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  1. I'm afraid the link is not working. If you still the original text, maybe you can try translating in Google and then copy/paste the English text here? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys! I know some of you were lucky enough to attend a PFK pre-screeing in NYC and I was wondering if there is a thread about what you thought of the film. I couldn't find one. If there is, can someone post a link please? Thank you! Theresa
  3. Just wait. You'll see. He will. He always does. Love him absolutely, Sandy Yup, that's right, just you wait until he gets a haircut and a darker shade in his hair. :-) Theresa
  4. I have tickets in the lower tiers near the goal. I hope and pray he takes a corner from there lol. Knowing my luck he will be at the opposite end :0( Camera at the ready lol ;0) Knowing your luck, he will take a corner from your side and bend over to set the ball in place. Rumour has it that he has been doing squats and there is a nice "derriere" developing there. I am very happy to know that you have a great camera, LOL! Theresa
  5. It's not just you, I think he wasn't 100% into the interview as he usually is. Maybe he was getting bored with the same old questions. The pace of the interview was slow as well and I guess that didn't help. Remember, promotion of TBH in Germany was almost at the end of a long, tiresome roadshow for the promotion of the movie, so we can't really blame him. Theresa
  6. I love it when I discover yet another interview just when I think we've seen them all, don't you? This is a funny interview. Just watch how Gerry seems bored but then wakes up to defend himself when the interviewer says that the body in 300 was CGI: Theresa
  7. Ren, thank you so much for getting it for us! Theresa
  8. Jon, I am so sorry for this news. Life can be so cruel sometimes and it's painful because we cannot understand why these things have to happen. :-( All you can do is to be there for your friend. She will need a lot of support as time passes. Theresa
  9. So nice you all are. well, i must say i am not that gay-emancipated to talk about this in front of girls ;-) Still i am not fully out, still i struggle with my real -me, still i date girls. Its not an easy story. Anyway, it will come and i will tell you all. What got me was...well something feminine ( i know you may hate this) Gerry has. A butch man, yet looking/acting kinda soft too and has no fear with this. Something i can look up to. He is a real man, but also a big lost boy and also acting 'butch' but inside maybe he is as most unsecure men - softer. I love this. My role model to be the person you are. I am not sure if you can unerstand this ;-) Anyway, the film that got me was, of course, 300. But not cos he ran around hlf naked ectr. Just becuase its a film most man liked. Its cool, action and all this. Then i found out more from him and saw that silly person he sometimes is in interviews ectr. He looked so diff. than he was in the film. I fell in love with the picture, the way he laughs, thisbeer drinking pup image, the fun he has , the unmatureness, ectr. Like i am. One day, well...it hit me. i am truly desperatly in love with this man. Its not good and i thought i am over this with 28 now. But....sht, i dream each night and day, imagine storys with him and me...bla bla bla...as much as you all do. Now, i just moved into his apartment ;-) So, please leave me alone with gerry.hahhahaha well, i am happy i can talk with others about this. yet, it feels not easy for me. I feel ushamed. and as i said....i am not strong enough yet to cope with my sexuality. Jon, rest assured, you are no different than the rest of us. What you described is exactly how most of us feel and the effect Gerry had on us when we first discovered him. He has a universal effect. So don't be shy with your feelings, you are in a safe place where we all feel the same so we understand you. :-) I like what you said about Gerry's feminine side. I have thought of that myself too. I think he has said in a couple of interviews that he does embrace his feminine side and that was a difficult thing for him because he grew up in Scotland and that was not acceptable for men to do. He even has no problem crying in front of people. What's amazing about Gerry is that although he has embraced his feminine side, everything about him still remains very masculine and he is a guy's guy, he likes his football, a lot of the times he looks messy, etc. LOL! Theresa
  10. For those of your wondering what they were planning to do with the floor upstairs, the designer's site had some sketches about the new bedroom and the garden they were planning. You can still see them on the Russian site, just scroll down quite a bit: http://gbutler.ru/photos/architectual-digest-may-1-2010/ In an interview with Scott Mills in 2010 Gerry said that he had just got himself a garden, so maybe they have proceeded with these plans. Theresa
  11. Great perpsective, Karin, I couldn't agree more. His education and family background are key factors to him keeping his sanity. Also the fact that he came into this business and fame relatively late in his life when he was older and wiser. It's good that he had a life before. Theresa
