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  1. My youngest is now taking taekwondo from...*drumroll*...my ex boyfriend!....awkward to say the least. I did tell the man,he responded with "I'm tired and hungry and my back hurts".men. How's everyone doing this stormy day?
  2. it would be interesting to say the least.I'm actually quite shy until I get to know someone,so I don't think I could fight for the coveted spot.I'd probably be too bashful lol
  3. He had it on in one of the beach pics.Looks like an old pic to me.If it's new...he shaved ...sorry...I like the beard lol
  4. Gerry looks amazing now! If I were Gerry I'd be having something to say about this slander.
  5. That is one of the most ridiculous statements about Gerry I've seen in ages.Because like you said,he doesn't drink! It's well known that he doesn't drink.He's a rarity in that business in that he doesn't go out and get smashed.Ridiculous*rolls eyes*
  6. yeah lol...I will admit,it got my attention.I haven't stopped being a Gerry fan but I'd just been super busy.
  7. Same here! It was all nice and sunny and beautiful Saturday and then bam! Blue warnings all over the NWS map.It's like WTHeck! Mid-20's?I was wearing flip flops 2 days ago lol
  8. I try to be sophisticated,then the country bumpkin comes out.lol

  9. "Is that all?!"....??!! lol Heck far it'd make my day for sure.(yes I just sounded as country as cornbread)
  10. How about these Freeze Warnings in the middle of April ya'll Seriously!! I about to put up the boys Winter Clothes,glad I haven't gotten to it yet.
  11. That's what really matters! Yes it is! Thankyou! Got some good news last night though,the DA that's involved in our case was in the newspaper and these kinds of cases are his specialty. And he's actually increased the convictions for these kinds of offenses against kids.So that gives me a bit of hope that justice will be served.
  12. Yes it does suck.But the upside is,I have my boys with me,they are safe and they are loved.
  13. The trial has been postponed,again,this time because his attorney waited till 4 days before the trial to decide to hire an "expert" ..I am ok with it because if they didn't then he could appeal at a later time claiming they didn't give him due chance to defend himself. But I am so ready for this to be over.
  14. I will seduce Gerry with my geekiness...jk

  15. Hi Swannie Lets see....this week my eldest son was tested for dyslexia and my youngest was referred for giftedness testing. I started a new job doing merchandising.It's a good job for the life I have right now in that it's flexible with my hours.I essentially go into stores and set up displays or make sure stuff is there that's supposed to be there. I will be starting back to school next semester,algebra wohoo I'm heavily involved with tribal politics right now(I'm an enrolled Poarch Creek Indian),I apologize to anyone on my facebook,it's election time.lol
  16. I found out today that the DA is now involved and has sealed several things so that my ex's atty does not have access to them.And his atty is trying to get the trial put off awhile longer.I just want to get it over with.
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