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  1. D2000, Dracula to Mary on the roof. ..., you idiot! (woman to man)
  2. Attila, Attila to his young wife about which of his sons he'd like to see. At least there'd be a Rome to do the laughing. (man to woman)
  3. Attila, Attila to Ildico about getting married. Wait. (man to man, others present) clue: knife
  4. PSILY, Gerry to Holly in a dream in her apartment, I think... I know what I want, cause I'm holding it in my hands. (man to woman)
  5. That comes from taking too much liberties with quoting. My guess is the correct quote is Even Larry said, "Take all the time you need." And I think that Sharon is saying that to Holly on her 30th birthday, when the gang invades her. Watch out for that signal, when life as you know it ends. (man to woman)
  6. PSILY, Tom to Denise, when she asks him where he has been all her life. By whom? The Leprechaun Union? (woman to man)
  7. TR2, Terry to Lara during the bike ride in China. I don't think so, ...! (man to man, woman present)
  8. TR2, Lara to Shen Long when she injures him with the knife. How is she? (man to man, woman and other men present) Working on my German manuscript for a change. It's not going half as smoothly as with the English one but every little helps.
  9. TR2, Lara to Terry after her jump and putting a tracer on the crate. Why doesn't she slow down? (man to man) Trying a different socket is among the basic troubleshooting steps. It's always good to remember it. Maybe there's just a loose contact or something like that wrong with the other socket.
  10. TR2, Lara to Terry when they are riding the bikes. Getting married... (woman to two men, other man present)
  11. POTO, Firmin to Andre but more to himself as Andre shows up after this Quote. Really, you were perfect! (woman to woman)
  12. POTO, Christine to Raoul on the roof of the opera house after AIAOY. You think so, Monsieur? (woman to man, others present) Missed checking in last night, was completely focused on proof-reading my manuscript, hoping to find some of the mistakes myself first.
  13. POTO, Raoul to Christine at the graveyard about the Phantom. One final question... (woman to man)
  14. NI, Nim to Galileo when he takes off with the tool belt. Drowsy? (woman to man)
  15. NI, Jack to Nim after getting the delivery from the supply ship. I want to stay. (girl to man) Writing it in English and thinking in English is way easier than translating it from German. Though this book is mainly written by the characters and I'm kind of just typing down what they are whispering into my ear. It's nothing like my other books, that's for sure.
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