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  1. He goes from innocent victim to psychopath and it's unbelieveable!! He's so evil but you feel sorry for him and still rooting for him all at the same time! Well, at least I was. I LOVE this movie! I've seen it twice so far and cannot wait for a third!! :claphands: [/font][/size][/color]

    I do not think that he was a psychopath at all.

  2. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed in Gerry's portrayal of his character. I expected more of something from him... more emotion... more crazy... more of something. I expected him (his charcter) to evoke a strong emotion in me... should I feel pity for him and want him to succeed in what he was doing in getting what he felt was justice for his family's murder. Or should I be disgusted by him and his actions... really disliking him for despicable behavior for which there is no justification. It just was not there. I think if it had been, Gerry's performance would have excelled and he would have been close to phenomenal. But... it was not there and his performance was more like average.

    This was suspenseful film! Always wondering what was around the corner. And I think it will be successful in box office terms and definitely with many fans.

    It would be nice if this film could get some award recognition, but I am not sure that it made the grade for that. Good popcorn film, though! Definitely worth seeing!

    It was good to see Evil Twins and Gerry's name on the screen as a producer. Hope to see lots of that in the near future!

    :erik: Erik's Ebony Eyes :phantom:[/b][/font][/size][/color]

    I respect your opinion but strongly disagree. It was much much more than popcorn film.

    Also, it was the brilliance of Gerry's performance to be able to remain calm and determined throughout the entire movie.

    We are different but it did evoke very strong emotions from me; it was a very very moving performance from Gerry. Did you pay attention to his face? The pain, the memories were so painfully present in his expressions.

    I cried a lot during and after the movie as well.

    I don't think that you have to concentrate on his actions, whether it was right or wrong. You have to concentrate on his feelings. IMO.

  3. As for dealing with your emotions when Gerry is spotted with a female only you can learn to deal with it - you either allow it to consume you or you get your head round the fact that chances are he aint never going to be yours. Even though you may be jealous as hell that is all it is jealousy - not something that should send you mentally over the edge or into full blown depression - if it does then it has to be something deeper than Gerry and he just triggered it off IMO. Gerry has done very well to keep his private life just that and if he does get serious about anyone as long as he gently introduces her into public life so we get used to it rather than wake up to find he got married and nobody knew he was dating - that would maybe be too much for some fans to handle :tantrum: .



    you absolutely nailed it. Mine is much more than Gerry and he just brought it up to the surface.

    Maybe you can be my therapist. :lol:

  4. Kathy, your siggie is freaking me out ...

    You've all all seen the pics - here is Nick "Fry Guy" Boyle with Gerry after the dentist appointment - that we all saw the video of: http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/BevHill032108/

    I don't know thing more than anyone else, ladies. I just pay attention.

    Oh, I have not seen thee pictures yet. I LOVE the pants!!!! I just adore how he dresses in everyday life.

    Nick is very handsome.

  5. I certainly don't entertain ideas about meeting G on a personal level, I don't even think I will have the courage to ask for an autogrpah at the premiere. I am very realistic about all this and this why I want to be able to control my reaction on the "date/girlfriend" front. I guess you do have a point and eventually I will go from infatuation where I am now to a calmer, more comfortable state.

    It definitely helps to be able to share feelings here, it becomes a lot easier when you put them out and then receive some reaction from people who have been where I am now. Thanks, ladies!



    Unfortunately (?) this theory does not work for me. I have been in the same and even worse state since March. I think that I'm pretty realistic about my limitations, but still. Don't laugh at me, but I really "suffer" from this obsession. :lol: For me it's an obsession that I cannot control.

    I often say that Gerry will cause my complete mental death. :rotflmao:

    Just being honest..

  6. Catwoman, I laugh everytime I see her head blow off. :lmao: Maybe I'm sick, but there are some people in the legal world who just deserve to go away.

    I'm going again tomorrow - FINALLY!!! It's been almost two weeks and I'm dying.

