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  1. I don't really care what he portrays: dracula, gay, lover, killer, phantom, chauvinist quiet, he's no. 1 to me.
  2. My friend marit IM me and said Gerry is coming to Norway for LAC premier on Nov. 4. Blessed woman! I wished I was in her place. she's finally gonna see him in person.
  3. Oh, can someone send that link to me via pm, too? I'm not a minor, I'm over 40 yrs old. I'm just curious. Thanks!
  4. That Alexa Chung interview was hilarious. Gerry looks good and I don't blame him having a "threesome". It took a while for me to let it sink, because I wasn't sure what a "threesome" means. Okay, I'm so naive, I went to look in Thesaurus dictionary, it says "three people involved in sexual activities". Is this too strong to post? Gerry is the sex symbol of this generation at least he's honest about it. Other types of threesome are like golf, etc. I also like Alexa Chung. I think she has a great accent and she kinda looks like Keira Knightly. Don't you think so? I'm surprised she's not Chinese. Thanks for the video!
  5. *took the link out*, Oh shucks! I didn't get to listen to it.
  6. My family was impressed too. It's just another proof why I'm so crazy about Gerard Butler. My brother-in-law was so funny, in the trailer he thought Clyde has some supernatural power, but in the movie, he found out that he's just a genius killer. ha ha. and by the way, I love seeing Gerry's butt again. Gerry said it's becoming a habit that it seems like every film that he makes he gotta show his *you know what*. That's fine with me..
  7. Hi Swannie, Sorry to hear about your prob. Remember this: your victory cannot come without a battle, it's always the fiercest just before the conquest. You're almost there, so don't give up you may be minutes from your miracle Anyway, let's shift to another gear. I didn't see the whole Saturday Night Live. I've only seen bits and pieces. Is there anyway I can purchase the whole show? Where and when? I AM DESPERATE! I loved it when he sang, "Music of the Night" even when he did it just for fun. MoniqueD
  8. I saw it on the first day with my sister and her husband. The place was packed and several military men were standing in line. The one sitting next to me says, " wow, I've got to see this again!" GERRY, YOU'RE AWESOME!!
  9. Hello, everyone! I haven't been around because of school, work and my daughter. I had to request a new password to be able to login. How terrible can that be? Specially LAC is out, shame on me! Paisley--i love your siggy and avatar. this is the part when they showed his leonidas butt. love it! Frannie--i want a new one!
  10. Shakira, she dance weird and naughty. Gerry looks so yummy!
  11. Awesome! there's more clips on the right column. checked out the 7/25/09. thanks, alex
  12. I saw it today with my friend and I enjoyed it so much that I am going to see it again. I found myself laughing at every jokes that he throws in even if the others are funnier. Just to hear the way he says them thrills me to the bone. The audience was awesome and the theatre was full! I heard women gushing over gerry and I hear myself laughing sort of loud. I also love their dancing scene.
  13. poor gerry, can't get away from the paparazzi. that's because he's so damn nice and he really accommodates everybody!
  14. I thought that "gift bag" was a brilliant idea for a bridal shower parties, as a give away gift. Are they gonna promote that on ebay? I'd like to buy one. Thanks for the video...really love it!
  15. I should send him some Hawaiian sweet bread, it's fat free and not high in cholesterol.
  16. That pic is my new wallpaper on my laptop! Couldn't resist it!
  17. I just saw TheSecret trailer and it was mind blowing. Gerry has good taste in everything.
  18. I don't know why they had to go across the street. I think it's still too close that if the bomb explodes they will get hurt, they should go at least a block away. Just my opinion.
  19. I'm ordering a bag and I'm paying through paypal. Just check later. Thanks! How long does it take to mail from there to Hawaii? Just out of curiosity
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