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  1. PSILY, Tom To Denise when they first meet. Life as we know it.(woman to man)
  2. TR2, Lara to Terry either on the ship in China or at the COL. Now, even the currents change. (man to woman) clue: Greece
  3. Attila, Attila to Aetius when they discuss the differences between romans and huns. Two of wood, two of bone. (boy to man, others present)
  4. Attila, Attila to the man who blamed his horse. btw rayna, you got my quote wrong. N'kara's saying it when Attila talks about conquering. He'll be out of them soon enough. (woman to woman) Very busy at present with month's end plus project deadlines.
  5. Attila, Livia to Aetius about Attila. Can't you postpone it? (woman to man)
  6. POTO, Firmin to Mme Giry and others when she tells him about the message from the opera ghost. Make your choice! (man to woman, other man present)
  7. TUT, Abbey to Colin in her hotel room. My cat stepped on the remote. (woman to man) Good news on the job front, work life has me back, got a 6 month contract.
  8. POTO, Carlotta to Christine on stage during Il Muto. Not like this! (woman to man, other man present)
  9. POTO, STYDI, the Phantom to Christine after she removes the mask. Raynas quote is Orestes to Attila, when he tells him the Roman ambassador is willing to pay him more gold the longer he makes him wait. You must stay here! (woman to woman, man and other people present)
  10. Attila, Aetius to Attila. Attack on my signal. (man to men)
  11. Attila, Honoria to her friend about Attila being out of his clothes. Was this in your visions? (man to woman)
  12. D2000, Mary to Dracula when she wraps the steel rope around his neck. You can't see me. (man to man, woman present) clue: two-way mirror
  13. D2000, Matthew to Dracula about Mary in the upstairs hallway of her house. God loves you anyway. (man to man) Internet connection was barely non-existent for a few days. Seems to be working again now.
  14. PSILY, Holly to Gerry before going on stage. Will you stop being so butch! (woman to woman, other woman present)
  15. Gerry. PSILY, Daniel to Holly at the stadium? You corrupted me with sex and charm, and the longer it takes you to make your fortune, the less sexy and charming you are. (woman to man)
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