    I also noticed the smile, which is why I LOVE the way the movie ends. Clyde knew ... Nick finally learned the lesson he was trying to teach him. :)

    I think it's wonderful how two weeks after it's been out we can still talk about it like we're still so amazed by it. And that's cause we are!

    Hey, did you guys look to the left and see the Russian poster????? :drool1:

    It is so cool how they write his name. I had to learn Russian for 8 years in school. It was mandatory during Communism, so of course we hated it with a passion. :lol:

    I forgot everything, cannot speak at all but can still read it.

  7. Sadly, he rapes them both, but you never see anything (nor never hear about it). You see a tiny bit with the wife, just him pulling up her clothes, you hear him zipping his zipper, and then the rest is implied. It's not an integral part of the story nor anything graphic.

    That's why I loved the way Clyde killed this monster. He absolutely, positively deserved every bit of cutting. I wish they brought back these medieval methods to execute these bastards.

  8. No stoning Andrea!

    I agree with you that Gerry does something for everyone who loves him. I don't necessarily think that being so into Gerry means that what's missing in your life has anything to do with your love life, although I'd say that's probably the easiest to justify. Certainly is a big factor in my devotion. :)


    Gerrymania is all about love, babe. :kisswink:

  9. I did for a while think it was because I was single and Gerry was filling a void but so many fans are in perfectly happy relationships whether married or not so I just put it down to when you finally "get" Gerry you just can't "get away" no matter how hard you try to fight this infliction called GALS - you just learn to live with it the best you can and to be honest I can't really remember what my life was like 2007 B.G - 2007 Before Gerry :wuv::wuv:


    Can I argue with this without getting stoned? :lol:

    I honestly think that Gerry does fill a void for everyone who loves him the way many of us do. So my point is that there must be a void, something must be missing from the relationship, otherwise this GALS thing would not occur or would be so much milder.

  10. Hate to say it, but if its ever a remake...I will pass...its just what I would do.

    I would always support Gerry in whatever he does. It is not about the film; it is about his hard work and his performance.

    All I said is its just what I would do, just me....just me. I will continue to support Gerry, if I didn`t then I wouldn`t be here. I don`t have to see something If I don`t want to. Does that make me a bad fan? I don`t think so.

    No, you don't have to see it if you don't want to. All I am saying is that I would see anything that Gerry is in regardless of the film. I see them because of Gerry's excellent performance. He can make any role unique and enjoyable. That is all I care about.

    Is there a term "bad fan"? Seems like and oxymoron.

  11. AHH! To be able to afford to just hop on a flight and go off like a free bird at whim!

    DO IT! LIVE A LITTLE! life is short...have fun and take lots of photos for us xoxo

    I agree: GO, alone. You will not regret it. Sometimes you have to be impulsive. :lol:

    I sat on the sidewalk for 7.5 hours in the cold to get ticket to SNL. One of the best decisions of my life. Anything for Gerry; he is absolutely worth it!!!

  12. If Joy didn't do that, Gerry would miss the premiere. As it is, they hold the start of the movie for him. LAC started late because Gerry was the last to enter the theater. So while we as fans wish he could give every single one of us the same attention, he just can't. And Joy gets the brunt of it because it's her job to make sure Gerry gets his arse inside. LOL

    I know; that's her job. She is such a lovely lady, she came to us to talk. It was so cute when she said that "Gerry is in the bathroom". :lol:

  13. No, unfortunately not. But I had a long time to watch and drool...I was at the other side of the red carpet of the press...so I had the chance to watch easily for a long time while he was talking to them. But I got a few warm smiles of him every time he turned around to look at us. And I got an autograph on one wallpaper I´ve printed as a photo. Rupert was not very patient with him and forced him to go into the cinema, so I hadn´t not much time while he was standing in front of me.

    They always force him to go in the theatre. :lol:

    His PR lady is always there to pull him. That's what she did last week in New York: she pulled him away from the fans, got him in the car and walked away with her companion. :lol:

    Al least you were able to observe him. That's all I want and a hug. :wuv:

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