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  1. I'm afraid the link is not working. If you still the original text, maybe you can try translating in Google and then copy/paste the English text here? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys! I know some of you were lucky enough to attend a PFK pre-screeing in NYC and I was wondering if there is a thread about what you thought of the film. I couldn't find one. If there is, can someone post a link please? Thank you! Theresa
  3. Just wait. You'll see. He will. He always does. Love him absolutely, Sandy Yup, that's right, just you wait until he gets a haircut and a darker shade in his hair. :-) Theresa
  4. I have tickets in the lower tiers near the goal. I hope and pray he takes a corner from there lol. Knowing my luck he will be at the opposite end :0( Camera at the ready lol ;0) Knowing your luck, he will take a corner from your side and bend over to set the ball in place. Rumour has it that he has been doing squats and there is a nice "derriere" developing there. I am very happy to know that you have a great camera, LOL! Theresa
  5. It's not just you, I think he wasn't 100% into the interview as he usually is. Maybe he was getting bored with the same old questions. The pace of the interview was slow as well and I guess that didn't help. Remember, promotion of TBH in Germany was almost at the end of a long, tiresome roadshow for the promotion of the movie, so we can't really blame him. Theresa
  6. I love it when I discover yet another interview just when I think we've seen them all, don't you? This is a funny interview. Just watch how Gerry seems bored but then wakes up to defend himself when the interviewer says that the body in 300 was CGI: Theresa
  7. Ren, thank you so much for getting it for us! Theresa
  8. Jon, I am so sorry for this news. Life can be so cruel sometimes and it's painful because we cannot understand why these things have to happen. :-( All you can do is to be there for your friend. She will need a lot of support as time passes. Theresa
  9. So nice you all are. well, i must say i am not that gay-emancipated to talk about this in front of girls ;-) Still i am not fully out, still i struggle with my real -me, still i date girls. Its not an easy story. Anyway, it will come and i will tell you all. What got me was...well something feminine ( i know you may hate this) Gerry has. A butch man, yet looking/acting kinda soft too and has no fear with this. Something i can look up to. He is a real man, but also a big lost boy and also acting 'butch' but inside maybe he is as most unsecure men - softer. I love this. My role model to be
  10. For those of your wondering what they were planning to do with the floor upstairs, the designer's site had some sketches about the new bedroom and the garden they were planning. You can still see them on the Russian site, just scroll down quite a bit: http://gbutler.ru/photos/architectual-digest-may-1-2010/ In an interview with Scott Mills in 2010 Gerry said that he had just got himself a garden, so maybe they have proceeded with these plans. Theresa
  11. Great perpsective, Karin, I couldn't agree more. His education and family background are key factors to him keeping his sanity. Also the fact that he came into this business and fame relatively late in his life when he was older and wiser. It's good that he had a life before. Theresa
  12. When you hear about people like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson or even Elvis many years ago dying before their time because they couldn't really handle their fame and what goes with it, it kind of makes you thankful in a weird way that Gerry faced most of his demons before he became famous. He was mature enough and smart enough to find a healthy channel for whatever he was feeling. I pray it stays that way. The good thing is that he seems to grasp how lucky he is and how good he has it now and doesn't seem like he would jeopardise that. Theresa
  13. Apaprently there is more from that interview: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/02/gerard-butler-alcohol-boozing-sober Gerard Butler has certainly come a long way since hitting bottom and giving up booze! The Scottish actor, whose blackout drinking destroyed his career ambitions to become a lawyer in his twenties, explains why he quit drinking and how he got his life back together just in time to become an internationally known actor in an extensive new interview. “I had gone from a 16-year-old who couldn’t wait to grasp life to a 22-year-old who didn’t care if he died in his
  14. Welcome, Jon, it's great to have one more guy here. I am sure we have more but not many of them post. As Lisa said, maybe if you post often enough, other guys will be encouraged to join you. You will have a lot of fun in the fandom and here too, no need to be shy. Do tell us, how did you find and fall for Gerry? We love to hear those stories. :-) Theresa
  15. Those new screencaps are just amazingly breathtaking Barb. Thank you so much! Theresa
  16. Frisby, what an amazing find! WOW! Definitely looks like our boy, sorry, man! Thank you, Sherlock! Theresa
  17. Love the screencaps, thanks Barb! I know a lot of you guys don't agree, but I cannot wait for G to get a haircut, he's so manlier with the short hair. Theresa
  18. Thank you Gals for the wonderful screencaps you posted from this interview! Love them! Theresa
  19. I didn't hear anything about 300 sequel. Did anyone else? Maybe they edited the video? Theresa
  20. For those of you outside the UK that cannot play the Lorraine Kelly interview, you can watch it here: frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Theresa
  21. I just remembered another funny story that was left out. They were talking about the paps and he said that there was this one in NYC who was waiting to catch him eating. Gerry admitted that he is not the best of eaters or something to that effect, jokingly of course. Everytime Gerry picked up his fork to bring it to his mouth, the guy would lift up his lens. Gerry would stop midway and the guy would bring down his lens. Whenever a lorry drove by, Gerry would try and get as much food in as possible so the guy would miss him. This went on for about an hour. It was really funny because Gerry, bei
  22. Finished watching the show a little while ago. It seemed so much shorter. Here are some bits that I noticed were left out. There must have been more, I will post as they come to me. 1. They only show Gerry telling the story about his sister's wedding where he was commando and exposed to the audience and he thought his Mum was telling him to pray whereas she was signaling him to close his legs. He also told the story about his brother's wedding with a few more details. Apparently he was very very nervous because he had to make a speech and he went to the toiler and sat in a cubicle to relax.
  23. Tonight I was lucky enough to attend the recording of the Graham Norton Show. Gerry came right after the red carpet event for the special screening of the film. He was wearing the same clothes but let me just say that the photos I have seen so far from the screening do not do justice to the real thing. Both his clothes and himself looked 100 times better. In fact Gerry looked better tonight than he has in many months. I dare say even better than in Toronto. He has put on a little weight in all the right places and the fresh sea air has done wonders for him. He was beaming with health and for
  24. I think this is an interview we have not seen before but I could be wrong: http://www.bbcamerica.com/the-graham-norton-show/videos/anglophenia-gerard-butler-talks-machine-gun-preacher/ This is a link for those outside the US who cannot see the video in the original link: Theresa
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