  12. When you hear about people like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson or even Elvis many years ago dying before their time because they couldn't really handle their fame and what goes with it, it kind of makes you thankful in a weird way that Gerry faced most of his demons before he became famous. He was mature enough and smart enough to find a healthy channel for whatever he was feeling. I pray it stays that way. The good thing is that he seems to grasp how lucky he is and how good he has it now and doesn't seem like he would jeopardise that. Theresa
  13. Apaprently there is more from that interview: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/02/gerard-butler-alcohol-boozing-sober Gerard Butler has certainly come a long way since hitting bottom and giving up booze! The Scottish actor, whose blackout drinking destroyed his career ambitions to become a lawyer in his twenties, explains why he quit drinking and how he got his life back together just in time to become an internationally known actor in an extensive new interview. “I had gone from a 16-year-old who couldn’t wait to grasp life to a 22-year-old who didn’t care if he died in his sleep,” the actor revealed to Chris Sullivan of The Red Bulletin about his heavy drinking. Butler, who was working as a trainee at an Edinburgh law firm during the time, explains that his drinking got him fired from the job. PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Have Been To Rehab “I used to drink until I couldn’t remember anything. I was just mad for it and on a death wish. It was madness.” Unemployed, Butler, who had no acting training, quit drinking and moved to London where he reunited with an old girlfriend who was a casting director. She scored him his first role in a play at the age of 27, and his career took off from there. “One or two drinks was never enough for me. I was a foot-on-the-floor-all-the-way drinker, so it had to go. I don’t miss it. Now it’s as if I never had a drink in my life. At one point, I could never have conceived going out and not drinking but, as time goes on, you lose the urge and the insecurity that often makes people drink in the first place.” Butler, who has been romantically linked to a bevy of beauties including Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Greene and Brandi Glanville, played coy when asked about his bachelor reputation. “I am a single successful Scottish actor in a city full of beautiful women, and I will admit to having the time of my life.” “I’m very well behaved these days as a lot of the naughty stuff was when I was drinking.” I wish someone could find the magazine and tell us what else we are missing. Theresa
  14. Welcome, Jon, it's great to have one more guy here. I am sure we have more but not many of them post. As Lisa said, maybe if you post often enough, other guys will be encouraged to join you. You will have a lot of fun in the fandom and here too, no need to be shy. Do tell us, how did you find and fall for Gerry? We love to hear those stories. :-) Theresa
  15. Those new screencaps are just amazingly breathtaking Barb. Thank you so much! Theresa
  16. Frisby, what an amazing find! WOW! Definitely looks like our boy, sorry, man! Thank you, Sherlock! Theresa
  17. Love the screencaps, thanks Barb! I know a lot of you guys don't agree, but I cannot wait for G to get a haircut, he's so manlier with the short hair. Theresa
  18. Thank you Gals for the wonderful screencaps you posted from this interview! Love them! Theresa
  19. I didn't hear anything about 300 sequel. Did anyone else? Maybe they edited the video? Theresa
  20. For those of you outside the UK that cannot play the Lorraine Kelly interview, you can watch it here: frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Theresa
  21. I just remembered another funny story that was left out. They were talking about the paps and he said that there was this one in NYC who was waiting to catch him eating. Gerry admitted that he is not the best of eaters or something to that effect, jokingly of course. Everytime Gerry picked up his fork to bring it to his mouth, the guy would lift up his lens. Gerry would stop midway and the guy would bring down his lens. Whenever a lorry drove by, Gerry would try and get as much food in as possible so the guy would miss him. This went on for about an hour. It was really funny because Gerry, being Gerry, was acting out the whole thing and it was hilarious to see how he was showing how fast he was chewing when the lorry was driving by. Theresa
