www.funnyordie.com http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/6df246fa5...l-of-the-sahara Try this... Good Luck! Great Seduction Scene! my best in love and war, Lise
  19. Dear Laurel~ You can find "Jewel of the Sahara" on AOL Television. Just use search engine once you get into web page. Have fun! Lise
  20. Dearest Ladies~ Gerard James Butler inspires a great many concepts and dreams. I am glad that I am able to share in the admiration that resides within each woman for and behalf of this Glaswegian Soul. He truly inspires on an celestial level. Fabulous and eternally talented this quintessential man that we admire and adore. He causes our own deep seeded dreams to emerge from the very center of our beings. Thanks Gerry! For the inspiration! Continually! through such a humble and exquisite example... In love and war, Lise
  21. Dearest Stu~ When will we see 10, 11,and 12? Much love, Lise
  22. Dearest Gerry~ Today we take a moment to celebrate all that is warm and nostalgic. To reflect on those who are most dear to our hearts. Today we are amazingly grateful for life, liberty and the pursuit not only of our own happiness furthermore, the happiness and well being of humanity. I wanted to take a moment to sit and write my own reflective moment. To apportion with others what surely resides with in the walls of my mind and heart. I am grateful for many dynamics that seems to continually bless this journey called Mortality. I convey the importance of the human relationship and how this dynamic continues to be the most magnificent of all treasures that we shall seek in regard to our own personal mission toward self-discovery. I have learned however that to lose one's self in the service of one's fellowman becomes paramount of all virtues one could hope to possess and master. We truly learn about who we are through sacrifice and any loss great or small. On this most joyous occasion I take a moment to give thanks for all those relationships that have caused reflective gratitude for the opportunity to have resided in the presence of them if for just a breathe, such amazing countenances have I encountered. I will remember daily how small, yet ever changing, compelling, and refined within improvisation, remaining ever constant beside the many others grains of sand, the earth to which we find an organic soul~ upon the incredible, reachable seashores of this vast Earth and what a noble responsibility I continually steward in this journey to make a greater difference if for just a brief celestial moment. Happy New Year, Baby! ;-) And to all a more reflective year to be humbled with gratitude and grace. P.S. Do you still believe in a soul mate? Within this mirror of Love and War, Lise
  23. Dearest Gerry~ My first part of this Seasonal Greeting~ More to come..... Right before Christmas day... To an ever vintage and timeless soul.... Remaining ever humble in your legacy and ever more so in your countenance.... Your presence is like no other.. What a deep, intriguing and magnificent life that you have journeyed thus far, Gerry? Christmas Latte? In love and war, Lise
  24. Retired! Creative Vault! Coming Soon!
  25. Dearest Gals~ Buona Sera! I was reading through some material for research and I came across this most amazing love letter laced with foreplay~ This verbally intense venery reminds me very much of Gerry's countenance. Enjoy! When I close my eyes, I think that you stand in front of me, just as when we are first quite alone after a long separation and have not yet kissed each other, but stand and feel both our breaths and both bodies quietly touching each other, and feel beforehand the kiss coming, and the whole world seems full of cream, jam(conserve) and dizziness. Percy Grainger To Karen Holten October 10, 1910 Ah! The scenario~ Gerry just magnificently climbs insatiably into a woman's heart in so many intriguing ways and in one or maybe a plethora of thoughts causes one's soul to take ardorous flight. Strip everything worldly away and .... Gerry is just one extraordinary and quintessential Scotsman! Don't cha just seriously admire a humble man who is very much aware of the intrinsic charm and depth of his alarmingly "Melting me for/and on behalf of~ Oh! so many levels" of a soul. Buona Serata! This ever enchanted Swedish/Irish Writer in love and war, Lise
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