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  1. Hi Gals..I shared a bit of this in the Support Center.I need prayer for the 11th and possibly the 14-16th. Last Fall my kids told us about abuse that was occurring at their dads,it was reported to the necessary authorities and they've been with me ever since. The trial begins Friday(the 11th),my kids will have to testify and I am hoping they'll let them do it in the judges chambers as they are terrified of their dad.So that is my primary prayer request that they will be able to testify behind closed doors without their dad present. Secondly,that justice will be had so that my kids and I can go on with our lives and put this behind us.I've been dealing with all of this since last October and it's very tiring. And no I've not been giving myself much love lately lol ,I've been focusing on my kids mostly but I promise I'm going to go get a mani or something to get out of the house.
  2. Where I live,it's highly unlikely LOL but one can hope,there has been a lot of movies filming in the Memphis area in the last couple of years.. I threatened to drive down to Louisiana one time when he was filming down there but I'm a mom I had little bitty kids at the time,that would've been impressive,me double stroller and all lol
  3. Frannie,so glad you are getting better and putting on weight,eat a couple cupcakes for me.
  4. sick kid....no church for us.

  5. He sounds like such a sweet heart. ( I haven't met him yet)
  6. Hey...there's a nice little Southern town just 5 miles down the road from me just saying *cough*
  7. If any of you are on my fb there are pics of him there or on my instagram..I am lucky,we'll see how it goes.
  8. yeah lol..He's even the same height but he has straight hair,not curls and brown eyes not blue/green
  9. We live only 1 hour from Memphis and they have some really great ones down there,like the Pink Palace Museum and they have a really great zoo.My goal for this year,when I can afford it,is to buy year passes to all those places so we can go whenever we want. Oh...btw I think I have failed to mention that I have been seeing the same guy off and for 7 months. Wellllllllll He kinda resembles Gerry because whenever I pulled up one of Gerry's recent pics just 5 minutes ago my eldest boy yelled "IT's JOE!"...I was like "uh....nope,not Joe" I promise I didn't pick Joe because he looked anything like Gerry.That's just a perk.
  10. I took my youngest,son Alex aka the Brain to a Science/History museum called Discovery Park today.It is really,really,really cool. I will probably go sometime without kids so I can take my time and read everything.My eldest was on a field trip to the same place,just not with us. They had a old settlement set up to represent how things were from 1830-1870,trains,dinosaur skeletons,military stuff and enormous arrowhead collection...it's really huge.
  11. good day to garden

  12. thanks guys The new Gerry pics are the best I've seen in ages.Not criticizing,it's just the mom in me but in recent years he was so thin it made me want to sit him down and fix him a good,solid home cooked meal. As this one comic says a Southern mama's mantra is "Have you eaten?" lol
  13. Just have to get through April

  14. Now THAT is how I like Gerry,not too skinny If he came and sat down next to us(my boys and I) at the beach,I'd have to hold back a "OMG" lol
  15. thanks ya'll...sorry I've just been so insanely busy,well for a long time.Because I was in school full time,I'll be back doing that this next semester.And right now,something has come up with my kids and there will be a trial starting next Friday to determine my ex's fate and my getting full custody of my kids forever.I've had full custody since October. I have one boy testing for the gifted program and one testing for dyslexia. So...I'm tired lol Cat-he's a cutey! My sister is pregnant and everytime I see babies/cute toddlers I get baby fever lol
  16. I haven't be on here in AGES,but I have enough Gerry popping up in my newsfeed to make me curious,so stopping by to say a quick hello
  17. As to how he survived... Aside from the Lord not wanting him yet,I betcha he has one really strong set of lungs.As is kinda obvious from POTO and 300.He can probably hold his breath a really long time.And had to.Just so thankful he's alright.*hopefully* And I agree with someone else...go home for awhile.
  18. Yeah pretty awesome he managed to bob back up So,so,so,so glad he's ok!!!!!!!!! Now don't let him back in the water please! jk...that would be over protective and unfair.
  19. Great article!I love his description of Scottish men. I agree he should do something less..dangerous next time?
  20. Just dropping by to say hello,while my dad is out and not attached to the computer.
  21. Happy belated birthday Gerry! !so sorry i'm late with this. i hope you had a magnificent birthday! And i hope your upcoming year is as amazing as you are!
  22. Last I checked they won't be showing MGP in my area but I have went ahead and RT'd this on my twitter and shared it multiple times or "liked" it on my fb so others will see it on my wall.It looks amazing.
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