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    One word. . . . .dork. Proud of it too! Aspiring Actress and history maker. . .Runner and work out aficionado. . .Obsessed with Writing. . . Addicted to singing. . .Love to smile. . .Shy yet kind and bold. . .open minded individual. . .Optimistic. . .READY TO SEE THE WORLD. . .PASSIONATE. . .My dreams have been launched of performing. . .let's see where they take me. There are no limits and no set boundaries. . .I am also a United States MARINE, going on three years and hoping to get mobilized this year. So there ya have it, a dorky Marine actress (in the works) who aspires to live and see the world!

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  1. Happy Birthday xx

  2. Hello California GALS! Some may know me but most may not since I have taken myself to only phantomely stalking the boards more than lately. So first of all if you're reading this, then THANK YOU! Lol, I know threads tend to get lost here on the board. I am an actress that an opportunity has just jumped excitedly on her lap like a playful puppy! It's a One to Two month acting seminar under William Wallace to work and study among many Hollywood directors/actors. I'm applying to it and since it's a very competitive program there are only 5 Texas Actors to be accepted into it. The only thing is it's in Los Angeles and I live in Texas. The program itself is a bit expensive around $1400. Sooooo, I am wondering if any of you Cali GALS would be willing to open your home to me. I would pay of course if needed and am a clean, quiet, modest GAL (for the most part ). I can tell y'all more about myself for those of you who don't know me and can even send some pictures. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and would love to have a GALfriend nearby to share the experience with. My email is dgcates@yahoo.com for anyone who wants to personally contact me. Much love Diana
  3. Rofl, I keep forgetting California is not like the midwest . Um I believe somewhere near Camp Pendleton which is about an hour from San Diego so it's definitely southern California. They said they'd be giving us a day of leave, so hopefully I can head up to San Francisco or Los Angeles . . . not really sure how far those are from Southern Cali. It'd be awesome to meet up and get away from the manliness for one day Di
  4. Never mind GALS, because of all the hiatus over in Libya they have moved up the date and it's right during the Vegas Fun! But there will be next year, and I am excited about maybe getting some overseas time under my belt. They're sending us to California to do some training up in the mountains just "in case" so I'll be somewhat close to y'all! . I wish y'all the craziest of wildest times , please have some gerritas for me please and hope to see everyone next year! Di
  5. I had way too much fun last year so I'm thinking about heading up to Vegas again to get some much needed R&R with the GALS before I have to go out on the 13th for 2 manly weeks in the field with a bunch of male Marines lol but it's an issue of money. If I can find someone to split a room with it might not be too bad. Any takers?
  6. I know I'm never on the boards but I still love my GALS and all the life lessons and naughty things I've learned here. And not to mention we've gotta keep the Gutter Hotel in opertion! It's important to keep our GALS up and running! It's not much but it's what I can afford on an actor's pay. I Love you all! Hugs and Kisses Di
  7. is living the actor's dream of freeing one's spirit out into the world!

  8. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! big hugs DI DI lol

  9. I'm at work right now, naughty Di I know but I just couldn't help myself. Of course I had to have it on mute, but boy oh boy it was worth watching without sound. I am one s-a-t-i-s-f-i-e-d wooman! Di
  10. Allright ladies, get the partay started! Can't wait to see everyone in a few days!! *hugs* Di
  11. EEE! EEE! EEE! I mean Me too!! Yum . . . hey Binks, the waiters there wouldn't happen to be asian would they?? lol Diana
  12. giggidy? Are we allowed to have seconds?
  13. I can't wait to meet you Snap!! Less than two weeks away, Eeeeee!!
  14. Awww, I can't wait to meet him, long hair or not he sounds like a totally sweet guy!
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