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  1. And now...I'm single. awesome.

  2. I try to be sophisticated,then the country bumpkin comes out.lol

  3. I will seduce Gerry with my geekiness...jk

  4. sick kid....no church for us.

  5. good day to garden

  6. Just have to get through April

  7. Happy Birthday to you as well Delene!*hugs*

  8. Have you tried taking it entirely off of your PC? I had to do that on this one,I totally un-installed it,deleted everything for MSN LIVE and then re-installed.

  9. Hey if you are ever on MSN IM me,I have msn too.I added you awhile back.

  10. Ya know,on re-reading your list I think I'm actually with you on 100% of it.

  11. I like your "about me" section.I have alot of the same interests...i'd say about 90% of them.

  12. Hey! just wanted to let you know that I received the poster! Thanks so much,I know you've had alot going on in your life.((HUGS))

  13. About your "interests" thing...I think you have more than just a "thing" for Gerry LOL...love your creative writing btw.

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