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  1. Thanks for the clip and photos! Hope it can blow the negativity and endless argument away.
  2. Honestly, I don't think these Gerry's pics means anything to me. It just something that happen on that day in his (and some people's) life on that day. What make me feel really sad is that human are affected by the media so easily... It is so easy to affect people's feelings / mood / sense just by the words / the pictures /or even some videos that only cited some part of the interview. and... ... That's what the media / press want. Their report affect your impressions about something in some way. Isn't that the same media/press that make MJ like a weirdo? Isn't that the same media / press make you hate or like a person / a country / a culture? Isn't that the same media / press that politician use to play their game / try to affect election..etc...? sigh
  3. If the news didn't have such title and didn't put MJ's pics along with Gerry's photos, I doubt how many people will link Gerry's joke to MJ? and how many people will feel offensive only by Gerry's pics? How people can know what happened and then judge just by those photos?
  4. It's hilarious! Hope we will have the bonus on international TUT DVD, too
  5. What a great news! Hope the Box Office will be better and better!
  6. TUT top our box office again this weekend ( now it is at top for 3 weeks) glad it do well here
  7. That's great! Hope the twitter will bring more audience into theater. The audience response is really good. I read many good comments such as "Movie of the Year"... "A Must See"...etc... on twitter. People like it . Hope the Box Office will do well, too.
  8. If the critics rate movie and write reviews of movies as their job, their reviews should be rated by readers too. I don't think the critics are higher than anyone else. their reviews just a kind of opinion. The movies are made for audience not for pleasing critics.
  9. a little good news...( although, our movie market is small...) TUT (which was released on 10/2) top our Box Office AGAIN on the 2nd weekend and the review from the audience is good, too Gamer which is released this weekend (10/9) end up to 3rd at our Box Office ... but the review is half / half ...
  10. Does the movie's name change back to "The Bounty Hunter"?
  11. I really hope if this musical have chance turn into movie, we can have them back to screen once more...... I've seen Ramin Karimloo's performance in London last year, I know he is a good phantom. But... I can't control myself to imagine how Gerry will portray the role. The last part of POTO (where phantom holding the music box... )keeps on running in my head in these days...
  12. check out the loveneverdies.com http://www.loveneverdies.com/ ( there is a preview of the love never dies, too ) there is a press launch video and you can pre-order the album (which will be released in MArch, 2010)
  13. Interview of Gerry: http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/law-a...w-gerard-butler and, there are interviews of other cast and director Gary Gray http://www.traileraddict.com/tags/law-abiding-citizen and B-roll clips: (p.s. I don't know if there is any spoiler in the clips ... I don;t want to watch them before i watch the movie.. ) B roll I, II, III: http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/law-a...itizen/b-roll-i http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/law-a...tizen/b-roll-ii http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/law-a...izen/b-roll-iii
  14. He'll always be the Phantom in my heart, too... I watch POTO for the first time on a movie channel in March... then...watch it again and again in the next few weeks, try to buy all the DVD edition that I can find... I think I was in an obsession status during that period. ...
  15. It is sad that our HBO and Cinemax running the TMZ program. I have no idea how TMZ can be on the movie channel... sigh...
  16. another email from LoveNeverDies.com: (If it is not right place to post this, please help me to move it. ) Love Never Dies – an exclusive invitation As those who have been following the notes from The Phantom will be aware, on October 8th there will be a significant Love Never Dies announcement that fans of musical theatre will not want to miss… This will be a major theatrical event attended by the world’s press, with the opportunity to hear the first onstage performance of music from Love Never Dies, see the stars of the new show, and listen to an address from Andrew Lloyd Webber. Those in attendance will also be given an exclusive pack of information and Love Never Dies memorabilia. We are delighted to extend a very limited number of invitations to attend this global theatrical occasion to those of you who have expressed an interest in Love Never Dies. If you are able to attend this event in the West End of London on the morning of October 8th please follow this link: www.loveneverdies.com/invitation and submit the completed form for an opportunity to take part in West End theatre history. All completed entries will be entered in a draw and the winners will be selected and notified via email or phone on October 1st. Please ensure you have provided the correct contact details and that we will be able to reach you on that day, and that you can be in London from 10am onwards on October 8th. ------------------------------------ I'm expecting the sequel but also afraid of it will destroy my feeling for the original POTO... If the sequel is good, I hope it have chance turn into film. But I don't know will Gerry play phantom again on screen. I actually went to UK last year, watched the phantom that played by Ramin Karimloo. He is a good phantom. Before this, I have listened to the MC's album for years. But when I watched the POTO movie for the first time this year, I was totally moved by Gerry's phantom.
  17. He looks gorgeous! I like the Rosy's message for Gerry, too
  18. I can't wait anymore.. .. so went to watch the special screening today. ( The movie will release on 10/2 but has some special screening this weekend)... Finally, I saw the famous dance scene and elevator scene I'm glad people in the theater laughed through the movie. Although we have different culture, we understand the humor, too. And, when Mike got hurt, the theater was so silent, audience all concentrated. while Abbey open the door and it was Colin outside... and then Mike came... you could hear the sigh from audience And, when waiting in the hall, I sat in front of the big poster of Gamer with TUT poster on my left side Gamer will be out on 10/9... ... My favorite part... 2nd half of the movie... when Mike gets suffer, while Mike falls in love, and while both Abbey & Mike get struggle. Mike may talk in a rough way, but in the bottom of his heart he also want a companion...want to love and be loved. I really enjoy the movie and I like Mike. Gerry's performance is so naturally in the film. Hope I have chance to watch it again next weekend. But I'll be pretty busy in October..... I don't know if I'll have time for Gamer, either... But when LAC release in December, I think I'll run to the theater...
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