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  1. Thanks. I am trying to be proactive and keep looking and trying.And trying not to sound too depressing,I'm just so stuffed up right now,trying to think of something interesting to write it kind of a challenge. Oh,Texas Gramma,I hope you have fun in Scotland. My younger sister(saying younger because she'll get aggravated if I call her "little sister") we are planning a trip to Scotland next year or the year after.We are just in the saving up stage right now and wishful thinking
  2. Anne,it's really great that you have friends that support you. Helps get a person out of the dumps So sorry to hear that anyone has lost a job,it's a rough time all around right now. I am still searching for a job. Someone is having me babysit tomorrow,won't be much pay but every little bit helps. And I have to fight my ex for half of our income tax return...and I'm sick
  3. Well,if I want to bawl my head off,PSILY, I cried alllllllll the way through that movie first time I saw it and then cried 3/4 of the time the 2nd time I saw it,I'm wondering if I see it enough time,if I can make it through without crying,doubt it. But to be honest,I don't like to cry a whole lot,when i'm down I am more of a 'Pull myself up by my bootstraps' type of person, I'm more of a fight than flight type . So,when I'm down I'd prefer to watch 300 because it gets you all pumped up and ready to fight and overcome whatever is weighing you down. So....300 for me,plus all the nice looking guys with big muscles kinda helps too
  4. I've joined your facebook group(doing it right now) and I think Gerard would be perfect to play Burns. I cannot place Bill Little in my mind,although his name sounds familiar,I remember faces better than I remember names. I am going to have to google him. That is really cool about his being related to Sir William Wallace. I've read that my clan fought alongside him.
  5. I hate it when people write stupid stuff like that,like there isn't anything more pressing to cover than whether or not Gerard was perturbed he didn't get seated,if that even happened. And if it even happened, did they even bother to find out if there was a particular reason? Nope. For all we know all the seats could've been taken at the bar and maybe his mom needed to sit down or she was tired or maybe he was tired. Just saying,people should take into consideration circumstances(if it happened) before writing pointless articles.
  6. I am in the same boat as you. I am not going into credit card debt for anyone right now...not even to see Gerard Butler Sorry. But those of you who can go,have a blast and take bookoos of pictures!
  7. Getting a 2 yr old to sit still for that long is amazing. lol I have a 1.5 yr old and a 2.5 yr old and they won't watch POTO(tried it last week) but they will sit still for Nim's Island. Maybe it's just that Gerry gives off this...friendly sort of vibe and kids like it? Just an idea.
  8. Oh that is so horrible,his sister and his family will be in my prayers.
  9. That's sounds like one of those good hugs.
  10. Have to ask, remember I'm new to this and haven't met him myself.....what exactly do ya'll mean by the hug/growl ?
  11. Hi. Thought I'd check out this thread..haven't been by here yet. I am not a Trekkie, my dad had us watch all of the shows but I wasn't really too into it. If I am going to confess to being into something,it's x-men movies for me. I'm dyin to see the new Wolverine movie. Texas gramma...so sorry you are sick,take care of yourself.
  12. You are both some very lucky ladies,congrats.Now if he'd only shoot a film in the Memphis area*crossing fingers*.
  13. I didn't get to see ET last night,our local channel showed something else instead,we were all ready to record and everything. I'll have to take my laptop up to the local library where they have wireless and try to find a clip of it.
  14. Atleast the seduction part of your plan worked. Sometimes the seduction thing doesn't go as you planned,one time shortly after my soon to be ex husband and I had gotten married, I had the bright idea that I was going to surprise him. So I put on sexy lingerie , put candles all over our bedroom,turned the lights out , put on lotion with a tad bit of shimmer to it , perfume, and was lounging on the bed waiting for him when he got home. He walked in, looked around and then said and I kid you not "So,when's supper?" Needless to say I was a bit bummed and a little ticked. And btw,I love roses too and I prefer them outside so they don't die as quick .
  15. I've never seen him in person but he does look tired. But after reading all the in person reports,they've been doing alot of late night filming, so that makes sense. But they said that filming will be done in a few weeks,so maybe he'll get some rest before his next thing.
  16. I think he's hilarious too! How could they possible think he's not funny. Whomever thinks that must have no sense of humor at all.
  17. Whether he uses it or not,is his business. Me myself,no,I wouldn't try Botox. I prefer to age gracefully, I have a few lines now around my mouth but that's from smiling and laughing,atleast they aren't frown lines . My age doesn't bother me in the least, I don't think I'm old. My soon to be ex-husband tried several times to bug me about how I'll be 30 in a couple of years...I don't really care. When I was 22 I looked 14 -15. And I just consider that a good thing now,because when I'm 30,hopefully I won't look it. Unless my boys put gray hairs on my head by then. But that's me, what a person does to make themselves look better or feel better is their thing. My feel good thing is,I don't leave the house without lipstick or lipgloss and mascara , I may not put on full makeup,but I will put on those two things,it makes me feel better. So, to each his/her own.
  18. I haven't seen these kilt pictures yet,I'm going to have to track those down. I sadly will not be making it up there either,too much going on right now,and I don't have a money tree either.
  19. Well atleast she blogged about it and got some nice pictures.
  20. I've always like that sort of movie,the violence doesn't bother me a whole lot . Does that sound bad? violence in general bothers me,but not in movies, well most of the time. I am really looking forward to seeing this. I really like the X-men movies(dying to see the new Wolverine movie) and The Watchmen looks like it'd be pretty cool too.
  21. I think he's a great actor and he's really,really good looking. I don't really get into the fantasy type stuff much,It's not that I think anything anyone is doing is wrong...I'm just not the overly gushing type is all. In public anyway Regarding "fans" crossing the line. I was the fan of a sporting celeb for a long time,and I saw so called "fans" cross the line in a big way,stalking,stalking that persons friends and gf's,calling people's houses, etc...some really not so cool stuff. And it's people like that, who I call the "crazies" who make it hard for real,honest to goodness,nice,decent fans. Because "celebs" never know, if the person approaching them is ok or a crazy. And I think he's totally right to keep his private life private,it's not only for the sake of having some peace and quiet, but it's good for the safety of whomever he hangs out with.
  22. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! for that laugh. I hate those things,but it is so dag-gum hilarious when guys(no offense to any certain person who might be reading this,sorry..) don't listen to the women around who just might possibly have more of a clue. And isn't it just great when your animals bring you "presents". ( I live in the country too) Lesson to be learned,...unless there are actual guts or some sort of insides hanging out,don't ever assume a opossum is dead.
  23. I'm sending everyone hugs, Lord knows I need hugs, and I sure someone else on here needs one too.
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