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  1. LOL--I think I know how Gerry felt looking for 300 in that Top Movies to Watch list--from the Esquire interview... I surely thought #1,,, scrolled down and was shocked to see someone else sitting in Gerry's spot! Then I thought, well he's definitely in the top five!! Nothing there either! But alas.... there he was in all his ______(fill in the blank with preferred adjective). I am slightly disappointed a bunch of baby faces where ranking in the top 10. Maybe I'm just getting old? I certainly don't think so! Hmm,, do I smell a conspiracy or is that the leftovers I have failed to put away???? Well,, those dishes aren't going to wash themselves... Have a lovely evening ladies!
  2. You can save them to your computer...... I think there is a little box at the top of the viewing screen that says "download" or something like that. Click on it and it saves to your computer. Uhh,, now that I think of it,,, is that legal???? Uhh,, if it's not... you didn't hear that from me............ Hugs! Alycen P.S.--Ok, who's Alan?? Is that his agent?? Are they referring to him as the Phil Donahue guy (or was that his brother)??? Sorry,, sometimes I'm clueless and I have a really bad habit of forgetting names LOL!
  3. I may choke on the Diet Coke LOL!!!!! I downloaded the second trailer!!!! Something to make me laugh before this movie comes out!!! Now I need to convince the hubby he wants to go see this LOL!!!
  4. Good for Gerry!!!! We all deserve privacy and happiness regardless of our popularity status.. They must have had a very understanding relationship, though LOL... In all seriousness, I can't imagine how hard it was to put on his game face and go out there clubbing with random women to keep the charade going.... I especially like the comment about Scots and their jokes!! Ohh how true that is. My grandfather was from Dumfries and he was downright crude sometimes.... Hysterical but crude. Most of us kids never really got the jokes until much later in life LOL!! I never knew it was a Scottish thing, I just thought he had an amazing comic flair!!!!! Hugs Alycen
  5. No way, I like this website that's why I joined. It was just coincidence that this situation came to light right after.. She's apparently done this to two other neighbors as well. But we've filed charges so hopefully this comes to an end now. I think she went after us because one day she was cussing her mom up and down and I was outside playing with my kids,, who heard EVERYTHING and I told her to have some respect and watch her mouth.. Being 15 you can imagine her response back to me.... I got all immature and told her she was lucky I wasn't her mother,, I'd have beaten the crap out of her if she talked to me that way..... (I know,, bad,, right.... But the little snot deserved it!) My hubby even teases me about my King Leo wallpaper.. I told him if he had a body like GB and that Scottish accent maybe I'd put his picture up instead LOL.......
  6. I like the graying temples.... I don't know why... But this color isn't too bad. You're right though, his hair DID grow really fast. My hubby and on are both like that, haircuts every three weeks otherwise they start looking like mushroom heads LOL! Why is it that men have AMAZING hair???? How is that fair??
  7. I love John Leguizamo.. He was hysterical in Too Wong Foo.... His presence should put an interesting spin on Gamer.
  8. **Slaps self upside the head** Ohhh,,,,, again,, I am soooooooooooo technologically impaired.. Which is how I probably got myself into this whole "security" mess in the first place.. Who knew a wireless hub could cause so many problems LOL!!! Thank you again!!!! I think I am good here, no seems to be out of place!! Hugs Alycen
  9. Hi.. I know I am new here but I am coming to you for help, hanging my head from embarrassment.. I am trying to find what "posts" have been made under my account. Does that make sense? Our home computer, or network, or whatever they want to call it was hacked by our snivelous neighbor and she's done some really not-so-nice things. My husband and I are trying to do some damage control now and clear up/delete things that have been posted, created, changed, etc. Fortunately our banking and credit card information was secure, but she managed to sign us up for some interesting websites and then post nasty remarks under our names to other sites we had belonged to. The state police suggested we contact sites and ask for assistence since we may have to cancel accounts and such. Anyone know how I can check to see if she's done anything here??? I clicked on my account name but nothing except my first message comes up.. Is that a good sign? I've changed email addresses, passwords, sign-in names, etc. In advance, my sincerest apologies for anything that may have posted under my account. Please know I am a really nice person and am not hateful nor do I make sarcastic and rude comments to people i don't know. Hugs Alycen
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