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  1. I got to see it before it was taken down.It looked AWESOME! So want to see that!
  2. I saw that on fb and still everytime I see it I get the giggles like a silly little girl LOL Like...wow.
  3. Love the stuff you've been posting on fb although i am way behind on all of it.I'll catch up here soon lol Awesome that you got to see that in person!
  4. As always,love the hat! And he does look very happy.
  5. Oh I am not worrying at all I am rejoicing! lol
  6. Delene...the mass they found WAS found using ultrasound first. They sent me for a mammo after the Ultrasound found the mass.Yesterday they rechecked it with the ultrasound and it was gone.
  7. Ladies I have some really excellent news...They went to ultrasound the area before the surgeon made his incision and the mass is GONE!!! They went and got the surgeon and the head of radiology.They looked at the past films...then they tried to find it..and it's just...gone :)Prayer changes things
  8. I'll post this in the prayers and good news parts...but I have some Awesome Heavenly news!!! I went to the hospital this mornining to have the biopsy done,they gave me the "I don't care" medicine..which didn't work btw.Got me on the table and started looking for the mass(it was a solid mass not a cyst) with the ultrasound so the surgeon could make his incision and...it was GONE! The head of radiology went and looked at my films from before,came back and tried to find it himself...the surgeon did an examine and it's gone!! I am so,so relieved and so very thankful.It is an answer to prayer!
  9. Hi ladies,just stopping by for a few minutes.I've had my plate full lately,but I am still keeping up with the Gerry news I see posted on FB or twitter lol..atleast look at the pics when I can.I am a late night tweeter...unfortunately I can't post from my phone on here.And I've not had much time to actually sit down at the computer.This is a rarity,but the boys are asleep.My procedure is tomorrow and I still have to pack the boys bags so they can go to their grandparents while I recover tomorrow.And clean the kitchen and my room and the living room and oh...find some time to eat somewhere in there lol. hugs to you all!
  10. Thankyou ladies...it's now the eve of the procedure...I'm more not thrilled with being out of my head in front of people than worried about the pain.And of course concerned about the results.
  11. So glad you are all alright.Sorry I didn't check in when I said I would.Was really busy getting ready to drive to Alabama for the mini vacation.we are alright,had a close call but I got some really good photos that I published as a slideshow on my Yahoo contributor thing. Just fyi those in the mountains..scientifically speaking that doesn't exempt you from tornadoes as the valleys between the mountains actually gives tornadic storms the room and energy to grow and strengthen before going over mountains.Tornadoes last year were in the Ozark mountains of Ark. Delene was thinking about you when I saw the warnings for KC area...wasn't entirely sure exactlly where you were but knew it was round about there somewhere. Hope those in the far North and Northeast stay safe from the looks of my twitter feed they have been getting it the last week or so.tornadoes in Montana last night.
  12. Loosing a child a different sort of pain,one that never really goes away.(I've lost) They will be in my prayers.
  13. I am sorry I am late to seeing this.I will be praying for him that if it's not his time to go that God will give him the will to fight and if it is his time,that he'll have sweet peace.And that God will give him peace and strength to his family.
  14. I've heard of these wonderful places in bigger cities where they do the mammogram/ultrasounds and the biopsy right then.But they are in bigger cities. I have my surgery/biopsy next Thursday,June 16 at 12:30. It's called a Mammotome biopsy. Not sure how long till I get the results back but hopefully not too long.
  15. May I think I'd rather they knocked me out for this thing! lol They are just going to drug me up really good.I warned them that my body processes drugs/alcohol etc... out really quickly so make sure you give me enough to last while you're doing it. When i get my teeth done I have to have like 4-5 shots instead of 2.Otherwise I feel everything. I hope you get your results soon.It's the waiting that's nerve wracking.
  16. Hi GALS. I went to the surgeon yesterday,come to find out he's the best surgeon in this area have heard ALOT of good things about him from people I know..so that's a bit of a relief. The 4mm cyst in the left breast isn't to be worried about.The 12 mm one in my right breast needs to come out.It's a solid mass and it has no blood flow to it.There's a 85% chance it's not cancerous. Monday they will call me and set up my surgery,might be next week or the week after. They are going to lay me down on a table and use a mammogram machine to pin point its location because it cannot be felt with your fingers...then make an incision,then insert a tube that will suck it up and cut it off.Then it'll be sent for testing to see if it's cancer. Then...if it's not..great.If it is..then we'll go from there. I am having the boys stay with their grandparents so I can have a night of rest and not get climbed on since it'll be sore. So,that's what I know thus far.
  17. We are under the high risk today.Hope the gals who were in it yesterday are alright.I'll check in tomorrow.
  18. Yes,Diane the wait and worrying is the worst part.And Barb,I am so thankful for that tech and told her so! lol I go to the surgeon next Thursday.
  19. Very good poem.glad to see you are ok,was thinking of you when I started seeing the warnings pop up.Stay safe!
  20. I had my mammogram and an awesome tech who was straight up with me about what my paperwork said.I'm to go to a surgeon,I have a cyst in my left breast and a mass(probably a cyst) in my right breast.The are probably benign but I am being sent to a surgeon for a consult then probably a biopsy.
  21. That is really,really cool.Congrats! Lucky you are!(lapsing into Yoda talk thinks I...) I still haven't met him but from the sounds of everyone else's encounters,I wish i could LOL
  22. I didn't know her but her family will be in my prayers.
  23. I am so sorry to read this about Peggy and so sorry I am so late in adding my best wishes for her.She and your whole family will be in my prayers.I will especially pray that the Lord will give Peggy courage and a fighting spirit,so she can hold on and keep fighting.Love and hugs!! Andrea
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