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  1. Thanks for the pictures! Breathing heavily ... . . . . . . . . faints!
  2. They say if you are beautiful on the inside, you are beautiful on the outside too. And Gerry is one person I know who proves this phrase. He is such a looker with a great body et al but I think his eyes are windows from which his inner beauty shines. Thanks a lot to all the GALS for all the photos and the clippings which tell us more about this beautiful being. It might sound kind of weird but now I want to know when he leaves India. Why? I don't know. It's just too hard on me to know that he is here and I can't even attempt to reach him. (courtesy:exams). Nevertheless, anything about him is so heartwarming and such a 'happy feeling' that I've got no words. I'm glad that I watched PSILY and I got to know this wonderful man and then, such wonderful people on this site. I have visited many forums but the kind of interaction we have here, I feel cannot be found/seen in another. And that is why I'm a member ... here alone!
  3. God!!! He is SO CUTE!!! Like with the children it looks like he was a huge hit!!! But then, its HIM after all! God, he makes me SO happy when he smiles . Maybe that's why I love him so much! :)
  4. LOL!!! That reminds me of something! As a kid i used to say "DITTO SAME". LOL.
  5. . Did I read to fast and you guys have already discussed this. I think that is great that Gerry will appear in this film, if true. But what is a safa. And what is a chai wallah? Thanks for any insight you can give. Catch you all later. Jane Hello Jane (and Dragon Slayer too ) Chai = Tea (in hindi) and Chai wallah is someone who sells tea! The "chai wallahs" often sell/serve other snacks etc too but are called so 'cuz they are basically famous for their tea or they started with selling tea (started their shop/stall). Also, Jamaal in Slumdog millionaire is shown as an employee of the chai wallah *if i remember correctly*. (The one who goes around and serves the tea for him). Safa is particular type of turban. And as Gerry is in Rajasthan, I assume *here* they are talking about the Rajasthani way. You can read about the Rajasthani ones here : http://www.sawf.org/newedit/edit01102000/culture.asp Now, god ... it would be interesting to see Gerry playing the role of a chai wallah with the 'safa' et al! I mean ... it's kind of hard to imagine. Firstly, him as a tea seller and secondly, wearing a safa!?! (If they meant that his character is wearing one) I guess, he is being shown as a very authentic chai wallah then. Because safas are either worn by villagers or on some functions and marriages OR could be worn as a part of the costume by anyone trying to create the Rajasthani theme in their hotels or for some other reason ...
  6. Please Excuse ... Actually the post above got posted here again! :'(
  7. I find this very hard to believe..Shahrukh shy?? I guess it just shows what an excellent actor he is. I'll take him to the buffet anyday!!! I saw another post a couple pages back, (in fact, I am still two pages behind at this point!!), stating "Gerard and his friends Shahrukh and Gauri"...I know they were some of the celebs listed at the big party when that new resort opened in Dubai last year, but for me to picture my TWO fave guys in the WHOLE world TOGETHER, in the SAME ROOM is just too much for me to dream of... I can go to sleep with good thoughts now. NIKKI; Have a safe trip and best of luck. Nancy I know ... initially it was very hard for me to believe it too! But he says that over and over again ... all the time! So, i guess it's true. Also, in some of his interviews you can actually see him blushing! Thanks a ton for the luck! I need it bad!
