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  1. Happy Birthday xx

  2. Thank you. I had such thought but wasn’t sure.
  3. I also don’t know what “hawt” means. But I assure that we are quite different.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY! Have a great fun today! Please, accept a bit of my warm-heartedness today so that it could warm you at your hard moment. All the best to you dear Gerry!
  5. Is it really 2 min long or it's just my load problem? This is about three or three and half minutes long. The last thing on vid is King Leo shouting to his men: "Remember this day men, for it will be yours for all time!" :Erikunmasked: Erik's Ebony Eyes :reddeathsword: At last I could see the whole thing. Great vid!
  6. Is it really 2 min long or it's just my load problem?
  7. Hi aussiepamjam!So do I. I like such movies. If I lived in that time I would be a pirate no doubt. Not cuz I like crime of course but other sides of their life attract me a lot. I like traveling, adventures, weapons, a doze of risk in life and I'm not afraid of death. I prefer to live interesting life more than long.
  8. Hi Lucy!I had a very good time last week-end. I watched “Poseidon” movie on Saturday and found it much better than “Titanic”. I saw one Russian movie star that day but I wasn’t sure that his name would tell you much – Maksim Sukhanov. I like things like this fest. I attended our first “MTV Movie Awards Russia” some time ago. It was a very exciting experience. Such events have a special atmosphere. IMHO, if you felt it once you would like to repeat it.
  9. I wish Gerry luck in getting this role. It would be interesting to see ex-Dracula playing priest-vampire slayer. Woohoo, I got the new status!
  10. I wish Gerry to get this role. He would be brilliant in it.
  11. My variants: “Heartthrob”, “Blast”, “Hot Scot”.
  12. We are going to have an international movie fest opened this week. I like movies a lot and hope to see something interesting and have fun. Luckily the base fest theatre is near my work. So I’ll be able to see something and somebody interesting every evening. I like to make my life full and bright and think it’s a good opportunity to do it.BTW, Xena is one of my favourite movie characters.
  13. I think she is one who loves him as he is and brings a lot of joy to his life every day. I would be so glad to see a pic where Gerry holds her. It would be very cute. BTW, is Tonya’s Q&A available on this site?
  14. heISmyGspot, you and others who were there were so lucky. Gerry is funny and very cute as always. Did he say what kind of dog he had?
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