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  1. God Bless you (((HUGS))) Ya'll will be in my prayers.
  2. Here I am.Been busy,boys are out of school now. Thanks Elissa...I'm getting the run around trying to find a neuropsychologist that tests for Aspergers.I'm talking to an autism center on Monday and I'm hoping they can suggest somebody. I'd like to get it done before the trial.
  3. I want to cut my hair off but the men in my life are giving me grief about even considering it.The little ones and the big one.
  4. I said yesterday I'd post in here but I got busy and then fell asleep watching tv. My eldest son has ADD/ADHD,but the older he gets the more we noticed(my parents and I) that something else just didn't seem right,I'd noticed that maturity wise,he's way behind other kids his age.Well he was having some educational problems,even while being medicated for the ADD,he is going into the 3rd grade and reading at a 1st grade level.So his teacher and I suggested to the 504/IEP board that he needed some extra testing. After they concluded their testing,they have told me that they believe he probably has Central Auditory Processing Disorder,which I had already suspected and have already started reading up on. But then the Special Ed teacher who works with him sometimes turned to me and said "Um,I noticed that Ethan has some senory issues and some quirkiness(never knew being quirky was a BAD thing)...have you considered getting him checked for...ummmm" and I said "Autism?" She said "Yeah but probably like high functioning like Aspergers"....Well,after filling my mind full of all their reports and findings,like he has very little long term memory retrieval...they asked if I had any questions.I told them not right now because I have a lot to take in and process. Ethan has an appointment on June 5 to get diagnosed officially. Now that someone said it,I now see the autistic tendencies that he has.I guess I didn't want to admit it before,not that I am ashamed of him in any way,but it's upsetting to realize that your child has a disability that will affect the rest of his life AND it's a lot to take in and learn about.Because now I have to change how I structure his days. PLUS my youngest child is exceptionally,educationally gifted.So,I have to think in two totally different directions. So,prayers for strength and adjustment.
  5. Thankyou! I try to make it fun without technology and without spending a ton of money.Simple fun is fun. I had some very trying news yesterday,I'll post it in prayer too.My son is ADD and we had a meeting at the school yesterday because they did some more testing on him because he was having more problems.And they suspect he may be autistic,high functioning but still.we have an appoint in June for testing for that and Central Auditory Processing Disorder. I am feeling very overwhelmed.It's alot to process.
  6. I'm so sorry ya'll are all dealing with varying floods/drought situations.We have them periodically but not for that length of time.Last year we had too much rain and couldn't put in a garden,this year,we had a lot of rain and only got a tiny bit tilled up.Had a nice little garden patch then it rained and literally overnight the garden was overtaken by grass.My mom wants to just let it go but I'm very tempted to trying to conquer it. If I could share some of our flooded creeks and rivers with ya'll I would, to level out your droughts. Today is my Ethan's 8th birthday He came and got on my bed first thing this morning,I sang happy birthday to him first he said "Thanks" then he said "No more carseat" lol In TN when you turn 8 and you're 69 lbs you don't need a booster seat anymore.Well,Ethan is a big boy and he meets the requirements.Dude is 4'4" and weighs the 69 lbs.He only lacks 10 more inches being as tall as I am. I measured the boys yesterday and my baby has grown 3 inches since last October.And Ethan has grown 2 inches and has went from a sz 2 shoe to a sz 4. He's going to be a tall man lol Oh and in case anyone ever needs a game for kids.I came up with one yesterday for my sons birthday party,on the way home from church(thinking and driving)...silly string tag. It was a hit! i'm going to try a different variation,silly string freeze tag next time. Current version,the "it" person has a can of silly string..if you get hit,you are it. And do it yourself painting parties are a good idea too,just buy blank little canvases and paints and cheap brushes,put a plastic table cloth down and there ya go.
  7. Whether or not I try it on depends upon whether I have the boys with me or not.Because they're too big now to watch me try on clothes,so I just kind of hold it up,eyeball it and decide whether it's big enough/small enough or not.
  8. Shoes? Oh what a tragedy.....(I love shoes) I've had that experience with jeans,I FINALLY found a brand of jeans that fits curves well,I usually have that annoying gap in the back problem.I bought 2 pairs and one pair fit great,the other,too tight.I figure I'm going to have to sleep in them and wear them for a week to loosen them up.
  9. Bet it's good to be back home. I've spent all morning running snacks to the elementary school, trying to get paperwork done,doctors appointments made,I have to run to work here soon etc..etc..Oh...I get to do mommy and me taekwondo tonight...this should be fun.
  10. Glad you have it all figured out now Elissa! Hey I would gladly share some of this rain with you if I could.We cannot get into our garden because it's sink up to you ankles mud. Yeah I've learned to always listen to that inner voice.Someone was asking me "But WHY???" wasn't I coming down and I just had to tell them "My intuition just says no,so we're not going." I'm going to take them to a large city,closer with LOTS of free stuff and free science museums ,stuff like that. They'll have just as much fun. Delene thanks! I'm ready for warmer weather too,after the storms it dropped down to the 40s here.It's crazy.May and wearing a sweat shirt! lol
  11. From tornadoes to floods.I just changed my vacation plans from the gulf coast to somewhere else,because I just had a gut feeling I should.And today I turned on the news and all the places I was going to take the boys in a few weeks,it's all under water.Intuition wins again!
  12. Mine have been doing that lately and I had kinda noticed but I guess not enough.Their pediatrician hasn't seen them in a few months and I took them last week for a check up and she walked in and she said "WHOA! Have they grown?alot??!" And then I realized,that because I live with them,although I know they grew,I don't fully realize how much.
  13. That's great Sue! Boys grow up so quick,it seems you blink and BAM! they grew.
  14. Hope any gals in Mississippi are safe and those in the rest of the south,I hope ya'll stay safe.Here in West TN we made it through ok last night but there's tornado damage about 20 miles from us and there was a tornado warning just below us this morning while I was getting the boys ready for school.
  15. Prayers going up for her !
  16. False,but working on it. TGBM has a thing for Jamie Fraser
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