  8. Nikki, you are very funny...You don't have to make a list for me, but you can if you want to ...that is hilarious!! I guess it's just that the Hindi films I have the opportunity to see, (and I see alot), are the ever SO popular and well-loved "typical" Bollywood films. (I had typed out my most recent reply before seeing the added page of posts so it's funny to me and I found it VERY sweet when you talked about the romantic moments seeming SO MUCH more romantic in the films when the "intimacy" is NOT shown...and as you can see in the post I'd started before I read that, that I have found it to be true too!) When I fell in LOVE with Aamir Khan, I would print out a list of all his films from online and take it down to my local Indian store and mark them off one by one as I rented them. There were SO many early films with Aamir, (we're talking like his films made in the 90's), and EVERY time it looked like there was gonna be a kiss, I just couldn't wait..BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED!! And I was SO FRUSTRATED!! I almost gave up on him. (HAha!) And then I finally had to start checking out Shahrukh's movies because after quite a few Aamir movies, the ladies at the shop kept trying to get me to watch him, and I thought, "Boy, these ladies really like this Shahrukh guy." And by the second movie ("Pardes"), he looked at the girl in a certain way, and I thought, "Hummm...maybe there is something there", but by the third movie, he looked at Ash in "Mohabbetein", after the bus pulls away, and that was it. I fell hook, line and sinker!! With just a look!! And I've never recovered!! I even got to see HIM live in concert in LA in 2004, along with Saif Ali Khan, and Arjun Rampal , Rani, Preity and Pryanka. It was a blast!! Can't believe I missed the tour with Hrithik and Ash a couple years ago. But I keep hoping Shahrukh will come back again. God .. both your posts make me made me smile. You are so cool! LoL .... I mean that sounds soo TEEN-ish but I cant help saying that. God, I could actually forget that you are not an Indian OR you are not some1 who lives in India!!! And I completely agree that MONSOON WEDDING etc are NOT hindi films/"bollywood movies". Okay, now I'm in a rush. I'l catch you later! Love Nikki PS: As a SRK fan maybe you'd like to know. He says, " I'm too shy for kissing scenes" and " I'm too shy with women" and " I'm so shy that I can't walk up to get my food from the buffet if my wife is not along with me. " *Jus a bit of trivia which makes me laugh so much ... like in a 'cute' way*
  9. I just wanna give u a BIG HUG!
  10. Hey, The last time I was on ... I was in a hurry. So, I signed in again now to say something. Like I said your post really shocked me and I thought a lot about it last night. gasps at any kissing, or a slogan on a t-shirt or blatant adultery And in "Salaam Namaste", quite a large group of people actually got up and walked out of the theatre when Preity Zinta was reading her pregnancy test!! I mean I just thought WHY Indians living abroad would have such reactions when the Indians living here in India don't have such reactions! And after thinking over a lot ... I think it is MAYBE due to the fact that the Indians settled there are homesick and they miss India (naturally). So, they try and 'reach' India through movies. You know ... Like they expect to see the Karan Johar kind of movies (okay, say barring KANK- kabhi alvida na kehna) which talk about a 'big happy family' or the Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge types where you can see the traditions and the mustard fields and some of the customs back home.They probably force their children to watch such movies 'cuz they want their kids to be in touch of their roots etc. [You know this whole crisis thing] So, probably Salaam Namaste didn't meet their expectations. Or anything which is not in the lines of Swades makes them gulp with horror. What I mean is that they expect to see the roots in the film and they kind of want the films to make up for their homesickness. Now, somebody tell them that though the customs and traditions very much exsist things are changing back home too. And so the movies and their subjects - living in, extramarital affairs, homosexuality etc. Also, the audience back home has matured and become more open minded than they'd probably want to believe. But they needn't worry, we do have film makers making movies specially for them. Also, I really don't remember movies like this had a kiss in it and this didn't. LoL. I mean I was kind of overwhelmed by your deep knowledge about Hindi movies. *kudos to you* But I'd have to go back down the memory lane and really research if I was to make a list of " Movies with kissing/intimate Scenes" for you. (BUT I DO THINK THAT DHOOM 2 HAD A VERY BEAUTIFULLY SHOT SCENE). My idea is not to tell you that we have n number of movies which have n number of kissing scenes BUT my point is to convey that people very much accept those movies which have such scenes and they are not offended by it. (All the exceptions and all of that stay intact ... as I explained earlier). Otherwise, why would movies like 300, PSILY, Titanic, Feast of Love, American Pie(s), Juno etc etc would even be released here and become such hugely popular movies among the people. Also, don't you think we need to give our directors some credit that they make some very wonderful love stories and scenes, capable of giving goosebumps without showing the intimacy. [Okay, this thing just struck my head right now and I suddenly feel kind of proud of them. ] Say : Veer Zaara, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Khamoshi etc etc. Now, if you don't agree to this then maybe the sub-titles and the translation is to be blamed. I mean, sometimes they don't quite convey the original thoughts in the original mood as efficiently. But seriously, those people out there need to get a life and stop spoiling the image! LOL I think I wanted to say something more but I forgot! Love Nikki Ps: I know I talk a lot! and i absolutely love it! *wink*
  11. Hi Cheryl I absolutely agree and love your point of you. As you have mentioned above. It is indeed my pleasure to be heard by such wonderful and open-minded people. As in one needs to be open minded to know the 'real' things. If you know what I mean. Plus, it gives me one more reason to love Gerry! Hugs Back, Nikki
  12. Why won't she be making babies? Is something wrong with her? LOL No no !!! She's absolutely fine as far as we all know. That was in reply to some1z post saying butler and chopra would make very fine babies!
