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    Besides my children and Gerry?<br />Animals; we have a dog and 2 kittens<br />Music/Singing-Not everyone likes it when I sing :-(<br />Psychology of Spirituality <br />Ways to calm my inner turmoil; Yoga is my newest venture.<br />And of course:<br />Crying while watching Gerry's movies :)<br />I manage to do that quite often.

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    GB's Love the fact that he goes out in Sweatpants Gal
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  1. Love the suit. I'm glad that he is not in black this time.
  2. I do not think that he was a psychopath at all.
  3. I respect your opinion but strongly disagree. It was much much more than popcorn film. Also, it was the brilliance of Gerry's performance to be able to remain calm and determined throughout the entire movie. We are different but it did evoke very strong emotions from me; it was a very very moving performance from Gerry. Did you pay attention to his face? The pain, the memories were so painfully present in his expressions. I cried a lot during and after the movie as well. I don't think that you have to concentrate on his actions, whether it was right or wrong. You have to concentrate on his feelings. IMO.
  4. Darn, I cannot watch it. My MAC would not open it.
  5. Awesome news. People like the film!!!
  6. Moira, you absolutely nailed it. Mine is much more than Gerry and he just brought it up to the surface. Maybe you can be my therapist.
  7. Oh, I have not seen thee pictures yet. I LOVE the pants!!!! I just adore how he dresses in everyday life. Nick is very handsome.
  8. Theresa, Unfortunately (?) this theory does not work for me. I have been in the same and even worse state since March. I think that I'm pretty realistic about my limitations, but still. Don't laugh at me, but I really "suffer" from this obsession. For me it's an obsession that I cannot control. I often say that Gerry will cause my complete mental death. Just being honest..
  9. Well it could be NYC. I think that he has a penthouse, so it could be on his roof?
  10. Thanks for the pics. He is cute beyond cute. He does have some scruff though which I love. Do you guys think he is still in NYC?
  11. That is Gerry; a true, honest guy with a beautiful heart.
  12. It is so cool how they write his name. I had to learn Russian for 8 years in school. It was mandatory during Communism, so of course we hated it with a passion. I forgot everything, cannot speak at all but can still read it.
  13. That's why I loved the way Clyde killed this monster. He absolutely, positively deserved every bit of cutting. I wish they brought back these medieval methods to execute these bastards.
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