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  1. I think he looks his best in number 45. In the rest it seems to me that he had a kind of forced angry look on his face, which does not look natural on him, IMO.
  2. Thanks for sharing! WOW, a really nice article about Gerard and also kind towards his fans.
  3. That is not the way I understand it. In my opinion Gerard took a jab at the paparazzis, LOL.
  4. I like the way Gerard pronounces his name on this clip. It is such a beautiful name! He makes an excellent job in words "Gesetz der Rache".
  5. Thanks for the clip! That was very funny about the police and his new film, LOL.
  6. Gerard´s outfit looks a little bit odd for a host of a party, who is no more a teenager, in my opinion. The leather jacket looks soft and nice, but too small for him in his present shape (it cannot be zipped up). Otherwise he looks nice in the photos.
  7. I saw POTO on tv last January and became a fan especially because of the PONR scene. Afterwards I realized that I had already noticed Gerard in "The Jury". Although Gerard has done some movies, which I did not like very much, I was still able to admire his excellent performances in those movies. I saw TUT a couple of times and really loved also the movie. It is unfortunately still a long wait to get it as a DVD from Amazon UK (available in February). This moment I´m waiting for LAC to arrive in Finland and especially I have great hopes about Coriolanus. The latter sounds a wonderful role for him. I hope that after his all birthday celebrations and Christmas & New Year celebrations he will take time to start a diet a couple of months before the filming starts and do a lot of resting, to look his very best in that movie....
  8. There has been really nice photos from Oslo.... I like his suit! Gerard looks less tired than he did in photos from Germany.
  9. I´m disappointed that Gerard is not doing "Burns". Maybe the matter just got postponed for too many years? Actually I was getting the feeling that Gerard was starting to look a bit old to play the role of a person who died at 37 years old.
  10. That is an excellent result, almost the production budget reached! I wonder how much it will have to make to be seen as a commercial success for the producers?
  11. I´m very excited about the news, that Gerard is going to be in a movie together with Fiennes, both great actors. I´m not a really great Shakespeare enthusiast, but this sounds a very interesting project, if done well on all areas.
  12. Gerard was really great, such a wonderful host! So much to laugh, but I thought the funniest was "Daveheart".
  13. Wow, the show was sooo funny, especially that about the word "murdered". Singing was great!!!
  14. I came from "Phantom of the Opera" as it was shown on our TV in January 2009. Later I found out that I had actually noticed him favourably already in "The Jury".
  15. Well, now as I quoted the photo (apparently wrongly), it became in the quote clickable to me also... Cute!!!
  16. Was that link to some guidelines supposed to be clickable? In my computer (Windows XP) it isn´t....
  17. Well. I cannot see in the above tiny photo Gerry or Lolita.....? Has the photo been changed?
  18. Ridiculous article... It´s though true that Gerard has been on many magazine covers, which has been wonderful for us fans. And that writer should not blame Gerard´s agent for the movie choices, since it seems that Gerard himself is making those choices... Well, Gerard is noticed this year, and that should also be so... Who else is there? With such a talent and especially with his recent, really handsome looks from LAC premiere, WOW.
  19. Yes, that must be it, as now Gerard looked extremely handsome in many photos from the LAC premiere... What a great looking guy he is!!! Oh, and in Leno he looks great, too. He was a bit nervous before driving, also he is a human after all, LOL.
  20. I believe that very much depends on, how popular the movie will be. Just remembering how Tommy Lee Jones got an Oscar from "The Fugitive" for a performance that was very ordinary for him and Leonardo DiCaprio lost to him in spite of his really fantastic and demanding performance in "What´s Eating Gilbert Grape".
  21. Thanks for the link! It´s great to read such a very positive early review, WOW. I very much expect that Gerard´s movie will get lots of positive reviews after the audience premiere and that it will be a huge success.
  22. WOW, from lots of sources there has been so many great pictures of Gerard to be viewed. He looks handsome and also really happy.
  23. Gerard looks great and I love that type of shirt on him very much.
  24. I think that Gerard´s manly-looking shoulderbag looks very practical for a man of today to carry. It reminds me of the big light-brown shoulderbag, in which my father used to carry his camera-equipment as we were travelling.
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