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  1. Attila, Attila to one of his men about his horse. You were born yesterday in the steppes. (girl to boy) Only no's so far. Need to focus on looking for part-time jobs nearby, that limits the possibilities.
  2. POTO, Raoul to Christine in the chapel, when he's trying to persuade her to play her part in Don Juan to trap the phantom. And just because it's now stuck in my head: "Twisted every way..." (woman to man)
  3. POTO, Carlotta to Firmin and Andre just after they've been introduced as the new owners, shortly before TOM. In sleep he sang to me... (woman about man, man nearby)
  4. The interview went quite well, I had another yesterday, this one actually in my hometown, so it would be preferable. I have another coming up next week.
  5. D2000, Lucy to Dracula upstairs at the girls' house. The bitch is faking it! (woman to woman and man, man and other woman nearby) The funeral was tough, but at least the weather held out and it was good seeing everyone again. We sat together at dinner later, remembering grandma. That was especially interesting for the younger ones.
  6. 300, the dying girl to King Leo at the tree of the dead. I have others to replace him. (man to man, other men present)
  7. 300, Queen Giorgio to the old council man near the fountain. They look thirsty. (man to man, other men present)
  8. TR2, Terry on the phone in China. clues for my quote: said inside a cave and no, the man is not Terry. I think it hasn't been used in a long time.
  9. TR2, Lara to Shen Lo when she stabs his leg. It's impossible to reach. (woman to man) Got a load of her clothes from my parents today. Will be wearing some for my interview. Might be lucky. Have another interview on Monday.
  10. TR2, Lara to Terry on the boat in China as she leaves him handcuffed to the bed. Well, when you find two, let me know! (woman to two men) I'll definitely try to do both. The first job interview, in another town, is on Wednesday. The funeral is on Thursday. Better this way than the other way round. I'll probably be in a terrible mood after the funeral.
  11. Attila, Galen to N'Kara regarding Bleda intending to poison King Rua. That's what my dad said too. I guess I'll have to wait until I know when the funeral is. That's no choice of mine. (woman to woman)
  12. Attila, King Rua to young Attila. The horse shied. (man to man) I have two job interviews coming up - one next week, the one the week after and the funeral is probably going to be next week as well. I'm considering asking if I can postpone the interviews but on the other hand, the distraction might be good for me.
  13. Attila, Honoria to Attila about the bath water being hot Her sword was the bloodiest of all! (man to man, others present) My grandma died this morning. It hasn't really sunk in yet.
  14. Attila, Galen to Attila, when they first meet. Who's the outspoken one? (man to man, others present)
  15. TR2, Lara to the MI5 men regarding their version about the cradle of life. She went to play with the elephants! (girl to man, others present) Merry Christmas girls! Don't expect much online time from me over the next couple of days.
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