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    sunshine, laughter, reading, movies, visits down in south LA with my sissy, Gerry(OBVIOUSLY), learning, cats, music(ALL KINDS) and my family!

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  1. OMG!!!!! i just read this post!!! Gerry in Shreveport!!! I live about 45 minutes away!!!! i will scour the WHOLE city if i have to!!!! anybody got any idea on specifics about where in s'port they might be filming?? oh wow!!!! i've got to get busy on the net and get some info!!! if i'm lucky enough to actually find out anything and maybe (crosses fingers) get a photo or something of him/with him i PROMISE i will share with you all!!!!
  2. HIII!!! been a looong while since i visited (promise i won't do it again). HTTYD 2! awesome! the first was terrific!!!! i could listen to Gerry's voice all day long. and i agree, a sequel to Phantom would be out of this world!!
  3. yeah, that was called the "Tommyknockers" and i think it had Jimmy Smit (spelling?) in it too. and you're right. it was awesome. like most of you gals, i've been a King fan for YEARS. read my first @ about 11. haven't missed a book or movie of Kings since. and yeah, stevie know REAL talent when he sees it. way to go Gerry! Happy New Year Gals!!
  4. hey! ya know the accent doesn't really mean anything and i think anyone who lives in a place where the accent is different from thier own, they're bound to pick it up. my sis i are from North Louisiana - she went and married a cajun and now lives in South LA. guess what? she's developing a cajun accent that i love to tease her about. course all this does knida strike me as funny. here we are joking about Gerry and Sheena "losing" their scottish accent b/c they here in the us and yet we americans booed and aggravated madonna b/c she lived in england w/a british hubby and picked up a tru
  5. half the guys on the list are still wet behind the ears. i though they said MEN!!!!! we all know who the handsomest real MAN is! course, i agree w/others. it was just ranked by the surge of movies these guys have coming out. and for me, ANY reason to ogle Gerry is enough! tee hee!
  6. gerry comes through with that wonderful humor and love of life like always! wish he'd look at me like that! lmao!
  7. Hi, guys! Haven't posted in a week or so. Gerry looks great (as usual)! Glad he's back. OH! Have i ever mentioned that the P.E. coach at my kids school (where i also work as a sub) could EASILY be damn near a twin for Gerry???? Only difference is Cleve had blue eyes. He even has some of Gerry's mannerisms. Am I lucky or what? Tee Hee! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!!
  8. hi everyone! i'm a newbie and am just now getting around to exploring some of the posts. the pics back at the start of this thread - OMG! my own hubby is irish but i doubt he could pull off the kilt thing like gerry! (just kidding babe!) just wanted to say hi! cheers! marie
  9. OMG! thanks for the links - i followed the one the gamer site for the trailer. the feed was jumpy but - man! this one will prove to be the best action film of the summer! gerry is even sexy when he's filthy! tee hee!
  10. Happy Birthday! Hugs, Marie

  11. Happy Birthday!


  12. Hppy Birthday! Hugs, Marie

  13. Happy Birthday! just wanted to say hi and i hope you have an excellent day!

  14. hey, exactly where in texas are you? i live about 40 miles south of shreveport - about 12 miles south of mansfield really in a community just outside of pelican, la.

  15. Enjoyed reading about you. You may be my neighbor, as I, though I live in Texas, am only 60 miles west of Shreveport! Also, I just traded off my big red Ford F-150 for a Fusion - much better gas mileage.



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