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  1. TR2, the little Chinese girl to Terry on the ship. There'll be no glider for them to find. (woman to man)
  2. POTO, Notes, Firmin to Andre You little prying Pandora! (man to woman)
  3. Attila, Flavius Aetius to King Rua about Attila. The horse shied. (man to man)
  4. 300, Stelios to the Persian Messenger at the pass. We've been expecting you. (man to man) Probably going to have some more job interviews this year if I'm lucky.
  5. D2000, Matthew van Helsing to Dracula in the upstairs hallway of Mary's house. I am my father's daughter, and nothing can ever take that away. (woman narrating) Crazy week, including a job interview in another town the day after they called me to invite me.
  6. Attila, young Attila to the men who killed his father. My quote was Attila, Aetius to Valorus after the battle at the Catalaunian fields about giving up Lydia. Do you begin to feel the weight? (woman to man)
  7. Attila, Galen to N'Kara about Attila I gave the one thing I loved to save Rome. (man to man)
  8. Attila, Attila to Bleda when he returns from Rome. A hun does not own a woman until she bears his child. (woman to woman)
  9. TR2, the Chinese woman to Lara. Bit rusty, aren't we? (woman to man)
  10. POTO, Christine to the Phantom in the lair with Raoul nearby. You must be always on your guard... (man to group of women)
  11. POTO, Mme Giry to Firmin and Andre about the phantom's salary. Until you stop this thing from happening, this thing does not happen! (woman to two men, others present)
  12. POTO, AOM, Meg to Christine in the chapel. Ignorant fool... (man to woman)
  13. TUT, Abbey to Colin when she answers the door in the dress with Mike behind the door. What's wrong with comfort and efficiency? (woman to man) They had an interview every 15 minutes, just not sure if they did them all day.
  14. TUT, Abbey to Mike about how she happened to watch his show. It's the same, isn't it? (man to woman) I'm still exhausted from the trip I had to take yesterday to get to the job interview - getting up at 5am, one and a half hour on the train in one direction - and the actual interview didn't even last 10 min!
  15. TR2, Lara to Terry in his prison cell. Companion? (man to woman, other man present) I have a job interview in another town tomorrow, that means a veeery early start and coming home late. Don't wait for me to come on.
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