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  1. TR2, Lara to the two men of the MI6. Time to be a hero. (man to man, other man present)
  2. Attila, Galen to N'Kara at the river. Is it permitted? (woman to man) My cousin is looking over the manuscript trying to spot plot holes and such, so yes, I think I'm getting closer to the end.
  3. Submit to me and live. Attila, young Attila to the men who killed his father. Was that in your visions? (man to woman) Need to write a summary and start looking for publishers.
  4. 300, King Leo to Daxos at the hot gates. Come and get them! (man to men, other men present) Yes it was the old councilman to Giorgio. I thought of using it because we hardly ever use it.
  5. 300, the Captain to Leo when they first meet the Persians. ...Is doing what children do best. (man to woman)
  6. 300, King Leo to Dilios about a message for the queen, I'm not your queen! (woman to man, other men present) I'm basically just ironing out the last minor hickups, adding some details, changing a few things around. Finding a Publisher will be the hard bit.
  7. 300, King Leo to his 300 while watching the Persian ships in the storm. It's not yours anymore. (man to man, other men present) I've been thinking about the backstory for my evil characters. Not sure if I'll use any of that information in the book but at least it's there.
  8. NI, at the airport, the airport security guy to Alexandra, not sure if about the can opener or the hand sanitizer. Well, I guess that answers the "how will I die" question. (man to man) Going to have another go at my manuscript starting today. Hard to believe how much things you find to improve when a family member suddenly wants to read it.
  9. 300, King Leo to the Persian messenger Respect and honour. (Boy to man) Lots of thunderstorms and rain this week. The distinct advantage of the rain is that I have less problems with my allergy.
  10. D2000, Dracula to Lucy in the downstairs hallway of the girls' house. Point and pray. (woman to man)
  11. POTO, AIAOY Raoul to Christine or the Phantom to Christine at the end of PONR ...when it's late and modesty starts to mellow with the wine... (man to two men) Thanks. I'm permitting myself a bit of a break to be able to look at the whole thing with a fresh set of eyes.
  12. POTO, Christine to Raoul on the roof at the end of WHYBMH. You little demon! (man to woman) The first draft of my book's close to being finished. Will polish it a bit more over the next few days.
  13. NI, Alexandra to Alex about being a hero. She's real. (Boy to woman) My book will probably come to an end soon.
  14. Rayna's quote is Stelios to the Persian commander. Pat's quote is King Leo to Xerxes, both at the pass. My husband does not have three days! (woman to man, other men present)
  15. D2000, Dracula to Mary on the roof. ..., you idiot! (woman to man)
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