  22. Finished watching the show a little while ago. It seemed so much shorter. Here are some bits that I noticed were left out. There must have been more, I will post as they come to me. 1. They only show Gerry telling the story about his sister's wedding where he was commando and exposed to the audience and he thought his Mum was telling him to pray whereas she was signaling him to close his legs. He also told the story about his brother's wedding with a few more details. Apparently he was very very nervous because he had to make a speech and he went to the toiler and sat in a cubicle to relax. As he was sitting on the toilet part of the kilt got in the water and got all wet so he proceeded to try and dry it by lifting it up under the hand dryer. It was a funny sight when people walked in. 2. He gave some more details about his accident. Apparently there was a jet ski rescuer who tried to go in and get him and Gerry saw him approach and thought he would be saved but more waves were coming in so he had to leave and poor Gerry was left there having to deal with 4-5 more waves before he could be rescued. It was heart breaking to hear him tell the details of how he was in the water and he saw this guy turn back and leaving him behind and more waves hitting him. He also said that in the film he talks to his protege about this kind of dangerous things that can go wrong in Mavericks, like being held down by two waves etc. He talked about certain areas in that particular area of the coast where you don't want to be caught under the waves and gave some details I cannot recall. Apparently these are the things you do not want to happen to you at Mavericks and he talks about all this in the film and then it actually happened to him. He said that one of the reasons he decided to make the film was because he was flying the helicopter and he kept seeing the waves in Malibu and the surfers and was fascinated. He will continue surfing but obviously in safer waters. He mentioned that the filming is not done yet and he is going back but production and insurance won't let him go back in the water to surf (in the current weather conditions I would imagine). He said he was hoping to leave on Friday to catch the waves in Mavericks but did not sound hopeful that he would make it. Here are some of the things he said and were left out of the final cut: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20559238,00.html Butler, 42, says he wanted to get right back into the water after his near-death experience when he was pulled underwater and dragged over a reef in Northern California last month while filming the surf movie Of Men and Mavericks. "I was going to go back that day," the 300 star said on the U.K.'s The Graham Norton Show. "I was actually in the ambulance and wanted to go back, which was a little crazy, but it’s pretty addictive." Instead, Butler was taken to Stanford Medical Center, where he was evaluated and released. Speaking about the incident, Butler tells Norton: "This was maybe one of the few times that the reports were not exaggerated. It was a pretty close call. ... [The waves] just took me and I couldn't get up. It was pretty hairy." But if there's a silver lining to the incident, it's that it helped Butler get into his character, surf enthusiast Rick "Frosty" Hesson. "In the movie, I put in a scene about a 'two wave hold down,' when you are down for so long that the next wave comes over before you get back up, and that's what happened to me," he said. "They finally grabbed me just as another huge wave was coming in. It was just like a movie! In fact, everything I talked about happening in the movie happened to me." 3. When they showed the Hawaii photo he got this terrified look in his face because he thought that the Barbados photos were coming up. He seemed to really feel bad about those. He mentioned to Graham that he was relieved that he didn't show those photos and talked about how awful they were and how he felt he had to do something and I shouted that they were lovely. He didn't hear it at first and asked me what I had said and I repeated it in what probably sounded to him as a very English accent (too girly). So he assumed a girly, English tone and he said "lovely" very jokingly, mimicking my voice. They weren't "lovely", they were horrible. He had the cutest face, I wish they would have left it in. 4. At one point Martin Freeman said the f word. This is in the final cut. What you don't see is how Gerry reacted. He said, Can we say F... on the show? I thought we couldn't do this! And then he and Freeman went on to make some jokes about it including a lot of f words. LOL! 5. I don't remember how but the story of him meeting Madonna on the set of RnR and Madonna trying to give him a B12 injection was brought up. He gives a detailed re-enactments which was hilarious. At the end of the interview, when he hears that Madonna will be on the show next week, he is so impressed, he opens his eyes wide, he goes, Really? No s**t! I guess he would have liked to have been invited back next week. LOL! 6. He talked about when he was younger and used to drink with his mates at the Law Society, they would buy some sort of cheap wine and drink it and then smash the glasses on their heads. He said there was a special way to do it so that the glass would break but you wouldn't be hurt. Still at one time he was so drunk he got it all wrong and cut his nose and there was blood all over but still he hadn't realised he was hurt and bleeding and was trying to impress a girl. He did a funny re-enactment. Then he pointed out that he is sober and the only one drinking water whereas the others were drinking beer and people should not try at home what he had