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  1. TR2, the chinese woman to Lara when they meet. Bit rusty aren't we? (woman to man)
  2. TR2, Lara to Terry after putting a tracer on the crate. You're all wet! (woman to two men) Let's see if one of our local shops has the DVD and can send it per post. I'd rather not search for it on Amazon. No luck so far.
  3. TUT, Mike to Abbey in the baloon The big, strong, brave men that we've all been reading about in novels and watching in movies since we were 9 years old that's a fallacy. (woman to man) Quarantine has been extended until after Easter. No getting together at Easter or my mum's birthday and the family get together for my aunts birthday a week later might have to be cancelled as well.
  4. TUT, Abbey to Mike during their first talk in the office. What's wrong with my look? (woman to man) Self quarantine basically. Schools are closed, most of the shops, excluding grocery, pharmacy, post office and banks. No going to the playground to your children, all kinds of events have been cancelled too for the next two weeks so far.
  5. TUT, the shop assistant to Mike about a bra while he's shopping with Abbey. Now, just let him suffer. (man to woman) The shopping centre near my place is on lockdown, meaning, even the grocery shop is closed. So now I need to head into town tomorrow in order to get groceries. My mum advised me not to go in if the shop's crowded. But I don't want to run into town twice. Besides, there's little chance of the shop being crowded tomorrow, on Saturday it might be worse.
  6. TUT, Abbey to Colin in her hotel room. Well, remember to thank your pussy for me. (man to woman) I did stop by yesterday but since I don't know B&G, I could not answer the quote. I'm grateful that I'm able to do my own shopping - the elder people in my house have to rely on a delivery service, due to them being in the high risk group. Today is also a very bright sunny day, so I went for a quick walk and sat on a bench in the park soaking up the sun for a few minutes.
  7. TR2, Terry to Lara on the boat, when she handcuffs him to the bed. Now, even the currents change. (man to woman)
  8. TR2, Lara to Terry about how to get into China. Ready? (woman to man)
  9. D2000, Simon to Marcus in the garage before he finishes him off. I told you to kill her! (man to man) Getting better, still feeling weak though. That pneumonia and the self-inflicted quarantine at least protected me from corona virus and everything that comes with it.
  10. PSILY, Gerry to Holly in one of his first letters. Don't be afraid to fall in love again. (man to woman)
  11. POTO, the Phantom to Andre, Firmin and everybody else present at the masquerade. Curse you! (man to woman) Hopefully my last week of official sick leave, although getting my strength back might take even longer.
  12. TR2, the little Chinese Girl to Terry on the ship. Why doesn't she slow down? (man to man) Still weak but improving. Supposed to go for a walk every day on doctors orders but to also not overdo it.
  13. POTO, during Il Muto, the Phantom to Carlotta. Master? (man to man, other man present)
  14. I guess you mean "tutor". POTO, Meg to Christine in the chapel. her teacher... (man to woman, others present)
  15. NI, Alex to Alexandra, before he swims away and disappears Are you all alone wherever you are? (woman to herself and to child) I'm reducing my online time in general, instead spending more time lying around and feeling weak.
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