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  1. Hey, count me in, too. I also think it's a great idea.
  2. I LOVE it when Gerry has that grey showing at his temples and has that casual, just hangin' out look. :inlove: Give me a scruffy, relaxed guy any day. Not to say that I dislike his cleaned up, formal look -- that's equally hot, but only for once in a while. And I really hope he does lose some of that bulk he had to gain for 300. I mean, I appreciate all the training he's been through to get into that kind of shape (and he does look gorgeous), but it's really hard to cuddle up to a rock. Ya know what I mean?
  3. Donna, You are SO lucky to have had an encounter with the man himself! I'm terribly jealous. He really is special though, isn't he? DP
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