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  1. One of those all day suckers that's nice and sticky and you can't seem to ever finish it
  2. A Towel Torn blue jean shorts, beard and longish hair Then again why go overboard--nothing at all would be best :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  4. Wow I am sure glad I didn't waste $$ on that issue--I wouldn't of even recognized GB--People should issue an apology for publishing that I got Gerry the 2nd movie I saw which was POTO--I had seen him in Mrs Brown put didn't really even notice him--but after POTO I left the theater saying who is this Gerard Butler and have had GALS ever since--can't get enuf info about him
  5. But I am not into sharing if I ever got my hands on him I would be very selfish andrea 71--- your siggie really is I don't know if my old heart can take that
  6. Meow--cat is a natural blonde after years of being a bottle blonde--that's what age does to us--My understanding is that GB likes the darker ones anyway
  7. Wow Andrea what a cool siggie -Joanna-- Becozy helped me and it was very much beginners luck--now I have too see if I can figure how to down size it
  8. Hi all Thanks for being so friendly I am also a grandma but don't have any desire to be cured of my GALS--it's about the only affirmity I have that I refuse treatment for Ty Pennington is good looking but isn't Gerry more his type if you get my drift Don't want to start something since I am the newbie here but that's what I heard.
  9. Hi I have been lurking around mainly trying to set things up and finally got a siggie--- I think--I have had GB lust syndrome since I saw POTO and my family thinks I am crazy but I don't care he is so handsome and seems really nice also. Any one with such a cute little doggie can't be all bad :penguin: :penguin:
  10. :yay: I'm not sure I could do it again but I think It worked :yay:
  11. I set up a photobucket acct and made a slideshow but have no idea how to get it onto this forum--I am a complete newbie at computers and am LOST--Can someone help me--I would also like to get a siggie set up but have same problem--Please help me
  12. Hi all I am Neofyght and have been lurking around some but having trouble figuring out the whole siggie and avatar thing so could use some help here--you have a lot of really good Gerry stuff--I have had GALS Sydrome since POTO--and Dear Frankie and 300 are among my fav's but like anything to do with GB
  13. I don't see why he couldn't pass a citizenship test he got a Law Degree in Scottland he's not a dummy
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