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  1. I really liked that interview,I actually watched it with my Dad lol we set it to record then after our show was over was like "So,you going to put it on what?" lol:)
  2. really love these photos! I know there is no way I can get a hold of one of those magazines here in Tennessee but glad I atleast got to see the pictures
  3. sorry I am late to this.I hope she is ok now.
  4. Hi everyone.I haven't done anything legally just yet( waiting for $).He is back and right now he is behaving which is a real blessing.But with the past it's always a guessing game whether he's being legit or not.But right now,just going to go with it.In reality he's being overly friendly which can also be a bit uncomfortable lol (Arm grazing,flirting etc...he's recently single) So...this is becoming quite interesting.I am debating whether to go through with legal stuff or wait and see how if he's changed.We'll see. Thankyou for your prayers,please keep them up.Lord knows I need them.And if anyone has an entire cow (butchered perferably lol)they want to give me,go ahead I'll take that too boys are eating me out of house and home.;)jk (about the cow not about how much they eat)lol
  5. Hi Gals!!!I am way behind on what has been going on with some of you.Some of you I keep up with on FB.(and the Gerry news) Doesn't the new pics of Gerry look so amazing?! I'll try to catch up on all the news and stuff.Ethan played flag football this last month and their Dad has come back so I've had my hands full! Actually,full is an understatment. Love and hugs to all.
  6. Reposted and going to tweet and other stuff!
  7. Will be praying for you as you wait!
  8. I was about to mention that.This makes me very happy I hope they are gone.
  9. If he ever comes to Memphis for our morning show,someone let us TN gals know! LOL I have cousins in Chicago but it's a 6 hr or so drive for me.
  10. I love that he is so open and honest about his emotions.That's rare in a man and so admirable and sexy. But like Delene I didn't like the snarky comments.Those were not necessary at all.I could make a snarky remark in return but I'll refrain from dropping to that level.
  11. Thanks Beachie...*hugs* I really appreciate it.
  12. Thankfully my ex doesn't miss his child support payments or many visitations(althought there have been instances where he's picked partying over the boys).The problem lies in the fact that my children have food intolerances(wheat etc..) and he has intentionally fed it to them,knowing they have problems.That's the #1 problem.If he's just be good.I wouldn't have a problem with him.
  13. May there isn't legal aide for what they consider to be a "civil" case.We've been divorced for 2 years.And I always thought that after that's over with things just kind of level out and they didn't.Atleast i had a 8 mons of peace while he was in Africa If he would just do what he's supposed to do,it's not that bad.But he doesn't. Elissa,you are probably right.I don't want my boys to not have anything to do with their Dad at all.I just want him to behave! lol They need a male role model around. So..Lord either make my ex behave or/and send me a manly man please and thanks
  14. I am about to give it a try...again.I have tried to sell before but nothing sold
  15. I am 100% confident God can do wonders,I saw that with my breast cancer scare and in my last legal battle with him.I think the thing that is the most stressful is that my ex never learns.No matter how many times he's reminded that what he's doing goes against a legal agreement,no matter how many times he gets blocked or slapped down.He gets right back up and does it again.He does not learn.And that is frustrating.And it causes me to have to go to lengths that I wouldn't go to if he would behave like a mature adult and not harm the kids.It's sad,frustrating and tiring.I just want it to be over and for him to act like an adult and stop trying to throw so much drama into my life.Just because his life has gone down the toilet doesn't mean mine has to.He chose his path.(the woman he left me for,left him while he was deployed and kicked him out of the house she built for him)It's his own stinkin fault.Atleast we made it almost 3 years without having to go back to court LOL
  16. I'm a non-eater when I'm stressed. Which can be bad cause you need to eat to function.
  17. If ya'll would remember me in your prayers I'd much appreciate it,I am going through and will really be going through a high stress time in the upcoming months.Financially and legally.I'm having to foot the bill for alot of expenses that I shouldn't be having to take care of entirely on my own.And it's really making things tight.My ex will be returning from deployment in 3 weeks.He's back early.The goodnews is his mistress is no longer with him,that's good because she was mean to my kids.(I have no remaining feelings for him)The bad news is,he's already been making demands.We will likely end up in court once he returns due his being in contempt of court of several things.I'm having to borrow money to cover the cost of getting these things taken care of.I've been out of debt for 2 years so that really bothers me to go back into debt again because of him.But I am doing this for the safety of my kids and their overall,longterm well being.IN the meantime,it will be alot of stress and I am trying my best to just give it to God,but I need the wisdom to make sure I make all the right moves in this chess game I'm in.At this point,it's critical.
  18. I am so sorry April.I will pray for her and your family.
  19. May,sorry I had seemed to abandon this thread.Summer was a whirlwind for me.And now that the boys are back in school(well one is,one will start back next week) and a ton of other things I'm dealing with right now.Seems as if things haven't slowed down much and I'm trying to be everywhere at once lol. BUT I do hope that your biopsy goes well in September and i'm glad you have a positive outlook on this.Keep your chin up and I'll pray for you HUGS
  20. I love caviar on potato cakes.Crap! now my mouth is watering.
  21. Stacy,I'm sorry for everything ya'll have gone through.I hope you're mom continues to recover. I got accepted into college this last week(got the letter Saturday),now I have to take placement tests etc...I'm trying to find time and childcare,this may be harder than I thought it would be. My ex husband is coming home a month early.Not the kind of surprise I like getting. Suzie,I just love your siggy by the way...I am a bit bothered right now.I have a guy friend bugging the snot out of me because I don't want to go out with him.And I looked up there at your siggy and felt tons better LOL
  22. Thanks Abrock.Atleast one isn't terminal*knock on wood*...the one with the cancer in many places,she is terminal.They've found it in her lymphnodes now.I now have to somehow save up $ to go to Alabama when she passes for the wake and the funeral.My Dad is going to see her one last time at the beginning of September,hopefully she'll still be around.But I'd rather remember her the way she was the last time I saw her,so,I'm not going.Plus my eldest is in school and it just wouldn't be good for him for me to do flying trips.
  23. Hi Gals!!! Thought I'd attempt to run in here and say hey while the boys are not causing eachother bodily harm for a few minutes.Sorry I haven't been around much,I usually do net from my phone and I can't do GALS from my phone,so I've been keeping up with most of you via twitter and fb. Didn't get to read back on this thread because time actually sitting at the computer is so limited right now. My eldest has started kindergarten this week and I am trying to get my youngest into the free pre-k.If not he will start school at a diff prek in Sept. Summer has been insanely busy,the boys had swimming lessons every weekday for 2 mons. We've had some bad things happen,two of my Aunts are undergoing chemo.One for ovarian cancer(my moms sister) and the other has breast,lung and bone cancer(my dads sister). Yesterday I cut off my hair,to donate it to locks of love.It is super short now.I'm having to get used to it,it looks and feels so much different than my almost waist length hair.Lets see...still a single lady lol Trying to start college,atleast my pre-requisites(math,english etc...).online while the boys are in school,before trandferring to somewhere like Memphis. Well,Wild Kratts is almost over,so the boys will be wanting their snack,so I have to run! bye for now! (hugs and kisses!!)
  24. :) I think he looks just fine considering what he had just done.
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