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  1. Hi everyone. Elissa glad ya'll had a good time. Suzie, good luck with the house training.I'm currently potty training a little boy lol Stacey,sorry about your hair.I have only one stylist I trust with my hair.My hair is currently long because I always had my hair short while with my now ex,mostly because I had babies constantly.So now that my boys are older I'm letting it grow,but only about 3 more inches.(it's almost to the middle of my back) We are doing ok,health wise.The boys are having some issues emotionally now that their Dad is gone.The eldest refuses to speak to him on the phone and the youngest misses him.He is leaving for the other side of the ocean tomorrow.(he had to train to shoot a real gun first).
  2. Hey everyone.Just a quick stop by.I'm recovering finally.They have me on ALOT of oral steroids for 5 days,I've 3 days,my poor fingers are polka dotted from checking my blood sugar so much lol Stacey,hang in there and goodluck with your future weight loss.I know it's a hard road,but you can do it.*hugs*
  3. It wasn't the ER doctor that misdiagnosed,it was a doctor at the local d's office and i called them.And I told my doctor today when i saw her(he was her substitute). They are putting me on 5 days worth of steroids,which means I have to be extra vigilant about my blood sugar(have low blood sugar) and some prescrip. benadryl that I won't be able to take during the day because it will knock me out. I don't have any help most of the time unfortunately. Sue,I am glad Bryan was able to come and help you out. Susan,I hope you find the job that's right for you. Elissa,hope the water heater holds
  4. Hey gals.Elissa sorry about your water heater,hope you don't have to replace it.Home repairs can be so costly. Those who are sick and have been,so sorry.Hope you feel better. I and the boys have been sick.Had to take Ethan to the ER Tues night,he was misdiagnosed with bronchitus when he actually had the croup and he woke up in distress at 2:30 AM with his lips turning purple,gave him a breathing treatment and rushed him to the hospital.Scariest moment of my life. The the last 2 nights,I have been in the ER with an allergic reaction to antibiotics given to me for an ear infection...which.I don't have.I was also mis diagnosed(same doctor).Pretty mad about that.I have gotten steroids the last 2 days,and have been on benadryl around the clock and now zantac because it's also a hestamine blocker.I am going to the doctor tomorrow for a check up(I have a rash from head to toe.sexy I know lol)It is really horrible.ugh.I need to stay cool to minimize the itching but it's Winter and lying in my room with minimal clothes gets really cold,really quick.lol Well,gonna go put some more lotion on my itches here in a few.Hugs all around. P.S. Loving Gerry's hair.
  5. Hello Gals...so much going on with all of you,good and bad things.Congrats on the good thing,my hugs and prayers are with you on the bad things. I have had a very tense last few weeks.My ex has been acting quite strange the last few weeks...and finally,today.He flew out.He's starting the training for his deployment.I feel strangely ...free.:)He'll be where he's supposed to go in about 6 weeks. So I feel relieved and exhausted,I guess my body is going to need a long rest now . So I will go now because I have literally dozed off a few times while sitting here at my laptop.HUGS
  6. I don't think I've expressed my opinion yet. I honestly don't see it as that big of a deal.Those words and worse are probably said in private lol And I think Gerry would've given him the $ even if he wouldn't say it.NO biggie.And btw has nothing whatsoever to do with class or the lack thereof.This is a non-issue IMO
  7. Goodluck with getting squished Elissa!I have to do that here in the next few years because my Mom had breast cancer,so i have to do it early.yay me. Have fun on your trip.I have a friend who is from Texas who has moved to TN and he i suffering with this cold weather. Stacey,have fun in the salt mine,sounds interesting. and good luck with your cake decorating classes. We have a week and a half till my ex flies away for a long while.He's not doing so well with this,so please pray these remaining days will go well and not be full of drama.We are currently chilling and watching HTTYD for the zillioneth time,the boys love it.I think those little dragons that act like cats are my favorites.lol
  8. Welcome to GALS Anna .Blessings to you and your sick mother. I'm Andrea. Hello GALS,I hope you are all doing well.We are bracing for another Winter storm,I've lost count of how many we've had now.lol Almost every week.We could get up to 8" of snow...the snow from the last one just melted on Sunday.Oh well,it's good bug killing weather,the 6 legged kind and the kind that makes us sick. well,goin to run and check everything else on GALS before I get back to scrubbing the kitchen.HUGS
  9. Stacey.-I am so sorry to hear about your mom.I hope things get better for you and your family this year. Gals,I am without internet right now.am at a place with wifi,hopefully it'll be back tomorrow sometimes. Also,sorry to read about what happened to Erica78 I'll see what I can do. Also,sorry to read about what happened to Erica78 I'll see what I can do.
