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  1. I like the scruffy look I have always figured if God meant men to be clean shaven he wouldn't have given them beards--can't say I have ever seen GB with a real beard--always movie beards so I went with scruff Whoops that looks like the real thing and I do like it
  2. Thanks that's one of the best vids of him I have seen in a long time--can't comment on SH didn't see it--but glad he made LAC it's my kind of movie--he's so great when he's just himself
  3. Hi Tracie I'm Neofyght--was around for a while than lost contact till just recently so am trying to catch up looking forward to seeing Gerry in his new movies this year. Also been voting on Hello Mags site as often as I can.
  4. He looked great and I like when he lets the grey in his beard and hair lone it seems to bring the wonderful blue in his eyes out--I like the little scruffy look also--and I think Jen and him make a really good looking couple--whether they really are or not--her dress was very sexy.
  5. Thank you Blue Jean--somehow I lost this site and have just recently found it again--didn't think I'd go see Dragon but have seen some interviews and heard good things so guess I will--will get to hear that lovely brogue of his and Craig Ferguson
  6. Susan glad to hear you found a place it sounds nice--hope the move goes well--the social workers here were very helpful so if you haven't talked to them --you might want to make contact. I would like to know what is going on with our guy--I saw those pics of him in the sexy pink swim suit and he had gained some weight--now just a few days later he looks all buff--no way he could be sucking it in that well--he has to breath sometime and tee shirt and jeans won't cover up that much--how's he doing it ?? :pant:
  7. Susan I was dealing with sick parents for 2 yrs--nursing homes and hospital and home care--my Mom died on 3/18 in a nursing home she was 83. My Dad had also been in and out of the hospital and had open heart surgery on 3/9--he was in a nursing home for rehab when my Mom passed but we were able to take him to see her and he was able to go to her funeral--he doesn't really remember much. Anyway he's doing real well now and is home and even driving some. Hope your Mom gets along ok--my thoughts and prayers will be with you. I am waiting for Avatar to come to our IMAX it looks fantastic--wish our IMAX would have showed 300 but it's connected with the local museum and won't show R rated movies--still cold here but is supposed to warm up later this week. My son and his wife left for Mexico today hope the weather there is nice--Good luck on finding a nice place for your Mother.
  8. Yep the deep freeze is in Iowa also plus snow last night -10 around 2am when I went to bed, snow is level w/my deck and windy also--supposed to warm up to low 30's by mid week and then drop again--I have spent the last 2 days setting up 4 new cell phones for my family--still don't have ringtone on mind right but gave up till Monday--Gerry's looking good in those pic's--really anxious for the new movie just a couple more months.
  9. Hi Neofyght here --Lost site after vacation but I'm back now and will be around--snow--snow --snow everywhere. Good to see all the new siggies and pics. Hope everyone had a great Holiday season and looking forward to more of Gerry :yay:
  10. And a whole lot more fun and interesting than botox
  11. Thanks for the pics what a gorgeous man
  12. I thought the interview was typical Gerry--he could of been a little nicer about the whole Lolita thing but I felt it was just being As to Lolita I always figured he got a small dog so it would be easier to travel with and care for I have a large dog and when I travel I have to go by car and fine lodging where they'll let me take him--so I figured it was a smart move on his part :penguin:
  13. Thanks for the great interview--Gerry's versatility is one of his best assets -he can go from one role to another and not even look like the same person--he seems to become the character he's playing--and oh doesn't he look good on the red carpet playing himself--
  14. Question could a little flingypoo with Gerry take a few years off the Comparing GB to Brad is unfair to Brad--he was quite the hunk when he was younger but isn't aging all that well--maybe it's the company he's been keeping On the other hand Gerry just keeps getting better--I think he's one of those men that will age very well--so far that's been the case
  15. Yes Katie your siggie is great--I also don't do the tabloids haven't bought one in years just look @ the covers while waiting to check out--would like to see GB and Jen do the red carpet together just to watch how the tabloids would go crazy--the fact that he's able to keep his private life out of the news is one of my favorite things about him--of course there are many favorite things when it comes to
  16. I think they should milk it for all the publicity they can get--He is soooo much hotter than Brad and Jolie and Gerry co-starred in that Tombraider film--just think it would be funny--and Gerry and Jen look so good together--I think they are both pretty savy about the press and can handle it just fine--would be nice to see them together on the red carpet
  17. They do look good together the pics of them in that blue car were great--papps always link up co-stars so I don't believe them.
  18. I didn't read the article but was just observing some recent photo's that kinda concerned me--I too have been affected by achohol abuse my ex-husband is one(that's why he's ex) I prefer too believe that Gerry is not drinking and like the previous post need more proof than a mag or pic that maybe isn't real good--although with him it's hard to take a not so good pic becuz he's so easy on the eyes.
  19. Sorry about the double post just want to add that he's one of those men that just keeps getting better looking as he gets older--some are really Hot when their in their 20's and 30' s then go down hill--Not our Gerard he just gets Hotter and Hotter
  20. I don't read much press just look at the pictures but I am alittle worried about his drinking--really hope he hasn't started again--but he goes to all these clubs and it seems some of the more recent photo's of him his face looks kinda bloated and bags under his eyes--maybe it's just bad angles and God only know that with all the work he does he may just be tired. Drinking could ruin what is turning into a very wonderful career and he has worked hard to get to this point. I think he can be one of the best actors of all time right up there with Newman, Eastwood and others that have lasted. I wish him nothing but good things
  21. Oh I hope he gets exciled he is more than welcome to come to my place :swoon:
  22. Thanks for the heads up finally a mag that's getting it right
  23. Hi angels I found out about this thread from Blue Jean--I was only around Angels for a short time and then gone --with no computer for 3 months & when I got back the Angel site was done for--glad to meet back up with you--my angel name was Neofyght Angel :cloud9:
  24. Glad everyone had a good time --I am in Iowa and last week it was in the 90's and so humid you couldn't stand it but Sunday the heat broke and now it's in the 60's and going to drop into the 50's tonight--not normal for July in Iowa--but I'll take it--sitting at my computer with a jacket on :penguin: not suppose to warm up till Sunday-- :woohoo:
  25. If there's one thing our Gerry likes it's showing off his arse & such a nice arse I must say
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