  13. Lady Ski Bum Oh, I just wanted to tell you that the post above is like a general post and not a reply to you. Damn, I should have erased that quote thing. I mean I kind of started the whole topic with the movie thing and then went on to talk about other things. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the movie and I want to see it too! Love Nikki
  14. Okay, even though the movie was on Star Movies yesterday I haven't watched it as yet. But I'm really doubtful as to how much "about India" it might be. I see discovery, travel and living channels and people from all kinds of places come to India and they go to the 'not so pleasant to eye' places and shoot there! Why? There's this dialogue in a hit hindi movie "Munna Bhai MBBS" (it's a comedy) where a character of the movie asks a Chinese tourist as to why people coming to India want to see poverty over Taj Mahal? Why do they prefer seeing that? The other day I was watching a show on Travel and Living and I heard the guy visiting India say "If you want a holiday where you can lie on the beach and drink martini then, India is not the place for you." I so wanted to tell him, it is the place for you if you want it to be. If you go and stay in the most down market motel/hotel and then expect you have a great view from the "window" of your hotel room then you are bound to get disappointed. (Or maybe not ... if that is what you are expecting). I have also seen the people of our own country escorting the tourists on these shows taking them to the "slum areas" and telling them THIS IS REAL INDIA. It's a shame. It's like they want to cast such an impression. They probably don't realize the affect of their own actions. In the very same show the couple was taken to the "old city area" (these areas are famous for their exotic shops and street food etc. Though even I personally don't like visiting them much as it's not really "POSH" and you also need to mind your clothes among the other things. Also, it's extremely crowded.) where they asked two teen girls Do you have to wear 'salwaar-kameez' all the time? You don't wear western clothes?. Thank god, that stupid escort wasn't around and there are people who want to convey the right things. They told them it's not true and they are wearing what they are wearing because of the locality. (The couple themselves were wearing traditional). And thanks to the government now you can actually come and tour the "Rural India". Sometimes I wish to study direction and go to all the places abroad and shoot in such places of theirs. It's not like they don't exist. I really don't know if I'd find much audience for such a documentary BUT what I mean to say is that if you go out to a place and purposely hunt for their negative/weak spots you will find them. There's this whole joke that the board sends that movie to the Oscars which has "Sand, Snakes and Camels" (I think I'm missing something there.) BUT I think they are wrong. We need to send those movies to the Oscars which have "Slums, Poverty and all the possible negatives of our country." A lot of people are saying many distasteful things about Indians and Indian movies after Slumdog Millionaire won. But they forget that it is NOT an Indian movie in the 1st place. It's a movie shot in the WEAKEST SPOT of India in an otherwise prosperous city of Mumbai by a very clever man called Danny Boyle. I'm not being sarcastic. He just knows the audience well. But we as Indians are very happy people. We criticize our own country in front of the world. And when the world criticizes us we are still happy. :l We concentrate on the 'accolades' received. That is both our minus and plus. I think the only reason why we should be happy is Rahman's recognition because that is the only award WE got as Indians. I'd also like to add here that THIS is definitely not one of the best works of Rahman. And that should probably make him and us even more happy! It's amazing how TAARE ZAMEEN PAR failed to get even the nomination in the Foreign Film Category! I'm not trying to offend or criticize anybody here and I hope no one takes me in the wrong manner. In the end I'd just like to say that there's a lot of imagination, perception out there and sadly, not all of it is in a very positive manner. We know that and we joke about it too. We got good sense of humor all right! On a more serious note: It's great that people actually want to know about India and the really the REAL INDIA unlike the one it is portrayed as!
  15. Aye, don't you worry!!! He might be very spontaneous and all of that but he is a very wise man. Plus, I think because he is mingling with the Indian actors here ... they would kind of guide him. And once he is at the right place, away from the media glare ... then well, he can go ahead and do whatever! LoL.
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