  10. Sorry you are feeling bad Frannie. Just stopping in to say hi before I head to the big city to have some fun for my birthday.Still trying to figure out who's coming along and where we are going. lol Hope you all have a good and safe weekend!HUGS!
  11. Happy Birthday to you as well Delene!*hugs*

  12. Sue,those gifts are just gorgeous! Anna-the gun thing is only for knowledge only,I wanted to be able to have the knowledge to know what i'm doing if the need ever arises.Even though I will be legally able to,I don't plan on carrying a weapon 99% of the time. I haven't taken my Christmas decorations down yet.I need to lol But family tradition is that the decorations don't come down till the day after my birthday.So tomorrow I'll get to work
  13. Happy Gals Anniversary Sue! Love the medic alert card Anna!I have saved it lol That was really cool about the MLK thing. I'm still around,mostly on fb I admit.I've just had alot going on lately.Emotionally etc...I tend to minimize when I'm trying to cope with something.Lets see...I spent all day Saturday in a handgun class so I can get my permit to carry.I did alot better than I thought I would,on the shooting I scored 98 out of 100. My kids have gone back to school.I discovered Zumba party on Playstation 3.My best friend has it and I go to her house when the kids are at school.I am now addicted to it.I have the high score thus far.Love,love,love it.Apparently the better/harder I shake my hips the more people it adds to my par-tay! We have 1 month before my ex leaves.Things are getting interesting,he told me bundle up yesterday and the other day asked me how my day was going.*cue twilight music* They have lifted the 1 yr waiting period on my tribal benefits,so I will be able to go to school this year! yay! And I have decided what I want to study.Going to study to be a paralegal.Have been told i'd be a good lawyer but I have no interest whatsoever in becoming a lawyer.
  14. Swannie,you and your hubby are in my prayers.
  15. Yes,he did indeed get in the back seat and said and I quote "Oh mannnn*grumbling*" to which I replied "Look,you have 3 choices..#1I can drive you home #2 You can get pulled over at a check point and get a DUI or #3 you can have a wreck.I'm taking you home." 15 mins later I left him walking up his drive way lol I will say,I'm feelin my late night,my body is like "What the heck were you thinking staying out that late?!!" lol
  16. Well,my sisters bf was our first footer and he is tall and dark headed.So I guess that counts? I hope you all had a good New Years and have a prosperous new year.Last night I did something I rarely do.I stayed out till 3 AM ! But then again I was also the Designated Driver since I don't drink.So I had the lovely job of chauffering drunk folks home But as I told one guy "Either you let me drive you home or I'm calling your Mama" lol Happy New Year!
  17. Sue...yes,he can take her with him.I will try to refrain from "letting it fly"and keep my conversation on the un-colorful side.That sort of behaviour that endangers a childs health angers me.so,so very much.I deal with that sort of thing from my ex.He has dropped the ball with the kids' health so very much.This last time was the last straw and i contacted my lawyer who contacted the CPS,he let our sons who are gluten and milk intolerant,eat cupcakes and drink milk products at a Christmas party and let his mother feed them wheat products and our eldest was the most ill I've ever seen him,I nearly had to take him to the emergency room for dehydration,had to use syringe to get fluids in him. So I will rejoice when he is gone.Which sounds bad,but I want my kids to be healthy. And your ex-dil is a *&%^ for letting a baby with pnuemonia get wet and cold.That is *&%$# ridiculous!goodness. You hang in there*HUGS* I hope you feel better soon too.
  18. Best of luck to you in finding a job*fingers and toes crossed*
  19. Hi GALS...Elissa glad you had a good time in New Orleans,that is actually one of my favorite cities in the US.My family over in Southern Ala. were complaining about the cold as well.We had snow with little accumulation for 3-4 days here.And when I say little,I mean a dusting.It wasn't fun driving in it Christmas Eve(had to take the boys to their dad). And now we may get severe weather Friday night.crazy Southern weather.lol Well,lets see..I'm single(not dating that guy anymore).My kids are well,one threw up last night but I think it was something he ate because he's fine now.*crossing fingers and toes*My ex is shipping out in a month and a half and has finally decided for the first time in 7 years to be nice and cordial.Strange*cue twilight zone music* I am still working on figuring out what to go to school for,am now considering paralegal because I've been told that I'm good at looking stuff up and I should be a lawyer because I'm good at arguing lol...I don't want to be a lawyer but I'll file papers for the lawyer,that's quite enough for me.So will start looking into that this Spring. HUGS all around.
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