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  1. I saw the Ugly Truth tonight, twice I might add. I loved IT!!!! I laughed so hard that my face hurt. I am not kidding the movie is like a happy laughter pill and I love every minute of it. I will see it again.
  2. I wanted to send out a cheer to everyone that got to go. I tried watching some of the convention on streaming, was having problems with my Internet so missed allot of it. I am jealous, but am happy that everyone that got to go had fun. The article was actually very positive about the whole convention. Whatever happens, the Gals and Gerry are still strong and having fun. Net stop on this crazy ride, 'The Ugly Truth', July 24th. This is gonna be a Hot Tamale and a few of us are going to have more than hot flashes for this one. SmackGurl1960 aka Katie M. Sisters, Oregon
  3. I wish I was at the reasl convention but glad to see that this one is happening.
  4. What's funny. I Twitter with Robert Luketic the director from UGLY TRUTH, (Yes he is a real twitterer) the fake Gerry kept trying to get him to send him a copy of the UGLY TRUTH. Also there was a twitter about phone number's. I sent a private twitter to Rob to check with Alan Seigal Management, because the GB.net and Gals had been told that the Gerry was a fake. I finally got on and asked the Gerard_Butler fake what was it like being a fake, a fraud and an imitator. Course he never responded. Finally justice is done. :pointy:
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