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  1. Thanks for the clip and photos! Hope it can blow the negativity and endless argument away.
  2. Honestly, I don't think these Gerry's pics means anything to me. It just something that happen on that day in his (and some people's) life on that day. What make me feel really sad is that human are affected by the media so easily... It is so easy to affect people's feelings / mood / sense just by the words / the pictures /or even some videos that only cited some part of the interview. and... ... That's what the media / press want. Their report affect your impressions about something in some way. Isn't that the same media/press that make MJ like a weirdo? Isn't that the same media / press make you hate or like a person / a country / a culture? Isn't that the same media / press that politician use to play their game / try to affect election..etc...? sigh
  3. If the news didn't have such title and didn't put MJ's pics along with Gerry's photos, I doubt how many people will link Gerry's joke to MJ? and how many people will feel offensive only by Gerry's pics? How people can know what happened and then judge just by those photos?
  4. It's hilarious! Hope we will have the bonus on international TUT DVD, too
  5. What a great news! Hope the Box Office will be better and better!
  6. TUT top our box office again this weekend ( now it is at top for 3 weeks) glad it do well here
  7. That's great! Hope the twitter will bring more audience into theater. The audience response is really good. I read many good comments such as "Movie of the Year"... "A Must See"...etc... on twitter. People like it . Hope the Box Office will do well, too.
  8. If the critics rate movie and write reviews of movies as their job, their reviews should be rated by readers too. I don't think the critics are higher than anyone else. their reviews just a kind of opinion. The movies are made for audience not for pleasing critics.
  9. a little good news...( although, our movie market is small...) TUT (which was released on 10/2) top our Box Office AGAIN on the 2nd weekend and the review from the audience is good, too Gamer which is released this weekend (10/9) end up to 3rd at our Box Office ... but the review is half / half ...
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