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  1. Please know that you and your family are in my fervent thoughts and prayers, Suzanne.
  2. Gerry crossed my mind today. Glad to know he's doing well in life.

  3. Gosh it's been a long while since visiting, but often keep in touch on Facebook. Hope you're all doing well and staying happy. Ben doing okay myself.

  4. Looking into the portal just to say hi all!

  5. Looking into the portal just to say hi all!

  6. Hello Gals... Been sort of quiet here on my end. Loosing many loved ones. At my age it's common,latest my husband's mother not long after his father. A swell vacation might be in the offing couldn't hurt.Thanks you guys for sharing your spirit filled lives and funny/happy ways with me over the years.You are so appreciated and always full of good cheer.Stay well you remain ever loved...

  7. ,Gerry,wishing you more of the best of everything. Fondly, Janet
  8. I say change is always good. Off with the beard!!! hope he still will continue to wear the kilt from time to time though.
  9. So many powerful emotions here. Animals are always waiting in perched anticipation to pounce even the human ones. Live with your heart open as usual and do it your way. Again,Gerry, you're in my life thoughts... God Bless! PS, "Make um laugh"
  10. Cheryl,I to thank you for your article. Looking forward to seeing 'Of Men and Mavericks'. Janet
  11. My gracious thoughts and prayers to Jeri's family. Janet
  12. May, relieved to know the tests turned out in your favor. Knowing you can breath once again is always good. Enjoy your life sweetie and many blessings.
  13. Powerful depth perception all the way around.Looking forward to seeing MGP.
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