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  1. Its about time! Gerry is the total package
  2. This is a great question! I would like him to work with: Kate Winselt, Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Russell Crowe, Viggo Mortensen and Denzel Washington.
  3. This is great! I like Ellen's show. I didn't see Gerry on it the first time so I am looking forward to it.
  4. We Gals know Gerry is the Sexiest Man Alive For All Time.
  5. mary1213

    Zodiac Sign

    I'm a Sag (Dec 13) with Virgo rising!
  6. I just saw the movie this afternoon. WOW!! OMG! Gerry and Jamie were excellent. My heart went out to Clyde, especially in the scene where Nick tells Clyde about the agreement. The look on Clyde's face was heartbreaking. I almost cried. Gerry really pulled that scene off. I wasn't excepting the judge to die the way she did. It was very quick and came out of nowhere. The entire audience gasped and I heard people saying "I wasn't expecting that." And there was the scene where Clyde was sharing his meal with his cell mate. You saw the knife in his hand. My sister and I looked at each other and whispered "this isn't going to be good. he's gonna get shanked while eating his last meal." I also think Clyde wanted to die. Afterall, he lost everything and no one to live for.
  7. I discovered Gerry in Dear Frankie, which is a beautiful movie. I it on the Reelz Channel. The moment he walked into the shop, you only see his legs. Then you see his face. My first thought was "Oh my. He's gorgeous." As I continued to watch the movie, I realized what a great actor he really is. He brings so much heart and soul into his roles. I have been a fan ever since.
  8. I just finished watching Gerry. Bonnie and Gerry were funny together. It was a great interview. I get to see it again today at 3:00pm on a Toledo, OH station.
  9. I love the Jonathon Ross Show and BBC America. I'm glad Gerry is going to be on it. You never know what Jonathon is going to ask his guests.
  10. Great interview and bonus clips! These two are funny.
  11. Frannie you are so right lately his hair has been looking great.I still think I'm partial to the Stranger/Terry buzzcut.You really can focus on his gorgeous eyes!!!! Tanya I gotta agree with you Tanya. I also love the Stranger / Terry buzzcut! He is so handsome in those movies.
  12. Funny interview! I will never look at a krispy kreme doughnut the same way again lol. So far, my fave Gerry TV interviews to date are: 1) Craig Fergurson; 2) Live with Regis and Kelly; and 3) Jimmy Kimmel. All of the hosts made him laugh, which I like to see.
  13. OMG! Hot damn (can I use that word?)! Normally I go for men who have a lean, muscular build, but pumped-up, muscle man Gerry is the exception
  14. Thanks for posting the articles! I love reading Gerry interviews from different countries (other than America). I love his sense of humor.
  15. I voted for enjoyable. My sister and I didn't find TUT vile at all. The movie is funny! Gerry was, as always, awesome in it. We and the rest of the audience (mostly women) laughed throughout the entire movie. I wonder if the so-called critics will label Gamer as "too violent?" Who cares what the critics think anyway?
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