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  1. Oh believe me Kathy...he deserves jail time.
  2. Hi lovely ladies.I know I slacked off there for awhile.I'm still a Gerry fan,I've added Doctor Who to my list of fan things,but Gerry is still above the Doctor.I don't post as often because sometimes you post,then no one else does,so if I post again.it looks like I'm talking to myself. lol I already feel like I'm talking to myself most of the time anyway having kids lol "Hey put up your toys...did anyone hear me? Yes Mummy..I'll put up my toys. HELLO!?!?" Love all of ya'll. ((hugs))
  3. Sucks he got mobbed,but having family in,gives him the excuse to be a big kid and go to Disneyland and have fun
  4. Ok update...they moved the trial from the county where the crime took place to my county.In the court room hearing the evidence was the judge,attorneys,juvenile investigators for our county,and the court admin. After it was over,the court admin and investigator came up to me and said "WHY is he not in jail?"...so that's the big question now and there are people looking into that. We come back again on July 29 for more witnesses.
  5. I haven't been to see it yet,probably be awhile.I'm waiting for it to be a matinee so there are less people in the theater when I take the boys.My eldest can get pretty enthusiastic(loud).We were very lucky when I took them to see Man of Steel,went in the afternoon and we were the only people in the theater so he could yell at the screen"get him! get him!" as much as he wanted and it bothered no one.
  6. The custody trial is tomorrow at 9.Prayers would be great.
  7. And now...I'm single. awesome.

  8. Aside from the mistakes,it was a good interview. I like it when he does family friendly movies/animated films because then I can share my appreciation of his work with my kids.My boys love the Phantom and then the other day they saw a video whilst I was scrolling through facebook of Gerry doing Stoick's voice and they were like "HEY!! That's the Phantom!!" I told them "Yeah the same guy does the voice for Hiccups dad"..They thought it was the coolest thing ever. I am glad he gets to see his family as often as he does and I hope someday he find the right one for him so he can experience parenthood himself.It's both challenging and awesome at once.
  9. Oh-my-gosh...literally LOL'ing....him rapping,no offense to him...is so....What the heck cool, yet funny.
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