just described. What I also wanted to point out is the impression he made on me when the camera was not on him and other people were talking. All of a sudden he would become very serious and focused, he would often look down and you could tell his mind was racing. One might think that he wasn't listening but you could tell he was and also thinking about probably a thousand other things and he also jumped at any opportunity if he felt there was a comment to be made. At one point he had streched his right leg and kept rotating his right foot and looking at it. It was very endearing. I don't think you can see it in the final cut of the show, but if you were there at the recording it was very obvious that he monopolised the conversation because he had so many interesting things to say. His charisma was very apparent. I will revert if I remember something more that did not make it to the final cut. I wish there was a DVD of it with the extras. :-) Theresa
  23. Tonight I was lucky enough to attend the recording of the Graham Norton Show. Gerry came right after the red carpet event for the special screening of the film. He was wearing the same clothes but let me just say that the photos I have seen so far from the screening do not do justice to the real thing. Both his clothes and himself looked 100 times better. In fact Gerry looked better tonight than he has in many months. I dare say even better than in Toronto. He has put on a little weight in all the right places and the fresh sea air has done wonders for him. He was beaming with health and for those who missed the thighs let me just say, the thighs are back! The hair is still long but the beard was under control. He said he is still not done with Mavericks so I guess those who love the current hair will enjoy them for a while longer. Those of us who prefer him with shorter hair, hope is not lost, we just have to wait for his current filming to end. I don't want to give too much away until people have had a chance to watch it on TV or the internet (on Friday in the UK and Saturday in the US). The filmimg lasted for a full two hours so unfortunately this means that some stuff will not make it to the actual show, we'll see. Once we have seen the show, I will feel you in on the bits that didn't make it. He talks in detail about the surfing accident. It was as bad as we thought it was and the papers made it to be. He actually becomes emotional while talking about it. It was a close call and we have to thank God for getting him out of this hairy situation. He said he was hoping to be back tomorrow to catch the really big waves. Of course they are not allowing him to go back there but I guess he wants to at least see those Mavericks! It wasn't clear if he would actually manage to leave tomorrow though. He discusses kilts, mentions the incidents from his sister's and brother's wedding and forgets that he actually premiered LAC in Glasgow in a kilt. Good thing Moira and I reminded him. It was hilarious, I hope it makes it to the final show. There was talk about his body and Gerry thought Graham would show the Barbados photos. He doesn't but Gerry really seemed terrified of them, I got the impression that they seriously bothered him, silly man. I shouted that those photos were lovely and he made fun of my (sort of) English accent. If it doesn't make it to the final cut, I will give you a description. They asked him about the convention and he seemed a little embarrassed to talk about it in the sense that he is too humble to deal with a convention in his name. Moira was asked about it and she handled it lovely. Moira was the other star of the show, I hope we get to see her bits, I will report more if we don't but I don't want to spoil it right now. All I can say is that Gerry compained because Moira doesn't send him postcards! :-) They did remember to ask him about Coriolanus, not as much as they should have, but still they were encouraging about people going to see it. The only sad bit was that Gerry did not sing with Noel Gallagher alhtough Graham and Gerry mentioned that Gerry loves Wonderwall and sang it at his birthday party. There was talk about when he was drinking and smashing wine glasses on his head and trying to impress the ladies. Having said all these anecdotes, he really wanted to stress that these days are in the past and underlined the fact that he was drinking water when everyone else there (the other guests) were drinling beer. The cutest thing was when Gerry was not answering questions. He was adorable like during the Howard Stern interview. A big, adorable boy, fidgeting and rotating his foot and that sort of stuff. Still, he is multitasked and was paying attention to what the others were saying and had a few funny comments here and there. I will write more once we know what made it to the final show. Theresa
  24. I think this is an interview we have not seen before but I could be wrong: http://www.bbcamerica.com/the-graham-norton-show/videos/anglophenia-gerard-butler-talks-machine-gun-preacher/ This is a link for those outside the US who cannot see the video in the original link: Theresa
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